Pregnant Kelly – Pregnant Mom Accidently Sends Nudes

Your pregnant Mom sends you some… XXX photos of herself. You even get sexting like text messages?! From your MOM!? Your a little confused at first but also really turned on by how up front she is being, you respond with a dick pic. Mom says it’s been to long your cock seems smaller but thicker? Maybe she needs more to remember… Until you send a text… and Mom realizes she isn’t texting her husband, she just sent her own son naked photos of herself!!! She decides she has to say something and talks to you about it the next day. Your both a little awkward, hiding your turn ons and attractions, and trying to act like everything is cool. Until she notices your boner and is enticed and interested by your flirting? Your both flirting? Maybe if we keep it a secret it could be okay?

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GirlOnTop880 – Mommy Loves You Let Her Give You JOI

I love you, son. I miss you every second when you leave this weekend. I know you’ll have fun this weekend, but I’ll be so bored here at home with your father. He’s like a roommate, a ghost, the lingering reminder that the one sharing my bed should be you. I know how you get car sick, but mommy’s special medicine can take care of that. My pussy is throbbing just looking at you, but we’ll never be able to fuck and get cleaned up before your father gets home to see you off. If I can’t have your load dripping down my leg, I’ll settle for spreading my pretty pussy and tight little asshole so that you can get off and rest the whole way. Quick son, pull your pants down and start stroking, we don’t have long.

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RheaSweet – Playing With Mommy

I was making the bed when I felt a hand keep rubbing on my backside. I figured it was my husband trying to get some action before he left for work. I tell him to stop and that I’m not in the mood but the hand keeps touching me. I finally turn around and realize its my Son touching me.

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ImMeganLive – Flattered Mom Takes Care Of It

I was back from shopping and stumbled upon my son in the living room. I asked him if his dad was home because I bought some lingerie and wanted to have his opinion to know which ones he liked. Unfortunately, he wasn’t home yet. So I asked him if he wanted to help me out and give me his instead? Of course, my sweet boy accepted. So I changed myself in front of him for my eight or so outfits and posed for him until I noticed he got hard on me. I said that I was very flattered and that I could take care of it if he needed. I told him how nice his cock was and how hot him jerking off in front of me was as I kept trying on clothes. After a while I asked if he would like some help. So mom started stroking his dick. And even sucking a little. After a while I asked what would make him cum. He told me that I have an amazing ass and he wanted to cum all over it. I was once again very flattered and turned around to grind my ass on him rubbing his cock between my thick mature ass cheeks. I gave him an assjob for a while and could tell when he was close. And dirty talked even more and encouraged him to blow his big load all over my ass (Cum Visible) and oh, what a cumshot it was! After I was done, I thanked him and reminded him that if he ever needed me for anything, I’m here for him! OH! And don’t tell your father!

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ImMeganLive – Stepmom Begs Her Son To Fuck Her

As your stepmom, I’m telling you that you’ve been cooped up in the house too long. Dad has been on a business trip for months and I need someone, anyone to get me off. I beg to see your cock and gasp when I see how huge you are. I finger myself, showing how naughty mommy can be then riding you, begging for more. Ends with me screaming for you until you come inside your mommy with a creampie.

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ImMeganLive – You’re Not Cheating On Mom Are You

