ImMeganLive – Cum 4x for Naughty Mommy

My husband is away on a business trip and I simply need a good cock to fuck me, as long as it stays in our inner circle you know. So I convinced my step-son, you, to slowly insert your penis into step-mommy and to start pounding my wet pussy while I was on my back. It was so good! I ask you to pull out when you are close to cumming and cum all over my hot body. I then notice that you are still hard! I decide to titty fuck you until you explode for a second time between my big titties. Even after cumming twice already you were still good a third round! Omg! I couldn’t believe it! So much better than your step-father! I am not done either, so I sit on your cock and ride you, you make me cum real hard! This time, I want you to cum inside me, so I will ride you hard until you explode inside of me. We’ll both watch all of your cum leaking out. My sweet boy, you’re a god! Still hard! Step-mommy goes down on her knees and start giving you a blowjob and worshiping her step-son’s cock until you blow your last and huge load all over her pretty face!

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Bettie Bondage – Bully Fucks MILF In Front of Family

Oh god, why are you doing this?…It’s family dinner, and you’re trying to get me to…touch it? What is wrong with you?? Now I understand why my son has such a hard time with you at school: you’re an outright, all-around bully. That’s right, mister. And now you’re here, in my home…bullying me, into oral sex at the dinner table! Just promise not to cum on my…face. God, how am I supposed to face my family with a huge load dripping off my chin, onto my tits?! I may dress a little provocatively, but I don’t even take my husband’s sperm on my face! Are you satisfied?!…what do you mean you’re staying for movie night? No! You can’t…what are you planning? God, please don’t make me do anything else…

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Bettie Bondage – Morning Sex with Mom

Every morning, once your dad leaves for work, you crawl into bed with your mother and snuggle. Of course, she just thinks you’re being sweet–after all, what mother doesn’t want a return to that snuggly, cuddly stage? But your real intentions aren’t so innocent. See, she wears these tiny silk nighties, with even tinier panties, and every morning, you get closer and closer to having the guts to do what you really want: to take out your cock, and press it against your mother’s ass, between her tight, thick thighs, and right against that puffy pussy of hers. I mean, it’s on display. She must realize that! And today? Well, today is that day. Of course, she’ll be surprised at first. Maybe even angry. But once you start rubbing her feet, sucking her toys, working your hungry mouth up her thighs…she won’t say no. Your father is useless in the bedroom. You hear her going to the bathroom after he pumps her a few times, every week or so. She has to masturbate just to get off after sex with him. But not with you. You’re going to please your mother’s wet, hungry cunt until she begs for your cum. Even when he calls, asking her why she’s out of breath, you won’t stop pumping your mother’s horny pussy, sucking on her gorgeous toes, worshipping every inch of her. This is what she deserves, and if he can’t give it to her, then he should know someone else will. Even if that someone is you.

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Kelly Payne – Son Catches Mommy Cheating

You come home early from school and hear moaning coming from your parents room, you go to their door and listen… and slowly crack the door open little by little. It’s your mom but… that is definitely not Dad!? Intrigued you stay and watch, becoming more and more aroused by what your watching, risking getting caught by pushing the door further open to get a better view. Your mom is so distracted by pleasure neither her or this mystery man even notices you spying on them. Even after he finishes you stay by the door… listening, wondering who this man could be. You hide breifly as you hear your mom telling this stranger to leave through the back door since you and her husband will be home soon. And then it happens, she notices you standing by the door, she plays dumb not entirely sure what you just saw, invites you in to chat. You admit to her you saw everything, accuse her of cheating and she becomes defensive and angry. Hearing dad open the front door… she panics and begs you to not tell your dad. She runs to the kitchen to greet your father and you follow behind her joining her at the table…. Deciding you have all the leverage you need to convince your mom to do practically anything, your cock is still hard and throbbing… you know your moms still in the same lingerie under her robe… you reach under the table to touch her … she resists and reacts disapprovingly but you again, push your hand under the table… shes helpless … either she does as your wanting or your going to tell dad. Lucky for you dad has to go back to work, and after he leaves you rush off to your parents bedroom ready and eager to convince your mom to give you exactly what you saw. She decides to please you and give you want you want as long as you promise not to tell dad, she tells you about the man and shows you how wet she is. She bends over and invites you to fuck her…

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Penny Barber – Fucking a PS5 Out of Mommy

Look, I’m sorry that I didn’t get you absolutely everything that you wanted for Christmas, but Mommy’s not made of money. Is there something you’d like besides that video game console? Seeing me naked. Very funny. Unless…you really want to. Naturally looking at my curvy body makes you nice and hard, even if I am your Mom. My long, flowing dark hair, big tits, and tiny waist would give any boy your age an erection. And it is quite an erection! Maybe there’s something that you can do for Mommy, and then I’ll buy you that stupid PS5…

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XxNaughtyGirlxX – When Dads Away Mommy Will Play

Your Dad has left down for the week and you come into Mommys room in the morning for a cuddle. It starts to get a little hot in the room so she takes off her robe which drives you mad with curiousity.. She lets you touch her even though this is so wrong…

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ImMeganLive – French Mommy Wants To Fuck Horny Son

