Brooklyn Chase in My Hot New Stepmom

Scene 1: Losing My Virginity
I am sitting on my bed one afternoon, when my hot step-mom walks in to my bedroom. “What are you doing in here?!” I ask her. “I was bored and I wanted to hang out with you!” she exclaims. She walks over to me and she’s wearing a silky, black bathrobe that exposes her cleavage. “Your dad is away on a business trip AGAIN! He leaves me SO neglected and honestly honey, I really need dick…” she confesses to me. “What?!” I exclaim. “I’ve seen you staring at my big tits when I’m wearing a bikini!” she tells me. “Yeah, I have…” I admit. She tells me that this would be a secret between the two of us and that my dad would never have to find out! She unties the string around her bathrobe, and she is completely naked underneath! “Wow! Can I grab your boobs?!” I ask her. “Of course you can!” she tells me. I reach out and grab her huge tits, and I can instantly feel my cock getting hard. “Now, pull that dick out for me!” she giggles. I confess to her that I am a virgin so I might be a little shy. She wraps her lips around my cock and she sucks my cock nice and slow at first, to ease me in to it. After she sucks my cock for a few minutes, she tells me that she wants me to fuck her pussy now. She lies down on the bed and I fuck her pussy in the missionary position. She starts to moan really loud and I can tell that she loves fucking me! I accidentally cum inside of her pussy, since it’s so tight! “Whoops… I came inside of you… I hope that’s okay…” I tell her. “Yes, it’s okay! We just have to keep this our little secret!” she reminds me, as she grabs her bathrobe and exits my bedroom…

Scene 2: Just The Tip Challenge
Scene 3: Cum Before Dad Comes Home
Scene 4: Caught Fucking My Aunt

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Cory Chase in Mom Locked Down and Horny

Scene One: Craving Big Cock
I’m really hungry so I decide to search through the fridge to find a snack. “There’s literally nothing to eat here!” I grunt. I slam the door to the fridge closed, and my step-mom is standing behind the fridge. “Maybe I can give you something to snack on…” she says to me, in a seductive tone. “Are you going to go to the store and get me something to eat?” I ask her. She laughs and she tells me that she has a better idea! She slowly starts to strip out of her clothes in front of me, until she is completely naked. “I can’t do this! I don’t want dad to find out!” I exclaim. “Well, I promise not to tell your father!” she tells me. She gets down on her knees and she pulls out my huge, hard cock. She wraps her lips around my cock and she starts to give me a blowjob on the kitchen floor. While she is sucking my cock, she reminds me “make sure you don’t tell any of your friends about this!” I assure her that I will not tell a soul! “I’m surprised at how big and thick your cock is! You’re so much bigger than your father!” she moans. She keeps sucking my hard cock until I cum in her mouth! She swallows it all and I tell her that she’s better at giving a blowjob than any girl my age is!

Scene Two: To Cure a Broken Heart
I’m sitting on the red, leather couch in my living room when I receive an upsetting text message. My step-mom walks in to the living room and she asks me why I look so sad. “My girlfriend just broke up with me!” I blurt out. “Is there anything I can help you out with? I can definitely take over her role and help you out with your manly urges!” she offers. I tell her that I think that would be a little too weird for me! I loved having sex with my girlfriend and I don’t think it’s right to have sex with my step-mom. “I’ve already sucked your nice, big cock!” she reminds me. “That’s true, I guess…” I finally agree and give in. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a nice, big cock inside of my pussy!” she exclaims. She starts to give me a blowjob first, and then she asks me “Are you ready to finally fuck your step-mom?” I tell her that I am definitely ready! She hops on top of me and she starts to ride my cock in the cowgirl position. “Oh God, you’re so big!” she moans. I start to suck on her tits while she rides me. After a few minutes, she gets in to the doggy style position so I can fuck her MILF pussy from behind. “You’re so deep inside of me!” she moans. I keep fucking her pussy until I cum inside of her! “I didn’t mean to do that! It was an accident!” I tell her. Luckily, my step-mom tells me that she is totally fine with me cumming inside of her…

Scene Three: Step-Mom Catches Me Masturbating
I am lying in my bed, trying to masturbate, when my step-mom bursts in to my room! “Why didn’t you knock?!” I cry out. “Because it’s MY house! I don’t have to knock!” she tells me. “I can take care of that for you… You don’t need to stroke your cock all by yourself!” she giggles. She pulls her lavender colored dress off over her head and then she pulls her panties down to the ground. Then, she gets in to my bed with me and she starts to suck my hard cock again. After a few minutes, she hops on top of me and she rides my big cock in the cowgirl position. “Do you like mommy’s pussy?” she asks me. Of course I do! She switches positions and she starts to ride my cock in the reverse cowgirl position next. I’m amazed at how much my step-mom loves to take control and ride my cock! She hops off of me and she starts to suck my cock again. After she licks and sucks my cock, she gets back on top of me and she begins to ride my hard cock again! I decide to give my step-mom a break and I offer to do some of the work now. She gets in the doggy style position and I fuck her MILF pussy from behind. I even pull her hair while I fuck her! She lies down in the missionary position and I fuck her pussy harder now! When I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out and I jerk my cock off in to her mouth. She swallows it all! What a good step-mom she is!