My son is coming home from university after a long time. The backstory is mom already has sex with her son. Dad knows his son is moms fuck friend, nothing new. I am open about this relationship and it is not “taboo” in my family. Mom is giving her 110% in everything. Seduction, and blowjob. Letting my son do this in public, at home in front of people is not strange or abnormal, mom is essentially sons “Girlfriend”, mistress or essentially married to me. That type of relationship. I’m not just “mom”, I’m his “mommy”. Both of us caress each other, he put his hands under my dress and up my skirt, fingers in my mouth not a problem! I invite him over, exchange pleasantries and set the scene up. Sip some wine, exciting catching up! Inevitably transitions to BJ and sex. I talk about how he spent his time if he got a chance to watch all the videos and pictures I sent over if he only came on pictures of mommy. All the boys she’s had sex with, all the cum walks in public etc. Over the course of the scene, I will get more and more suspicious my son is cheating on me with another girl, he’s not calling me mommy, the smell of his cock is different, the taste is off. It’s no longer just mom’s pussy. My son, the boy I raised has been having sex with other girls. This is a slow progression of the suspicion, I start telling my husband he’s cheating on me via phone call, but eventual forgiveness for him not to do it again and that mom’s the only girl for him and the only place his cum gets to go is inside me or on my face. I then lay down on my back so he could start fucking me. Then moving on to cowgirl. Lots of dirty talk and mommy talk. Tits on your face. Then back on my knees where I will let him cum in my mouth, taking my territory, I will spit it out and smear it over my face to remind my son that this is where his cum belongs!

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ImMeganLive – A Stepmom’s Touch: Exposing Son’s Kink

I just came back from doing some errands and I noticed that my son was looking at the flyers…again. We started a conversation where I was trying to understand what he keeps looking for by always going through them. He was really embarrassed about the situation, but it lead to exposing something I wasn’t expecting! He was getting gloves… Ok, but it wasn’t even winter! That was strange, he was hiding something from me. Then, I learnt that it was women’s gloves! Discovered his secret, he has a knit gloves fetish! I asked him if he ever experienced anything about his fetish before. He knows I’m very open minded mother, I wanted to make him feel what a woman’s touch feels like through the gloves, so I dropped his pants! Started to stroke his cock, my little sweetheart, he loved it! Even helped me a little more to get rid of any possible awkwardness that could be from having his mom jerking him off. I pulled out my big titties and made them bounce while stroking his hard penis. Mommy made him a very happy boy in the end, he got to let it go, all of it!

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ImMeganLive – Stepmom Wowed By Bully’s Cock

I am confronting my stepson’s bully (you, the POV). The bully has been teasing and tormenting my stepson in the school locker room over his tiny, uncut dick. The bully constantly makes fun of my stepson for being uncut and having a gross foreskin calling him: Anteater dick, Turtleneck skin, Snuffleupagus, etc. And for being only 5 inches long (smaller than all the other boys in the locker room). I’ve invited the bully over to tell him off. I start by telling the bully how there’s nothing wrong with my stepson’s size. Even my husband is only 5 inches long! That its perfectly natural to have foreskin. In fact, I have only ever been with my husband so have only ever had an uncut dick and I think it’s totally fine. I challenge the bully about what’s so great about his dick? Why does he think he’s so superior, etc.? The bully decides to show me and pulls his cock of his pants I’m taken aback!! I’ve never seen a cock this big!! My husband and stepson are so small in comparison!!! Wow! I didn’t even know a dick could be this big! I’m also totally intrigued by the fact that the bully’s cock is so perfectly circumcised. I timidly ask if I can touch and then start to play with it, examining it closely both as to how big it is and how nicely circumcised it is. I start to say maybe I were wrong — this cock is just so amazing! It really is nice how big it is and it’s so clean and tidy without all the foreskin that my husband has!! I start to praise the bully and start being convinced that BIG and CUT really is much better! I ask if I can blow the bully and start to give him a nice BJ while I talk about how amazing his CUT cock is and how much better it is that he’s been circumcised. I talk about how gross it is to give my uncut hubby a BJ and how this is so much better. I end by talking about how I am going to have both my husband and stepson circumcised immediately! Too bad it won’t make their cocks any bigger!! Guess the bully will have to keep visiting me with his perfect BIG CUT DICK!! Ends with fade to black while I put back my mouth on his cock to suck him leaving you with your imagination on what will happen next.

