RheaSweet – Mommy Shows Son

I knew the day would come when my son would get old enough for curiosity to set in. Curiosity of the female body and even wondering about his own. I waited patiently for my son to get older and watched as he started looking down mommy’s shirt or trying to sneak peeks at things he might be interested in. I was thrilled when I knew it was time to have a passionate talk to my son about his curiosity. My son joins me in the bedroom and sits on the bed next to me. I tell him how I’ve noticed his glances and think he is ready for mommy to show him what he has been wanting to see.

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KikiDeez – Cum Inside Your Step Mom

In this taboo Step Mom and Step Son POV you get me sucking and fucking your amazing cock, licking all my juices off you, licking my tits, Close-up views and I cum while your sliding in and out of my tight wet pussy. Mommy Kiki wants you to cum in me. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Now you don’t have to just look

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Rhea Sweet – Mommy Lets Son Play

I was hard at work when my son came up to me and wanted some attention. I told him I was working but he kept standing there, looking down my shirt. I could tell he was thinking up something very naughty. He reached down and started rubbing on my tits then pulled off my strap to let my tits fall out. He kept massaging them. I had lots of work to do so I just ignored it and let him continue. He started sucking on my nipples, I could tell he was really enjoying himself. Next thing I know he is reaching under my skirt and feeling my pussy. He pushed my legs apart and started licking all over her. Sucking on mommas clit. I couldn’t help but let out some moans, it was very distracting. I lay back in my chair so he can have more but I continue working. All of a sudden my son pushes his little cock inside me and I couldn’t help but put my work down and enjoy it. I encourage my son to fuck his mommy and took his cum inside me.

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Kelly Payne – Loving on Mommys Tits

Mommy wants to snuggle the same way you used to when you were smaller. You agree and snuggle close to mommy tits, she has you nurse from her, lick her nipples and play with her breasts. She gets easily aroused and starts wanting a little more and more… She covers her nipples in her cum for you to taste, she goes down on you and asks you to fuck mommy while you suck on her nipples. She brings herself to multiple squirting orgasms and covers her nipples for you to lick.

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PennyTrait – Stroked By Your Stepmom

You are on a ski trip with your family when your stepmom Penny Trait begins to tease you. She’s asking you naughty questions and flaunting her sexy milf body to you. She offers to show you her tits, I mean, you are bonding after all. Next thing you know she has her gorgeous pink pussy out and she’s stroking your huge cock!

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