Cory Chase in Step Mom Craves Young Cock Vol 2

Scene One: Mom Helps Me Study for a Test
Johnny is sitting at the living room table doing his homework, when his step-mom walks in. He is trying to study for his Chemistry test and his step-mom offers to help him study. Johnny keeps getting the answers wrong, so he tells his step-mom to please leave the room so he can just study by himself! Cory offers to teach him a little differently than his science teacher at school does. Once he gets an answer right, his step-mom pulls her shirt off to reward him! “If you get the next answer correct, I will take my bra off next!” she tells him. He gets the next answer wrong, but she stands up and starts to pull her skirt down while she continues to teach him. He gets a few more answers wrong, but when he finally gets one correct, she pulls her bra off and exposes her tits to her step-son. Johnny tries to focus but his step-mom is making it really hard for him! She strips out of her panties next and she tells him that she really wants him to get an ‘A’ on his test! She tells him that if he gets an A, he will get rewarded by having some fun with her sexy, MILF body!

Scene Two: Mom Clears My Head Before Big Test
Johnny walks in to the kitchen before school and he tells his step-mom that he doesn’t think he is going to get an ‘A’ on his test today! His step-mom starts to rub his shoulders and she tries to help him relieve some stress before he leaves for school. She pulls his belt off of his pants and she tells him to stand up so she can pull his pants down. She pulls his cock out and she starts to suck his cock! She wants to make him cum in her mouth so he will be completely stress free by the time he gets to school! She starts to quiz him on his chemistry notes while she sucks his cock. She throws her black, silky bathrobe on the ground and she continues to suck his cock. She takes her big, Silicone-enhanced tits and wraps them around her step-son’s cock. She titty fuck’s him while teaching him about silicone and the other elements in the periodic table! She jerks his cock with her hands before she goes back to sucking his cock. She tells him how she really wants him to cum down her throat. She titty fucks his cock some more, before he cums down her throat and she swallows all of his cum! Johnny starts to get nervous that he will be late for his test now… He quickly puts his pants back on and runs off to catch the bus!

Scene Three: Reward for Good Grades
Johnny is sitting in his bed when his step-mom walks in to his bedroom. She is eager to ask him how his Chemistry test went, and he is happy to show her that he got an A+ on his test; All thanks to her help! She is ready to reward him with her body since he did such a great job on his test! Johnny is nervous that his dad will find out and get mad at him, but she promises not to tell his dad. She pulls her blouse off and he starts to touch his step-mom’s big tits. “You can kiss them! Go ahead!” she exclaims. He starts to lick her nipples, and then she pulls her panties off. “We’re going to have so much fun and relieve a lot of stress today!” she tells him. She pulls his cock out from his boxer shorts and she starts to give her step-son a blowjob. After sucking his cock for a few minutes, she asks him “Should I sit on your cock?” He tells her to suck it for a little longer first! Then she hops on top of him and she starts to ride his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Then she flips around and rides his cock in the cowgirl position while she kisses him. She licks her pussy juice off of his cock and then she asks him if he’s ready to fuck her now. She lies down on her back and her step-son starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. He leans down to kiss her and thank her for all of her help with his test! “Fuck mommy nice and deep!” she whispers in his ear. She hops back on top of her step-son in the reverse cowgirl position and he fucks her pussy hard. “I want you to feed me your cum!” she tells him. He fucks her in the missionary position until he gets close to cumming. Then, he pulls his cock out and jerks it off in to her mouth and on her face. She swallows as much of her step-son’s cum as she can!

