Harley Sin – Ultimate Mommy Impregnation

Your mom was so happy to be pregnant with you. To have you growing inside her. She needs you to know how much you were loved, how proud she was of you. She talks about how it felt being pregnant with you, how her belly grew and grew. How her breasts grew too, trying to make milk for you. Your mother slowly takes her clothes off. Touches herself. She used to be an exotic dancer, she kept working right until her belly was huge and hung so low. Her water broke on stage, but she kept dancing. Labor felt… good. Right. She danced right until she felt the overwhelming need to push. And she did. Many times while everyone watched. But you wouldn’t come out. So she tucked herself in a private room with a few people who wanted to watch. So she pushed, and pushed. The pressure, the stretching. Her vagina was huge. You finally came out. You were so handsome, hanging between her legs. Everyone there thought you were beautiful. And your mom couldn’t be more proud. She wants that feeling again, the feeling of you between her lips.

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AimeeWavesXXX – Your Friends Come Over for Mommy Not You

Mommy tells you about how everytime your friends come over to play video games, they’re actually there to fuck mommy. That’s right, your mom is a total slut. And all your friends come over and take turns fucking mommy. They stretch out and stuff all her slut holes and pump her full of cum. Mommy loves being used by all your friends, why else do you think she lets your have some many friends over everyday?!

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Bettie Bondage – The Morning After

Texting is dangerous. You’ll say some crazy things, some things you probably wouldn’t, face-to-face…especially when you’re out of it. Not just saying things but…sending pictures. God, you shouldn’t have, but you did it. The thing you’ve been thinking about, dreaming about…fantasizing about. You finally told your mother what you feel. Not only that, but you sent her a picture…something a mother really shouldn’t see, of her own son. But you’re so faded. And she’s been teasing you lately, you’re sure of it…even so…it’s hard not to regret it. You don’t have much time for that, though, you’re so tired…but when you wake up, there she is. Watching you. And she’s so close. She wants to talk about what you said. What you sent her. Please, this can’t be happening?? Why did you do it?? But…she doesn’t seem upset…actually, she seems almost nervous. Nervous like a girl at school or something. Does she…did she like seeing that? Oh god, what’re we doing?

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Harley Sin – Mommy Taboo Confession

In this confession vid I talk about playing your mommy, I go over the different mommy roles I play in my videos and how I feel playing them. I go a little deeper into the creative process of the nice, mean, annoyed, and unsuspecting mommy characters. I talk about my personal process and day when I’m making videos, how I take care of myself, and really try to think about how the viewer feels. I want you to feel like you’re right there with me. I also go into detail about my process of creating videos, how I write my scripts, how I feel getting ready to turn you on. How I want my stories to draw you in. I hope in the end you’ll feel like you’re getting to know the real Harley Sin and that we can connect on a deeper level.

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Harley Sin – Reluctant Mommy Confession

In this confession vid I talk about making Reluctant Mom Blackmailed and how incredibly horny I got after filming it. I talk about my deep feelings on being a mommy and how I feel about my ‘sons’. I get very wet and get carried away in this one. My confession video turned into a dirty masturbation encouragement where I invite you, my son, to put your cock in my pussy and I confess how mommy likes to get fucked. An excellent VERY TRUE confession for my perverted son’s out there. Are you as perverted as mommy? I have a very real orgasm and the leftover cum in my pussy drips out mixed with my pussy juice.

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