So, you come into your French Mom’s bedroom as she is dressing. You approach me and say how hot I am and I ask if you have still been masturbating to me? I ask you if you are still having nasty thoughts about me! Tease you with my body as I ask these things, at one point I’ll even rub against your crotch with my ass. I tell you that I have been giving it some thought and it has been making me wet so tonight, I am going to make my fantasy come true, I am laying down on the bed and getting rid of my pants. You get so excited I notice your throbbing cock. I say: Wow that is so big and hard. It hurts too baby. It’s ok Baby with your hard on, mommy is gonna take care of it. Laid down on the bed, I talk seductively to you as I begin to slowly take your dick out. I freak when I see how big it is. I make a huge fuss over this and talk about how wet I am getting. I will kiss it and play with it as I have never seen such a massive cock, and I am thrilled ‘cause it is mine. I start to rub my pussy and after a while I pull my fingers out and tell you to taste them, showing you how wet they are. I will spit and drool all over my tits and talk nasty. I will spread my legs wide and really start to hammer hand that pussy and talk about how hot I am. Pointing and arching my sexy feet as I do this, I even dangle them close towards your face trying and turning you on more. The taboo talk is heavy here- discussing how I want my son’s bareback cock inside my drenched pussy. Telling you that I want your heavy white cum, that we have great genes together. Saying: I have to get my mouth around that. Don’t worry my sweet boy, keep stroking that hard cock and mommy is gonna make it feel better I promise baby. You are so lucky that mommy is sucking your dick. I start to kiss you sloppy and wet. I dangle my tits over your face, really pushing them against your face. Spitting in my hand and jerking you off as I talk sexy and soft with my face and tits close to your face as I say soft and nasty things. Getting those tits nice and wet again too with lots of spit! Lots of pure taboo talk and seduction! Talking about how big and smooth your cock is and I so want to taste it so bad. Starting to show my feet as I tease you and talk about how fine and tight your ass looks. Sucking your dick and doing the ahegao face a few times as I know you like that. Saying how I want to eat your ass, getting super excited. Asking you if you want to lick my asshole? Showing it to you really close to your face. Doing POV 69. Saying: No condom I want you bareback and raw baby. Now starting to fuck you missionary, legs wide and curl and spreading my toes during this. Cumming really fast at one point. Shaking and closing my knees together as it feels so good I can hardly stand it. I Say: Your cock feels so much better than your dads. It’s so good baby boy. You are smelling our sex baby…so fuckin hot. My pussy is sopping wet for you. Starting to ride you like only I can. Making you cum inside me (no cum visible) and showing you how thick it is on my fingers afterwards. Saying: You are smelling our sex baby. My baby is so good, I love your cum! Then making out with you. Telling you a secret in the end, that I’m no longer on the pill, I might just get pregnant from you, we’re gonna have a baby together!

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Gwen Adora – Mommy Impregnation Creampie Mothers Day

You’ve come home from college for Mother’s Day, and I’m so excited to my baby boy home. You’ve really grown into a man during your time away and you’ve filled out so much. We need to talk about something though – I opened your package by accident and I found something I think might be my mothers day gift. It’s a pregnancy test – did you know me and your father have been trying to get pregnant? That’s so sweet of you, we’ve been having some troubles since your dad’s sperm count is so low. Oh, it’s not for me? Oh I’m sorry hunny, I didn’t know you were seeing someone? You drop the subject quickly and tell me that you’re not seeing someone and that your ordered it for private reasons. You let me have the pregnancy test as my mothers day gift, and we decide to let the subject rest. Later that night you come to say good night to me and admit the real reason you ordered the pregnancy – you have an impregnation fetish. We get to talking and soon I’m thinking about the idea of my young stud son impregnating me instead of your father. It’s so wrong but feels so right. Quickly, your mother is rubbing her belly and telling you to take your hard cock out for her.

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ImMeganLive – Mom Cuckolds Son With His Bully

I am playing mommy, my male partner is the school boy dom/bully and the camera is my son. I am a cuckoldress mistress mommy domme, I’m a bad bitch and I act like it but I’m still a mommy with a sweetheart baby boy. Both my husband and I are into being financially dominated and being owned by all of their sons bullies and classmates. Whatever they want, they get. Dad pays for it all without question. 5 star hotel dates with me, vacations, 5 course dinners, new cars, shopping sprees, anything they want they get it because they are abusive to my son and as a cruel mistress I love it for my baby boy. I go as so far as encourage bisexual acts when mom or dad are not there, anything for the satisfaction of my dom. Sex in the house doesn’t happen without mommies permission and it only happens with the boys I brings home. No one else and only with who I say, and the boys can do anything, anytime and anywhere they want to mommy dad and their son. So the dom line is this: Bully -> mom -> son/dad. So this video all starts when I am getting ready for my date with the bully, my son is coming along the date as Chucks bitch because it’s my son’s birthday. The bully is making my son do his homework while they wait. I will be disappointed, my baby hasn’t finished his homework and sucked Chuck’s cock already he’s going to make me late for the hotel and dinner reservation dad made. Whatever, I will take care of his cock while my son finishes his homework, hopefully by the time I finish blowing him my son will be done and the three of us can go to dinner. This blowjob is going to be a bubbling mess, I will mix it up with the style of blowjob, I will be an absolute Pornstar with the mommy mix, I’ll be willing to gag while giving a mother’s kiss and tongue massage, it’s all about the bully! I will seriously SPIT and drool everywhere, even with cum and spit all over my face, I don’t care, that is how I will go out to dinner. Once he cums, my son just finishes his homework and I will happily gather all my boys to go for dinner.

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Download ImMeganLive - Mom Cuckolds Son With His Bully.mp4

ImMeganLive – A Stepmoms Touch: The New Gloves

In this third episode, while I am taking the winter stuff out of my closet, I stumble upon pair of gloves. I know my son’s kink and that it’s his weakness, so I ask him to come in. Of course, I have to show him what I found. I just love to make him happy, and I really like playing with his penis! I tell him I would really like to try out the gloves on him. Of course he can’t resist, but he is hesitant to let me do it because it is embarrassing. I have to convince him by reminding how much fun it was last time, and how good I am at taking care of it. I have to have his cock, and I love making him cum all over my gloves. He doesn’t want to disappoint me, does he?

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Download ImMeganLive - A Stepmoms Touch The New Gloves.mp4