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Nikki Brooks in Mom Takes Me to a Fetish Convention

Scene One: First Night
My mom stumbles in to the hotel room with a glass of red wine in her hand. She apologizes to me for leaving me in the hotel room while she went to the fetish convention! She confesses to me that she hasn’t had any sex in a while, and she wants me to help her out with that. “Do you want me to go back downstairs? Or do you want me to stay up here with you?” she asks me. I tell her to please stay up here with me! “Why don’t you touch mommy?” she asks me. She pokes her butt out towards me and tells me to grab her big ass. She kisses my cock on top of my underwear and she asks me if I think that anyone would judge her for wanting to kiss her son’s cock. She slowly pulls my cock out from under my underwear and she starts to lick the tip of my cock first. She teases my cock until she eventually shoves my entire cock inside of her mouth. She sucks my cock until her pussy gets wet, and then she hops on top of me and rides my hard cock! “Grab mommy’s tits!” she tells me, as she continues to bounce up and down on my cock. Mommy lies down on her back and I start to fuck her in the missionary position now. She tells me how she’s been wanting to fuck my cock for so long! She’s been dreaming about this day for so long, and she can’t wait to taste my cum. I fuck her pussy harder and deeper, until I get close to cumming. I pull my cock out of her pussy and I jerk my cock off on to her tongue. She swallows it all, and then asks me if I want to go with her down to the convention…

Scene Two: Mom is Getting Ready
My mom is getting ready to go out for “a session.” I ask her what she means by that, and she tells me how men pay her to tickle her feet and massage her body! It sounds weird to me, but my mom claims that these men pay her really good money to do this! She starts to get horny and she decides that she wants to fuck me before she goes out for her session! She gets down on her knees in the hotel bathroom and puts my cock in her mouth. Then she bends over against the sink and I start to fuck her pussy from behind. “I am being such a naughty mommy by fucking my son before a session!” she exclaims. I keep fucking her until I cum deep inside of her pussy. Then she leaves me in the hotel room so she can go meet up with her client…

Scene Three: Mom Partied Too Hard
My mom is hungover in bed the next morning and she is too tired to move. I am pretty horny though and my cock is already hard, so I walk up to her and I stick my cock inside of her pussy. “If I let you do this to me, will you let mommy rest afterwards?” she asks me. “Yes, I promise!” I keep fucking her harder and her tits bounce up and down with every thrust. “You’re really starting to wake mommy up!” she tells me. Her moans start to get louder and louder. She puts her hand over her mouth to stop herself from waking up the other people in the hotel. “Be a good boy and pound mommy’s pussy! Mommy’s going to cum! Don’t stop!” she instructs me. She asks me where I am going to cum and I tell her that I feel like giving her another cream pie! I cum deep inside of my mom’s pussy, and now she can go back to bed if she wants…

Scene Four: Mom Brings a Friend
My mom was down at the convention and she met a new friend there! Her friend is another blonde MILF who is wearing a black, latex bra and matching skirt. She lifts her skirt up and I can clearly see that she doesn’t have any panties on underneath! My mom is wearing a red top that exposes her big tits with a matching red skirt. My mom tells me that this new friend of hers is a present for me, since I have been such a good boy all week! “I’m Cory, by the way,” my mom’s new friend tells me. My mom starts to make out with her new friend and Cory reaches out and grabs my cock. I get a little nervous at first, but I can feel my cock getting hard in my pants. Cory spreads my mom’s legs open and she starts to lick her clit. My mom’s pussy starts to get really wet. “Show Cory how you fuck mommy!” my mom tells me. I put the tip of my cock inside my mom’s pussy, and then I ask Cory if she will kiss my cock before I shove it back in my mom’s pussy. Cory watches me fuck my mom’s pussy and she seems to love watching us! I ask my mom if I can fuck her in the doggy style position next, so she bends over for me. While I fuck my mom from behind, she starts to eat Cory’s pussy out. I want to feel what Cory’s pussy feels like next, so Cory lies down on the couch for me. I fuck Cory in the missionary position while my mom sucks on Cory’s nipples. Cory flips over in to the doggy style position and my mom spreads Cory’s ass open while I fuck her pussy from behind. “That’s a good girl! I want you to enjoy my son’s cock to the fullest!” my mom tells her. Cory flips back over on to her back and my mom sits on her face while I am fucking Cory. “I’m going to cum all over Cory’s face!! I hope you won’t be jealous, baby” my mom moans. My mom promises our new friend that they are both going to share my cum! I fuck my mom’s pussy until I get close to cumming… Then I pull out and I cum in her mouth and all over her tongue! My mom moves her head over towards Cory’s and she kisses her, in order to share the cum with her new friend. “You taste divine!” Cory assures me. I have worked up an appetite; Maybe we can all go get some dinner now…

