Chellie – Slutty Soccer Mom Takes The Team

Horny Slutty Soccer Mom Confesses ALL during an interview with the captain of the team. She love’s ‘Her Boys’ and take’s very good care of them. She’s their biggest ‘supporter’. Is it any wonder ALL the boy’s want to go to her house after the game.

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Bettie Bondage – Morning Sex with Mom

God, I never imagined he’d want something like that…until one morning. Waking up my son. He was moving like normal…but then, he pulled me on top of him. He was so deliberate, moving almost robotically, grabbing me, putting his hands up under my shirt…inside me, even. God, I wanted to stop it all but I was afraid. They say not to wake someone during an episode of that, this seemed like the same…and how could he not be? His cock, oh my god, he put it in me! He pumped me hard, until I found myself falling into absolute pleasure…I’m so embarrassed to admit that my pleas for him not to cum inside me slowly fell away, until I was begging for his hot cum! God, it was so horrible…but it woke something in me. I have to confront him, to tell him the truth: I want it, just as badly as he does. I want it all!

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Sloansmoans – Confession Mommy Wants Breeding

Watch and enjoy this mommy/son confessional. I talk to my son about wanting another son and wanting you to be the father. I discuss in detail how I want you to breed me, impregnate me, fuck me. I hope and wish that you give me another son I can fuck. I reminisce about how much I enjoyed raising you and how I want to do it all over again. I end up striping off my clothing and display my fully nude body for my son at the end…

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