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ImMeganLive – French Mommy Wants To Fuck Horny Son

So, you come into your French Mom’s bedroom as she is dressing. You approach me and say how hot I am and I ask if you have still been masturbating to me? I ask you if you are still having nasty thoughts about me! Tease you with my body as I ask these things, at one point I’ll even rub against your crotch with my ass. I tell you that I have been giving it some thought and it has been making me wet so tonight, I am going to make my fantasy come true, I am laying down on the bed and getting rid of my pants. You get so excited I notice your throbbing cock. I say: Wow that is so big and hard. It hurts too baby. It’s ok Baby with your hard on, mommy is gonna take care of it. Laid down on the bed, I talk seductively to you as I begin to slowly take your dick out. I freak when I see how big it is. I make a huge fuss over this and talk about how wet I am getting. I will kiss it and play with it as I have never seen such a massive cock, and I am thrilled ‘cause it is mine. I start to rub my pussy and after a while I pull my fingers out and tell you to taste them, showing you how wet they are. I will spit and drool all over my tits and talk nasty. I will spread my legs wide and really start to hammer hand that pussy and talk about how hot I am. Pointing and arching my sexy feet as I do this, I even dangle them close towards your face trying and turning you on more. The taboo talk is heavy here- discussing how I want my son’s bareback cock inside my drenched pussy. Telling you that I want your heavy white cum, that we have great genes together. Saying: I have to get my mouth around that. Don’t worry my sweet boy, keep stroking that hard cock and mommy is gonna make it feel better I promise baby. You are so lucky that mommy is sucking your dick. I start to kiss you sloppy and wet. I dangle my tits over your face, really pushing them against your face. Spitting in my hand and jerking you off as I talk sexy and soft with my face and tits close to your face as I say soft and nasty things. Getting those tits nice and wet again too with lots of spit! Lots of pure taboo talk and seduction! Talking about how big and smooth your cock is and I so want to taste it so bad. Starting to show my feet as I tease you and talk about how fine and tight your ass looks. Sucking your dick and doing the ahegao face a few times as I know you like that. Saying how I want to eat your ass, getting super excited. Asking you if you want to lick my asshole? Showing it to you really close to your face. Doing POV 69. Saying: No condom I want you bareback and raw baby. Now starting to fuck you missionary, legs wide and curl and spreading my toes during this. Cumming really fast at one point. Shaking and closing my knees together as it feels so good I can hardly stand it. I Say: Your cock feels so much better than your dads. It’s so good baby boy. You are smelling our sex baby…so fuckin hot. My pussy is sopping wet for you. Starting to ride you like only I can. Making you cum inside me (no cum visible) and showing you how thick it is on my fingers afterwards. Saying: You are smelling our sex baby. My baby is so good, I love your cum! Then making out with you. Telling you a secret in the end, that I’m no longer on the pill, I might just get pregnant from you, we’re gonna have a baby together!

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ImMeganLive – Mom Son Love Story Part 3: Awaken

On this third day, I was tired, but horny as hell! I really didn’t slept well last night…it was my turn to have wet dreams all night long, they were about what happened yesterday, when I fucked my son’s cock! So I went to see him in the living room while he was watching a movie and eating popcorn. I stood in front of the TV and took a stand. Told him that I know I said it was the last time yesterday, but we need to fuck! I thought I was in my menopause for a couple of years now, but he made me realize that I wasn’t at all! The problem is his father! My pussy is dripping and craving for your cock now. I pulled out his cock and it was already hard. I told him that I’m his mom and I am entitled to get what’s mine and his cock his mine now. I rode him reverse cowgirl, then asked him to fuck me on the couch laid on my back. I am giving him so much mommy dirty talk. He fucked me real good! Then I stood up and leaned toward the couch so he could take me doggy! I then told him I want him to fuck me in every single room of the house, and that’s what we did. Fucking at the kitchen table, then in a second bedroom on my back with my legs up, followed by the shower standing doggy and finally ending our fucking rally in the bedroom missionary. That’s when I asked him to fill mommy’s pussy with his big and warm sticky load! I’m really proud of my son, he gave me a real nice one and watched it leak slowly out of my pussy. I lied yesterday, it’s definitely NOT the last time! I assured him that from now on, he’s gonna fuck me like that every single day of his life.

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