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London River in Family Summer Free Use

Scene One: Kissing Lessons
It’s been several weeks since Aunt Clover returned home and Johnny has been depressed. Aunt Clover told some of Johnny’s friends about his poor kissing skills. This really bummed Johnny out… In walks his Aunt London…She asks what is wrong and Johnny reluctantly tells his Aunt. She asks him to show her his kissing technique…He does and he needs lots of help…Good thing Johnny has his Aunt to show him how to kiss…They kiss and Johnny quickly improves but London notices the sudden growth in her nephews shorts…Not wanting to ever waste a good hard cock, London decides to suck off her Nephew for a good laugh and after several minutes of taking his cock deep into her mouth…London takes a full mouth load of his cum and swallows every drop! We sure hope he learned his lesson of the Day!

Scene Two: Aunt Fixes My Boner
Johnny is sitting in his bedroom one afternoon, watching porn on his phone. His Aunt London walks in and asks him if he needs any help. He tries to deny the fact that he was just watching porn. It doesn’t take long for him to agree that he does want London’s help! She starts to give him a blowjob, and then she pulls her big tits out to titty fuck him for a bit. “There are other places where we can put your cock…” she tells him. She lies down on the bed and tells him to stick his cock in her. “Fuck, you’re going to make me cum!” she moans. He bends over to kiss her while he fucks her… “You’re a natural!” she tells him. She flips over in to the doggy style position and he fucks her pussy from behind. “Oh my God, you’re going to make me cum again!” she moans. “Please cum on my tits!” she begs. He fucks her pussy until he explodes all over her tits!

Scene Three: Threesome with My Sister
London and Cory walk in to Cory’s bedroom, and London has something to confess to her! London tells Cory all about the “talk” she had with Johnny about kissing the other day. Cory starts to get jealous that her sister has been getting sexual with her son. London reassures her that she still loves her and that she is irreplaceable! London starts to eat Cory’s pussy out, just as Cory’s husband, Luke, walks in to the room. He instantly pulls his cock out and starts to fuck London’s pussy from behind. Cory leans up and licks London’s ass hole to lube it up for Luke before he starts to fuck London’s ass. London lies down in the missionary position for Luke to fuck her pussy and ass next. Cory sits on London’s face at the same time. Then Luke decides he wants to fuck Cory’s ass and pussy next, while London licks Cory’s tits. London also licks Luke’s cock every time he pulls it out of Cory’s ass. London and Cory both sit next to each other with their legs pulled back towards their heads. This way, Luke can easily go back and forth between fucking London’s ass and pussy and Cory’s ass and pussy. When Luke gets close to cumming, he moves Cory’s head right next to London’s… then he cums all over both of their faces!

Scene Four: End of Summer Party
Johnny is sitting in his bedroom one afternoon when Cory and London walk in. “What are you guys doing?” Johnny asks. “We are going to have a family discussion!” his mom, Cory, exclaims. Cory pulls Johnny’s cock out from under his boxer shorts. Cory and London start to give Johnny a double blowjob. Both MILF’s strip out of their dresses and then continue to suck on Johnny’s cock and balls. Then Cory gets on top of Johnny’s cock and starts to ride him in the reverse cowgirl position while London kisses Johnny. After a few minutes, Cory jumps off of Johnny’s dick… and London climbs on top! London starts to ride Johnny in the reverse cowgirl position next. “Oh my God!” London exclaims, as she cums on Johnny’s cock. London hops off of his cock and Cory goes to give him a blowjob. “I want you to eat my pussy while he fucks you!” London tells Cory. Cory lies down on her back while London sits on her face. London and Cory switch places, but Johnny shoves his cock in London’s ass hole this time! “He’s making me cum! He’s making me cum!” London screams, while Cory is sitting on her face. “Will you feed us both your cum?” Cory asks. Cory moves her face down next to London’s face, while Johnny is still fucking London’s ass hole. The two MILF’s keep begging Johnny to feed them his cum. He cums in London’s mouth and then Cory and London make out with each other to share Johnny’s cum…