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Cory Chase – Mom Is Gym Stuck

My mom, Cory, is working out in the gym one morning when she drops something behind the weight rack. She tries to stick her arm through the weight rack but she still can’t reach it. She crawls underneath the weight rack and she ends up getting stuck in there! She calls out for help and I end up coming to her rescue! She asks me to try moving the weight rack but I tell her that it’s way too heavy for me to move. I try to pull her out, but I end up pulling her shorts off completely while leaving her body stuck under the rack. She asks me to give her her shorts back, but I decide to put my hard cock inside of her pussy instead! “What are you doing?! What is that?!” she gasps, as I shove my cock inside of her. “I’m trying to help you get unstuck!” I tell her. “You’re just shoving me deeper underneath the weight rack,” she exclaims. I decide to take advantage of the situation even further by shoving my cock inside of her ass next! “How is this helping me?!” she asks. “I don’t know, but it’s helping me!” I tell her. I keep fucking her ass until I end up getting her unstuck! “See! It worked!” I tell her. I ask her to lie down on the weight bench now, so I can finish off quickly. I fuck her pussy back and forth, in no particular order. When I get close to cumming, I tell my mom to get down on her knees and I jerk my cock off in to her mouth and on her face!

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Rewards Of A Mother – Cory Chase

Scene One: Rewards
“Is it that time of the year again?” My mother says as I hand her over my report card. This time I got straight A’s. My mother is so proud of me, all that hard work, staying up late studying with her paid off. I can’t help but look at her low cut dress as she looks over my report card. It makes me feel so awkward. “Sweety are you getting a hard on?” She asks me. “Your such a good boy” She says, making me promise not to tell anyone about my reward. Pulling open her dress a little, I stare at her cleavage as she gives me my first hand job. What a good boy I’ve been.

Scene Two: Thank you
Ever since the report card I’ve done everything my mom asked of me. I’m her complete and loyal servant. I’m in love with her and will do everything for her. She tells me that I’m the big man of the house now that I’m doing so much. “I was thinking about that reward I gave you, I was thinking about giving you another reward” She smiles at me. “Have you ever had a blowjob before?” She asks, explaining what she’s about to do. “I promise mommy will not bite you” She pulls out her breasts and my dick gets so hard. Her soft red lips wrap around me and the most amazing feeling of wet sucking. I can barely stand as she gives me so much pleasure. I shake and cum right into her mouth and it feels crazy. “Keep up the good work” She tells me.

Scene Three: For Mommy
I’m even more in love with my mother. I would do anything for her now and I become obsessed. I spy on her as she gets dressed and she notices. “Hi sweety” She says turning around, robe open naked body on display. She’s even more beautiful than I can imagine. She sits on the bed and calls me over to look at her perfect body. “Do you like the way I look?” She smiles at the attention. “You don’t have to be shy” She tells me to touch her. She pulls off my clothes and lays me down on the bed, her wet tongue teasing my dick. She touches herself, softly moaning before sitting on top of me. I’m frozen in fear and uncertainty as she slides me inside of her. My mother takes my virginity with her soft pussy and moaning breaths. Before I can stop myself I cum in her hot warm pussy. “Did you just cum inside me? You can’t do that” She says in fear. “Go to your room now!” She screams.

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Cory Chase in My Hot Stepmom Is Stuck

Scene One: Hot Step Mom Fucked In The Ass While Stuck Under The Bed
Scene Two: Horny Step-Mom Stuck To The Couch and Fucked By Step-Son
Scene Three: Step-Mom Is Stuck In The Dryer
Scene Four: Forever Stuck

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Son Cums Of Age – Cory Chase

Scene One: Don’t Say Anything
I am on the couch and Mom walks into the room wearing a skirt and blouse. She stares at me intently for a good literal thirty seconds. She says, “Don’t talk, don’t say anything.” Mom takes her shoes off and crawls across the floor. She gets on her knees before me, unzips me, and pull my dick out. She rubs it all over her face for a full minute. Mom then reaches under her skirt and plays with herself while you giving me head. When I Cum, she has a little trouble swallowing it and slightly chokes. When she is finished, she stares up at me for a few seconds, stands up go get her shoes, and walks out the room.

Scene Two: Fuck Me Don’t Kiss Me
I wake up to see Mom in a t-shirt PJ top standing over my bed in my bedroom. She looks at me grimly, removes her top and gets on the bed. I move in to kiss her and she says, “No, don’t kiss me. Just fuck me. Fuck your mother. Fuck her with your hard young cock.” Mom keeps her eyes closed and says, “That’s it, fuck me! Fuck me like a whore. Make your mother your whore.” After a few minutes of this, Mom says, “Pull it out and come in my mouth.” And I do so.

