Bettie Bondage – NYE Part 2 Mom is Your Hotwife

Confession, Creampie, Cum Play, Dirty Talking, Taboo

Your mom seems like she’s avoiding you a little, since New Years. You know you shouldn’t have done it–stroked your cock for her while she told you all those dirty stories, let her stroke you right against her wet, hot pussy–but you’ve never been so turned on! Since that night, you haven’t gone more than 24 hours without jerking it to your memory of that half hour in the bathroom. Or to the images she conjured, of her sucking and fucking like a true slut. So when she comes into your bedroom dressed in a tight skirt and low cut shirt, wearing pantyhose and your favorite of her heels, you have one thing on your mind. It was so hard to listen to her when all you could think about was watching her pussy slide up and down on cock, her tits out and covered in cum…but she was apologizing. Asking if you were ok with what happened, or if you regretted it? You can barely manage to get a full sentence out, how eager you are to assure her you’re fine, that you loved every second of it! She looks pleased, and when you ask her to tell you what she did with the rest of her New Years, she smirks, looks reluctant for a moment, before going into the whole story for you. It turns out Dad’s boss caught up with her, and wanted to know what all the noise in the bathroom was, what you two were doing. You get nervous for a second but she tells you its fine, that he isn’t going to say a word. Stroking your dick, she explains that her outfit is for a job interview, with dad’s firm. To be his boss’ very personal assistant. Since that night, she’s been proving to him she’ll do anything for young, hard cock and hot cum. Even fuck the whole baseball team he coaches! “I have to admit one last thing to you,” she says, stroking your sloppy, spit covered cock, “he told me to do this. He actually wanted me to fuck you, get your cum inside me, then plug myself and let him fuck your cum into my pussy…that’s the interview! But, now that he’s almost here, I think…you should fuck his cum into me! What do you think? Do you want me to be your hotwife, honey?”

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Bettie Bondage – Moms New Years Eve Confession

Confession, Dirty Talking, POV, Taboo, Virtual Sex

Your dad sends you to pick up your mother from a NYE party down the road. He’s so mad at her, he tells you she’s acting like a slut. You can’t believe your mother would cheat! When you arrive, though, she won’t leave. And she tells you that you don’t understand her side of the story, but she’ll tell you. You’re old enough to know the truth now: that she and your father met when she was hooking up with lots of random guys, taking loads and loads of cum every night, from anyone who wanted to fuck and cumdump. Dad was just one of those guys, until she thought maybe it could be more, since he was so supportive of her being a massive slut. “That changed, though,” she tells you, sullenly, “when we got married. He got possessive,” she says, confessing that she never stopped being that cumslut. You can’t help your reaction to her stories, and you pop a raging hard boner. God, you just want to hear more! You want to stroke to her stories and shoot cum all over your mom’s pussy, while she tells you every detail of how much she loves fucking and taking cum. When she notices your erection, there’s no stopping her. You know she won’t be able to help herself from confessing everything…even that time you had your friends sleepover last month…

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Bettie Bondage – Mom Has A Fansite

Taboo, POV, Virtual Sex, Dirty Talking, Confession

Your mother calls you into her room, asking if you can help her with something, but first, she says, she has a confession. “Well, you know how I’ve been doing really well with all my freelancing work? Umm, well, it’s…not exactly how I said it was. It’s…adult work.” You balk. She can’t mean…like, she has a Fansite?!? She smiles, “yes, exactly! I do have one of those. But the thing is that traffic has been slow, and while I’ve always been POV virtual, I think I need something more. A stunt cock.” She can’t possibly be asking what you think she is, can she? Is your own mom asking if you’ll be her stunt cock? She smirks at you, reassuring you that while her content is taboo, no one will know that you’re her *actual* son. They’ll assume you’re some random cock, especially when they see how big you are! She laughs, admitting that she has spyware on your phone, and saw all those videos you made with your ex. If you didn’t know better, you’d think that this wasn’t really about her fansite at all…that this was about her wanting…you!

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RheaSweet – Mommy’s Journal Part 3

I went to wake my son up for breakfast this morning but before I knocked on his door, I heard sounds coming from his room. I recognized those sounds pretty quickly. My son was touching himself again. I love listening to him lotion up his cock and stroke it. I always imagine that he is thinking of me when he is touching his cock. I did something that I have never done before and decided to take a peek. I slowly cracked open his door so I could see in. There he was, at his desk. His cock in his hand, stroking it up and down.

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RheaSweet – Mommy’s Journal Part 2

My husband and son went to the store so I took the chance to make another video journal. I’ve been craving my son so much lately. I’ve been a bad mommy and haven’t been wearing a bra or panties, hoping my son would notice. I imagine him seeing mommy’s nipples through my shirt and getting turned on. Asking mommy to help with his boner. Taking my sons cock in my mouth, pleasing him the way he deserves.

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RheaSweet – Mommy’s Journal Part 1

I’ve been telling my therapist about these “fantasies” that I have been having for some time now. They told me to start a video journal so that I have a place to release my thoughts. I decide to give it a try for the first time. I click on my camera and start talking to myself. At first it felt silly but then I got to talk about how much I love my Son. I would do anything for him, including pleasing him better than anyone ever will. I tell my video log all about this idea I have of laying with my son and feeling him get hard for his Mommy. I think my therapist’s idea worked better than I thought it would. I have even been thinking of playing with myself during the video logs.. hmm we shall see if I become brave enough.

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Sloansmoans – Step-Mommy Confessions

Watch as your step-mom talks about a high school graduation party she threw for you and your friends. She recalls how she had a little too much “fun” and started dancing slutty with you all. She talks about how she eventually made each of you embarrassingly jizz your pants.

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