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London River in The New Boss

Scene One: No Escape
London’s husband just died, and now she is left with her step-son, Johnny. Johnny casually mentions to her that she will have to let him fuck her ass sometime soon, if she wants to continue to live in the house that he inherited from his dad! Before London can figure out what to do, they hear a knock at the door. In walks Luke and Cory. London’s husband was Luke’s boss, and he was secretly fucking Cory and giving Luke occasional raises in exchange for fucking his wife. Johnny tells Cory how he is going to have to fuck her ass now too, since his dad is now gone. London and Luke leave the room, and Cory stays with Johnny. “Shall I undress for you?” she asks. She gets down on her knees and starts to give him a blowjob. Then she stands up and gets in to the doggy style position on the couch. He goes straight to fucking her ass hole! “That’s a really nice pussy but today I just want that ass!” he exclaims. She tells him that he can continue to fuck her ass hole as often as he wants, as long as her husband can continue to keep his job! He keeps fucking her ass hole until he cums deep inside her ass. He shoves his cock in her mouth afterwards, so she can taste her own ass…

Scene Two: Breaking the Widow
Luke walks upstairs to see how London is doing after the passing of her husband. She confides in Luke and tells him how her step-son is going to make her do anal with him, and she doesn’t think he will be gentle! She’s never tried anal before, so she asks Luke to please help her practice getting fucked in the ass. Especially since Luke’s wife is downstairs fucking her step-son right now! Luke fucks her pussy for a minute before switching over to her ass hole. “You’re taking it like a champ!” he exclaims. He keeps fucking her ass until she has her first anal orgasm! Then he switches back and forth between her pussy and ass hole. She keeps thanking him for helping her get used to anal sex! She flips over in to the doggy style position next and he fucks her ass from behind. “Cum in my ass please!” she begs. He cums in her ass while her step-son is still fucking Luke’s wife downstairs…

Scene Three: Cory’s Revenge
London is ready for her first day of work, where her step-son is her boss! Cory walks in to London’s office and explains to her the rules of the office. “You have to call Johnny ‘Master’ from now on, both at the office and at home,” Cory tells London. Johnny walks in to the office and tells both Cory and London to unbutton their blouses. “I’m feeling horny this morning. London, why don’t I give you your first task? Get up on the desk for me please…” he instructs. Cory offers to fluff him first; She gets down on her knees and she sucks his cock until he’s hard. He decides to fuck London’s ass hole today. Cory offers to take London’s bra off so Master can see her big, beautiful tits bouncing up and down as he fucks her ass. “Feed me her titties!” he tells Cory. Cory grabs London’s tit and puts it in Johnny’s mouth for him. London can’t stop moaning from pleasure, and she cums twice in a row while he is fucking her ass. London flips over in to the doggy style position, leaning against the desk. Cory lies down on the desk so London can eat her pussy while Johnny fucks her ass from behind. When he gets close to cumming, London and Cory get down on their knees and give him a double blowjob until he cums on their faces and in their mouths. Some cum squirts on to their tits, and he tells them to lick the cum off of their tits… “Now get back to work!” he demands

Scene Four: Final Solution
Cory has London tied up on the couch. She calls Master and begs him to come over with her husband, so they can have some fun with London. Luke and Johnny walk in a few minutes later. “Why is the boss’s wife tied up?” Luke asks. “I thought you guys could have some fun!” Cory tells them. Luke and Johnny both take out their cocks and get on each side of London, while she is tied up in the doggy style position. Luke shoves his cock in her mouth while Johnny fucks her from behind. They flip London over on to her back and Luke starts to fuck her pussy while she sucks Johnny’s cock. They take turns fucking London while her hands remain tied up. Cory decides to join in, so she sits on London’s face while Luke is fucking London. Then Cory starts sucking Johnny’s cock at the same time. Luke fucks London’s ass and pussy in no particular order, while Johnny fucks Cory’s pussy next to them. Luke and Johnny both jerk their cocks off on to London and Cory’s faces. “You both are officially dirty little cum sluts!” Master Johnny says.