Scene Three: Treat Me Like a Whore
I am walking down the hallway when Mom (in skirt and blouse) steps out of her bedroom. She looks at me with the previously mentioned intent look. She says, “Your father’s asleep already. Of course.” She tells me to shove her against the wall and rip her blouse and bra open. She tells me to hold her by the throat with one hand while he feels her boobs with the other. I then force her to her knees and have her give me a blowjob. Lastly, she has me jerk off on her face and slap her cum filled face…I am getting into the rough side of things…

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Cory Chase – Mommy Takes Over

Scene One: Cleaning Her Toys
I walk in on Mom cleaning something in the sink. As I get closer I see what she is cleaning, A DILDO!!! Why would Mom do that in the kitchen. She finally realizes I am there and jumps backwards as her robe opens up. A brief conversation later and opening and closing of her dress, she gets on her knees and begins to stroke my cock. This act does not work and she moves to the kitchen table. I slide my cock into her and fuck her till I unload in her tight Mommy pussy. She is a bit upset that I did not pull out and tells me to go to bed. I gave Mom a bone of her own…

Scene Two: Good Morning Mommy
That morning, after having the best night sleep of my life, I wake up to my mother smiling at me on my bed. Dressed in silky lingerie she reaches down and touches my cock. “You really enjoyed yourself didn’t you?” She asks me. Mommy can’t stop thinking about me and my hard cock. She’s just so horny every day, she needs me, she needs my hard dick inside her. She exposes her big tits and wet pussy getting on all fours like a bitch in heat. I nuzzle up behind her tight ass and slide my cock into her soaking pussy and fuck my mom. God it feels better than anything in the world, I never want it to end. I want to have myself inside her forever. With a lustful smile she gets on top of me and takes over making herself cum on me. She clenches her pussy so tight that she milks the cum right out of me, filling her completely. “I love you so much sweety” She whispers to me.

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Download Cory Chase - Mom Takes Over.mp4
Download Cory Chase - Mom Takes Over.mp4

Cory Chase – Mommys Secret Lessons

Part 1: I see you baby… It’s okay, sit down, Mommy wants some company anyway. Your Father’s working late again tonight… So no action for Me. But if you’re curious I don’t see anything wrong with you watching… Mommy is just trying to relax and have some fun. Maybe you can even help a little, just as long as you can keep a secret…

Part 2: You can’t sle*p either baby? I just it’s just us again all alone in this big house… I was thinking about the other night. You did so well helping me cum, but Mommy didn’t make you cum. I think Mommy should teach you a few new things…

Part 3: Son, I feel so naughty having you in my bed, but I guess you belong here more than your Father… You’ve been learning so much, Mommy is very proud of you… I don’t know baby… Mommy wants to do that too but I’m worried it would be wrong… I know you’re curious and you should learn, it’s just… Well maybe we could just go slow… I think you’re ready…

File Size : 2.93 GB, Resolution : 1280×720, Duration : 00:51:06

Download Cory Chase - Mothers Secret Lessons.mp4
Download Cory Chase - Mothers Secret Lessons.mp4

Cory Chase in Mommy Says Shut Up And Fuck Me

Scene One: Bathroom Quickie
Mom pulls back after kissing you. You are in the bathroom at a party. Mom, wearing a nice dress says, “Are we going to do this or not?” Mom Yanks her panties down around her ankles and turns around and bends over the toilet. You move in close and Mom says, “Fuck me up the ass and make it quick goddamnit!” You stick your penis in Moms ass while she grunts. After literally a couple of minutes you both cum. You kiss, as Mom pulls up her panties and leave.

Scene Two: Only With Mommy
Mom tells you that you cannot have sex with your other teachers. Just beacuse you have sex with Mom, you must only have sex with her. Mom then bends over and reminds you why you can only fuck her. Mom becomes very red-faced and sweaty. She grunts with every thrust you make. Mom hisses, “Harder, harder goddamnit. Make it hurt! More, more!” You fuck mom for about a minute or two as she arches her back and chokes back a cry when she comes and collapses on the desk.

Scene Three: Fuck Mommy Harder
Mom is naked; on a bed, legs hanging off the edge. You are looking down having sex with Mom. She says fuck you, fuck me harder. Mom is impatient and even bitchy. She tells you to fuck her, use her, make her your whore, etc.. You Cum in Mom and she smiles and says “That’s how I want to be fucked.”

Scene Four: That is How Mommy Likes to be Fucked
Mom is naked in bed, bouncing up and down, having sex with you cowgirl style. Mom is smiling and playing with her boobs. She says, “That’s it, that’s how I like to be fucked!” Mom starts playing with her clit, “I love you so much, I love your cock, I’m going to come” Mom falls forward supporting herself with her forearms. Mom stays in that position for a couple of seconds, get out of bed kisses your forehead and says, “I love you sweetie, now that’s how Mommy likes being fucked.”

File Size : 1.43 GB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 00:20:09

Download Cory Chase - Mommy Says Shut up and Fuck Me.mp4
Download Cory Chase - Mommy Says Shut up and Fuck Me.mp4