Mommy Needs To Get Pregnant – Codi Vore

You’ve fantasized about your mother before, but today, she needs your help. She wants to have a baby, but your father has become impotent. It’s been so long since she’s been satisfied, and you look like a younger, more fertile version of him… She would love to satisfy your lustful urges for her, and will gladly accept your young sperm. She tries convincing you by stripping out of her clothes and showing your her huge breasts. You reluctantly agree, nervous and excited to explore your taboo fantasies. She lays you down and climbs on top of you, horny from being sexually neglected for so long. Her huge breasts dangle in your face as she rides you. You keep fucking her until you climax inside of her, filling her with your seed. She seems guilty but satisfied, thanking you for your cum. Just promise you won’t tell your father!

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Download Codi Vore - Mommy Needs To Get Pregnant.mp4
Download Codi Vore - Mommy Needs To Get Pregnant.mp4

Codi Vore – Mommy Catches You Watching Her Porn

Your mom comes by to ask you a question but accidentally walks in on you masturbating. When she looks at your fap material, she is shocked that you’ve been watching HER old porn scenes! She’s upset but she’s also turned on by your huge cock and asks you to keep jerking off. She undresses for you, revealing her huge breasts and hairy pussy. She slowly works up the courage to go further and further with you, asking you to suck on her big nipples and eventually sitting on top of your cock and riding you! She has so much fun bouncing on your dick and she begs you to cum inside of her! She REALLY wants her son’s cum!

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Download Codi Vore - Mommy Catches You Watching Her Porn.mp4
Download Codi Vore - Mommy Catches You Watching Her Porn.mp4

Codi Vore – Mommy Wants To Fuck

Your mom is cleaning up your things when she notices that you’ve been watching porn… Specifically, you’ve been watching taboo mommy porn! She starts getting off to the thought of it though, touching herself while watching the video you were watching last. Soon you walk in on her with her hand down her pants, and she quickly composes herself to give you an awkward sex talk. She goes to bed that night thinking about how hot it would be to fuck her son! You find her snoozing and start groping her huge tits. You can tell she enjoys it while she moans and begs for your cock while she’s dreaming! She’s startled when she wakes up, but quickly gives in to her wet dream fantasy and asks you to fuck her. You bounce your mom’s huge tits while you fuck her hard until she cums! She starts begging you for a cream pie and you fill her pussy with your sperm! A little dribbles out and she starts playing with it on her tits while telling you that you need to go back to bed.

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Codi Vore – Mommy Teaches You How To Edge

Your mom invites you into her bedroom for a little talk… You aren’t in trouble, she just wants to make sure you’re prepared to please your girlfriend! She reminds you that it’s nothing weird or sexual, only educational, as she plays with her tits for you, asking you to show her how you stroke yourself. She soon takes over, lubricating your cock and giving you a thorough hand job while teaching you how to edge yourself and make you last longer. She seems hesitant to keep going further, but plows on anyway, eventually sticking your cock in her mouth! She reminds you to stop as you get to the edge, but it gets harder and harder to hold back your cum while she slobbers on your dick. Finally, she wraps her huge tits around your throbbing cock, pumping vigorously at it until you explode all over her tits and her bed. She reminds you not to tell anybody about your sex ed lesson, but she might be calling you back in soon for future hands-on education.

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Codi Vore – Cock Hungry Mommy Taboo Tit Fuck

I’m winding down from a long day, and I can’t help but notice the huge bulge in your crotch while you rest in bed. I know you caught me changing yesterday, and just seeing that hard cock has me begging to please it… I agonize over whether or not to do something about your bulge until I finally take off my robe and go to town sucking your cock, eager to have a taste. I start to titty fuck you before you wake up, and I beg you to let me be your cock slut. I suck your cock and titty fuck you until you cum a huge load between my tits!

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