File Size : 3.18 GB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 01:14:17


Cory Chase – Mommy Creampie Seduction

Early this morning, Mom walks into my room. She is barely dressed and she has a funny look on her face. She crawls into my bed saying dad left early and could not give her what she needed. Then she started rubbing my cock over my PJ pants and then pulls out my pecker and starts sucking. Mom says Dad left in a hurry and did not give her what she needs to start her day. I thought a cup of coffee would be enough but she wants more. I had no idea that is what a creampie was but Mom wanted one. She then sat on my cock and rode me up and down. She popped off and then sucked my pecker again just before sitting on it again. Mom then switched to her back and begged for me to give her a creampie. I still don’t know what it is but Mommy begged me to keep going. I kept going till I could not go anymore. Mommy said that was perfect, a perfect creampie from her little guy.

File Size : 1.17 GB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 00:20:23


Cory Chase – Mom Makes Me A Man

Scene One: Mom Helps Me Finish
I am in my bedroom, jerking my cock to some porn on my phone! I take my hand off of my cock for just a moment, to find some new porn on my phone. All of a sudden, I feel someone grab my cock! I turn around and I am shocked to see my mom jerking my cock up and down! She pulls her bath robe open, so I can see her big tits. “Come on and touch them!” she tells me. Then my mom asks me if she can worship my cock. Of course I tell her “yes!” She puts her mouth on my cock and starts to give me a blowjob. She is wearing nothing besides a tiny purple g-string. She licks and sucks on my balls and then deep-throats my whole cock! Then she takes my cock and sticks it in between her big tits and she titty fuck’s my hard cock. She sucks my cock again until I cum in her mouth; She swallows all of my cum! “Next time you need some help, don’t be afraid to ask me!” she tells me.

Scene Two: Mom Lusts For My Cock
I just wanted to jerk off in peace, by myself! I still can’t believe that my mom interrupted me the other day and shoved my cock in her mouth. I really just want to do this alone, without anyone’s help! Unfortunately, my mom ends up walking in and interrupting me again. She suggests that I use some lotion to help jerk my cock. She takes her hand and strokes my cock up and down, which feels good but very strange at the same time. “Don’t be worry, sweetie! We’re just going to have some fun!” she assures me. She is mad that I didn’t ask her for her help today. I really just wanted some alone time! Why can’t my mom just understand that?! She takes my cock and shoves it in her mouth again. It feels so good but so wrong. She is wearing black see through lingerie and a bathrobe, but it doesn’t take her long to strip out of her lingerie. She does put her see through bathrobe back on though. I ask if I can taste her titties, and of course she lets me. I lick her nipples while she strokes my cock. She tells me that she wants to ride my cock, and that’s exactly what she does. She hops on top of me and bounces up and down on my hard cock. My mom ends up lying down on the bed so I can fuck her in the missionary position next. I fuck her pussy until I cum inside of her! She reminds me again that I should ask her for help next time…

Scene Three: Home Schooled
I just came home from school and I am shocked to find my mom waiting for me by the front door! I just finished talking to my friends about what my mom does to me, and they told me that that’s really weird! My mom is excited that I spoke to my friend’s about her though… but this is still too weird for me! She unbuttons my jeans and pulls them off, revealing my hard cock. She goes down in between my legs and starts to suck my cock. I have to admit that this feels really good, and it is very hard to resist! She strips out of her purple bra and panty set, that she said she picked out just for me. Then she goes back to sucking my cock. “I can tell why my dad married you!” I tell her. But she tells me that my dad doesn’t pay any attention to her anymore, and that’s why she is giving me all of her attention now! “I want you to fuck mommy good and hard!” she tells me. She gets in the doggy style position so I can fuck her pussy from behind. I grab her hair as I fuck her. Then she instructs me to sit down on the couch and she hops on top of my cock, in the reverse cowgirl position. “Make mommy cum!” she tells me, as I fuck her pussy while she’s on top of me. My mom lies back on the couch and I fuck her in missionary now. I fuck her pussy until I get close to cumming… Then I pull out and cum all over her bush and her pussy! “Thank you, sweetie! For all that wonderful cum!” she thanks me.

