Bettie Bondage – Moms Out of Prison

Mom finally made her release day. Three years in prison for a crime YOU committed! Now it’s time for you to repay her…in any way she demands. You come home to find her in your house. Well, her house. But since she’s been away, its just been you. You and your girlfriend. Fiance, actually. Your mom always hated her, but she hasn’t been around much, so it hasn’t been so much of a problem. Could you have visited your mother more in the prison? Sure, but your fiance didn’t like you going up there too much. And she said you two had an “unhealthy dependence.” Maybe shes right. And the way your mother is rubbing all over you doesn’t do much to dissuade that…never mind the way she’s eyeing your crotch, sizing you up. Like a piece of meat! She tells you she hasn’t been with a man in a long, long time…is she insinuating what you think she is? No…that can’t be. My god, she is! She grabs at your dick, which is hardening despite your discomfort. She starts to stroke you, getting on her knees and unbuckling your pants before you can say anything at all. It’s true, you should have visited more, but she’s just mad because she’s jealous…and horny….and maybe, just this one time, you can give her what she wants.

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AuroraXoxo – Blackmailing Cheating Mom

You caught your mom cheating and you filmed the whole thing. Now you get to blackmail her into fulfilling your fantasy of watching her touch herself. She’s disgusted the entire time, but eventually cums, and you finish by cumming on her pussy!

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