Charlee Chase – It’s So Good to Have You Home

Charlee Chase is very excited today because her stepson, Rob, came home to visit from college! She hasn’t seen him in a while, and can’t wait to catch up. After letting him settle in, Charlee heads into Rob’s room to chat. Rob confesses to his stepmom that he has been experiencing one big problem while he’s been away. He tells her that the girls at college have been making fun of him because they say the loads he blows are too big! They think he is weird for having so much cum, and he is starting to feel self-conscious. Well, Charlee wants to investigate for herself and see if these college girls really know what they’re talking about. So, she tells her stepson to lie back and relax, because she is going to give him the best blow job of his life to find out just how much of a mess Rob makes. But they need to hurry because his father will be home soon! Does Rob have an abnormally large amount of cum? Tune in to find out!

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Charlee Chase – Fitness Moms One Time Special Offer

Son, that spanking I gave you is not going to be enough… How many times have I caught you spying on me? Working out, in the shower, when I’m changing… Son, this is getting ridiculous. Punishing you just doesn’t seem to be working. I spoke to your Aunt Casey earlier and she had an idea… Just this one time I’m going to give you what you want, and hopefully this will get it out of your system. Your Mother is going to get naked for you and give you a taste of what you seem to desire so badly. Enjoy this son, if I catch you spying on me again it’s straight to boarding school…
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Charlee Chase – Your Fathers Not Here

I’m so ready for a vacation, I’ve been busting my ass like crazy at school… OK, so yeah, I’m spending spring break at my parents house – so what? They live just a couple miles from the beach, and I know a bunch of chicks that are begging to fuck my brains out when I come home. Even better, Mom said Dad’s on a business trip for the next week. This is gonna be awesome…
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Charlee Chase – Happy Birthday Son POV

Your laying back on the bed like wondering what to do for your birthday when your mom, Charlee Chase, comes in wearing a hot skimpy lingerie outfit with fishnet stockings and heels. She crawls on the bed toward you and tells you happy birthday. She tells you that mom has a special present for you today and as she start unbuttoning you shorts she tells you to just lay right there and relax and enjoy your present.
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Charlee Chase – Spring break part 2 – Mom needs more

Family Therapy – Charlee Chase – Spring break part 2 – Mom needs more
Son, it’s no use trying to pretend it didn’t happen. You’re all grown up now and you can make your own decisions… But I know you want me as much as I want you. Your Father came home early from his trip, so what? Are you that scared of him? Trust me, he won’t catch us… I need more son, we can’t stop yet. Don’t worry so much, this can be our little spring break secret.
Mother-son incest includes blowjob, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and he finishes on her face!
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Charlee Chase – Moms Best Friend Part 2

The young young boy just got dumped by his girlfriend, lucky for him his mom’s best friend stopped by and decided to listen to him pour his heart out. She tries to tell the boy that he will date many women in his life and she’s just the first of many, he just needs to get back on the horse. Well, he figures since she’s the one who showed him how to jerk himself off properly that maybe she would do it again to help build up his confidence. His mom is on her way home so she is reluctant to do it but she finally gives in.
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Charlee Chase – Moms Best Friend

A young boy is frantically jerking his cock like crazy, it’s obvious he doesn’t know what he’s doing, someone should help him before he hurts himself! Lucky for him his mom’s best friend has stopped by and catches him red handed, so to speak. The hot blonde, big titted MILF is shocked at what she walked in on but can’t help but want to lend a helping hand….or two.
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