Scene Four: Dad is Working Late
My mom makes me go in to her bedroom one afternoon, while my dad is at work! I tell her that I’d rather just hang out with her and do something normal, not sexual. “Why do you have to be this way? Don’t you love your mother?” she asks me. I do love her and I tell her that! She starts to kiss me, while she takes her hand and rubs my cock over my pants. She pulls all of her clothes off and then she pulls my pants off, revealing my hard cock. She kisses my stomach down to my hard cock. “I love you so much, sweetie!” she tells me, before she shoves my cock down her throat! She gives me a blowjob for a while, until she decides to hop on my cock and ride me. “That feels so good, mommy!” I assure her. I fuck her tight, MILF pussy while I suck on her nipples. “I want to taste my pussy juice on that young cock!” she exclaims, before she goes to lick and suck my cock again. Then she jumps back on top of my cock and bounces up and down on top of me. We lie down side by side in the scissor position next, and I remind her that I love her so much. She tells me that she loves me again too. “Do you want to give mommy that cum? I want to taste you!” she tells me. I fuck her until I get close to cumming and then I pull out and cum all over her face and in her mouth! She tells me that I taste so good!

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Nikki Brooks, Cory Chase – Strict MILFs

Scene One: Ancient Artifact Revealed
I am sitting at the kitchen table drawing an illustration, that my mom keeps making fun of! She gets a package in the mail that she claims is from my uncle who just died. He wrote me a letter with a gift in the package, explaining how this ancient artifact is capable of mind control. My mom refuses to believe that this ancient ring has any special powers, until she puts the ring on her finger and she suddenly stops talking and starts to stare in to space. I decide to take advantage of this moment by grabbing at my mom’s tits! I pull her dress and green bra down underneath her boobs… then I continue to pull her dress and panties off completely. All of a sudden, my mom becomes super horny! She gets down on her knees and asks me, “Do you want mommy to lick it?””Yes please!” I tell her. She sucks my dick for a bit, until she stands up and leans against the kitchen counter. I stick my cock inside of my mom’s pussy and fuck her pussy from behind until I cum! “Oh my God, I just came inside of you!” I tell her. My mom is still so horny and carefree and she can’t figure out why! I take the ancient artifact to my bedroom for special keeping. A few minutes later, my mom snaps out from under the spell! She can’t figure out why she has cum dripping out of her pussy, until she reads the rest of my Uncle’s letter…

Scene Two: Powers Tested
My mom comes storming in to my room, screaming “Give me that ring!” She continues yelling about how she thinks my uncle faked his demise and that there’s no way that this is a real ancient artifact that can make someone super horny! I tell her that if she really doesn’t believe that the artifact is real, then she should just put it on her finger. To try and prove me wrong, my mom puts the ring on her finger. The ring starts to light up… and all of a sudden, my mom stops talking and starts staring in to space. I tell my mom to lie back on my bed and get herself ready. She lies down and starts to rub her pussy. “My son’s touching my boobs!” she giggles, while I feel her big tits. I take my hard cock out of my pants and rub it on her pussy. “Is this okay, mom?” She tells me that of course it’s okay… So, I shove my cock inside of her pussy. “Fuck mommy and make mommy cum!” she giggles again. “Mommy’s can cum over and over again! You can fuck me all day long!” she tells me. “I want you to ride me, mommy” I tell her. She hops on top of me so I can feel her big tits at the same time. “Mommy’s going to be your slut forever and ever!” she promises me. I ask her if I can fuck her from behind next, and she says yes. She flips over in to the doggy style position so I can fuck her pussy from behind. I cum in her pussy while I’m fucking her from behind. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep it in there!” she tells me.

