Bettie Bondage – Mommy Holds the Moan

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It’s been so nice being home with your mother, while her husband is away. You’ve been helping her with lots around the house. You’re very good with your hands. You can’t seem to keep yourself away from mommy, knowing that it’ll be over soon, when he gets home…even when he calls, you can’t keep your hands to yourself. You can’t stop touching mommy, even when she makes noises on the phone that are a little hard to explain…

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GirlOnTop880 – Your Bully Fucks Your Hot Mom

You’ve made my son’s life hell on earth for too long. I tried to do this the formal way, but you still found a way to be as rude as humanly possible. Ghosting me for our first two meetings and then showing up unannounced with that smug look on your face? You really are rotten to your core. What will it take to make you leave my son in peace? How much money will it take to buy peace? You’re looking at me with the most evil grin, like you have a deal I can’t refuse; like you know I’m desperate enough to do just about anything-and I am. When you ask me to strip down, my laughter gives way to a defeated sigh as I relent. When I turn around to find you taking photos, I nearly burst into tears. Sucking your gigantic dick feels so shameful, but what’s even worse is the wetness between my legs as I’m slamming you into the back of my throat. When you ask to fuck my pussy, I barely complain. I need you to hurry- I’m a married woman, and my son will be home soon.

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Lady Fyre – Keeping Stepmom’s Secret

You overheard stepmom talking on the phone and you understood just enough to know that she’s cheating on your fa.ther. She explains that it’s really hard for her because she’s horny on the time, and your fat.her has been neglecting her needs. He stays late at work and takes frequent business trips. What else is she to do? She understands that it’s upsetting to you, but she’s sure that you know what it’s like to be so horny. In fact, maybe the two of you can help out one another. Since she’s your stepmother, she can’t have sex with you, but she can give you a hand job. That is, if you can keep a secret.

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Meana Wolf – Good To Be Bad

Dad was out of town, so you were surprised when you heard your stepmother’s moans coming from the bedroom. It’s not that you blamed her for cheating. Your dad hardly paid attention to her at all and she was still hot… for a step mom. Your curiosity got the better of you and you made your way down the hall. You couldn’t see who was giving it to her so good… but you knew who it was when she moaned, “You can’t tell your brother”. Your heart sunk deep into your stomach. Your brother was fucking your step mom. You were so angry you could hardly breathe. Suddenly your eyes locked with hers, and all you could think about was how badly you wanted to fuck her too.

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ImMeganLive – Mom Son Love Story Part 4: Proposal

A few months has passed since I got addicted to my son’s cock. We moved together into a new place. Our relationship evolved, we’re hooked and have fallen in love with each other. So intensely that I decided to take the necessary steps so we could become a real couple, I initiated the divorce procedure with his dad. Today, I just received the documents, the signed and approved divorced papers! This is now official, mom and son can finally be together! I went in the living room to tell my son this great news, well, my boyfriend now. I am so happy! We need to celebrate! I went down on my knees and pulled his cock out of his boxers. Started to jerk him off, spat on it, licked it and sucked it real good just how he likes it! For this special occasion, I want him to unload all over my face, giving me a nice facial, spreading all his love all over me. He stood up and I continued to suck his cock until he took over, grabbing it and shooting a big load all over my face. As I stood up and was about to go clean myself up, he kneeled down, looked up straight into the eyes and gave me this little box…it’s a wedding ring! OMG! He’s proposing to me!!! Are you crazy!? … Will I say YES…or… NO?

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Bettie Bondage – A Warm Night in Bed with Mommy

Your room is so cold! You can spend the night with mommy, in the big warm bed, with her soft, warm body right next to you. Can anyone blame you for wanting more? Not even mommy can, when she sees how big and hard you’ve gotten, just for her. It’s been so long since someone’s gotten a rock hard erection for her…even if it is her own boy.

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Kitty LeRoux – Busted: Mommy Taboo

You and mommy made an agreement to fuck each other exclusively, but you were a bad boy and while mommy was cleaning up your room she found a bra WAY too small to be hers. She’s definitely upset, but finds light in how small the bra is. Is this a bra for ants?? She has a plan. When you come home, she’s dolled up to the nines and as she fingers her audibly wet pussy, she asks you a few questions. You don’t want to confess to seeing anyone, but when mommy pulls off her robe, you discover a familiar, small bra on her MASSIVE tits. Mommy is going to show this girl not to fuck with her…and your punishment? You have to hold the phone while mommy makes you bust over and over again with her gigantic tits…all while making a video to send to this ‘little tittied freak’ showing her ‘how a REAL woman pleases a man’. Mommy’s massive tits and all the cum from 2 of your orgasms is too much for the bra and it completely breaks during your THIRD orgasm. Mommy was right, no one will ever compare to her.

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Sydney Harwin – Caught With Your Mom

Whenever your dad is too tired to fuck your mom, she comes to you for comfort. Today, your father is napping in the next room when your mother comes to sit on your cock. She tells you to be quiet as she slides her pussy down onto your erect dick and fucks you on the sofa. As she is milking you, her phones rings and its your dad, wanting to know what all that noise is coming from the living room! Your mom is horrified, but keeps a straight face as she talks to your dad on the phone as she continues to work your cock! She hangs up and rushes to cum as quick as she can before your father suspects anything, but just at the second she is about to orgasm, she catches sight of your dad walking in… and still carries on cumming as he is watching! Your mother can’t help herself but continue to fuck you for the last few seconds as you spunk your load up her tight cunt in front of your daddy. OOOOH FUCK!!

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Kelly Payne – Lonely and Horny Mom

You are sitting at the table eating breakfast when your stepmom comes in ranting about how she cannot find her phone. She is clearly in a bad mood and you do your best to ignore her. She tells you she is late and when you tell her its already 9am she flips out. Telling you how its your fault she is late, you keep bringing home all those bimbo sluts over in the middle of the night and she cannot get any naps with all the moaning going on. She threatens to tell your father if you do not stop, and storms out of the room. The next day she is on the phone with your dad excited for him to finally be home and take her out, but he tells her he is not coming home until next weekend and ends the call quite quickly. That evening she is trying to nap but cannot, because you’re clearly fucking another one of your skanks, the moaning drives her crazy. The next day she is taking a nap in her underwear on the sofa, maybe on purpose? You notice right away and check her out while she naps. She wakes up and notices you watching her, she has been frustrated and so horny lately she starts putting her hand in her underwear and playing with herself. Your kind of shocked and not sure how to respond, resistant at first… she is your stepmom. Your easily persuaded as she strokes your cock, sucks you and lays down and invites you to fill her with your cum. You fuck her in multiple positions right there on the sofa until you fill her pussy with your cum, and then she tells you how you wont be inviting over any more of your little skanks, because you’ll be fucking her instead… and if you refuse she’ll tell your father what we did.

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