Scene Three: Called to the Office
Mom tells me to stop by her office one afternoon, and I am not sure why she told me to stop by. When I walk in to her office, she is sitting on top of her desk with her legs spread and her panties in her hand. My mom starts to come on to me and I get nervous at first, because I don’t want anyone to walk in and catch us! “You’re my son… No one is going to suspect a thing!” she tells me. She pulls her skirt off and unbuttons her blouse, before she rubs her pussy for me. “Look at mommy’s wet pussy!” she tells me. She starts to stroke my cock before she lies back on her desk and tells me to start fucking her! “I love the way my son fucks me!” I ask her if I can fuck her from behind next. She turns around and bends over on the desk, so I can fuck her pussy from behind. “Mommy’s going to cum on your cock!” she moans. I spot a couch in her office next to her desk, so I suggest that we move over to the couch. While I’m fucking her on the couch, she tells me to keep this our little secret! She makes me promise not to tell my Aunt Cory about this when I see her tomorrow. “Mommy wants your cum all over her face!!” she begs me. When I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out of her and have my mom get down on her knees in front of me. I jerk my cock off on to her face. Afterwards, she tells me that she is going to walk out of her office in front of all her co-workers and let them look at her face dripping with my cum…

Scene Four: Twisted Threesome
My mom and I are in bed and she is sucking my cock to see how far she can deep throat it. All of a sudden, my aunt Cory shows up and walks in to the bedroom! She freaks out over what she sees at first, but my mom tries to explain my uncle’s ring to her. She tells my aunt how we received this ring in the mail and when she puts it on, it makes her feel so much better! Aunt Cory obviously doesn’t believe her, so my mom takes the ring off and puts it on my aunt’s finger. The magical spell starts to take over her body next! My mom strips out of all her clothing and then my mom starts to undress my aunt next. My aunt starts to eat my mom’s pussy out while my mom sucks my hard cock. Then I walk behind my aunt Cory and shove my cock in her pussy while she still eats my mom’s pussy out. “Why don’t you switch spots with your sister?” My mom lies back on the bed so I can fuck her pussy while her tit’s bounce up and down. My mom asks me where I want to cum and I tell her I want to cum in her mouth, and to share it with her sister. My mom cums on my cock and then I decide to fuck my aunt Cory one last time. Aunt Cory cums on my cock next, and now it is my turn to cum! I take my cock out of my aunt’s pussy and I jerk my cock off in to both of their mouths! Afterwards, my mom starts to eat my aunt’s pussy while they tell me to go clean up in the shower…

File Size : 2.69 GB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 01:03:02


Ivy Secret, Cory Chase – Helping Mommy Get Pregnant

Ivy Secret catches her son masterbating to Aunt Cory Chase and decides a little black mail is in order. If he doesn’t want her to tell all of his friends he has to promise to fill her with his youthful cum.

File Size : 1.43 GB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 00:29:46


Cory Chase – Mom Craves Young Cock

Scene One: Cereal Dilemma
Mom has been having headaches lately and was prescribed an experimental medication. Mom trusts her doctor and listens to everything he says… Today was an ordinary Saturday, I was looking forward to watching Cartoons and having a nice bowl of cereal. Mom fixed me my favorite bowl of O’s and a nice glass of OJ, then I see her take her pills. She asked what my plans were for today and we have some small talk…Then she begins to complain of feeling tired and leaves the Kitchen to go to sleep…I say goodbye to Mom and continue eating my cereal…A couple moments later there is a tug at my shorts and I look down…MOM IS SUCKING MY COCK!!! Mom is blowing me as if she was a hungry Vampire!!! I ask what she is doing and she just says go with it. I want to tell her to stop but it feels too good…This continues for what seems like a hour but I quickly feel the urge to blast in my Mom’s mouth. She does not stop and I drop my young seed in her mouth and she swallows all of it! She then tucks my cock away and tells me to continue eating my breakfast…Happy Dad did not catch us, I do what Mom says and go back eating…Mom walks away and my mind is blown!!!

Scene Two: Tight Predicament
Johnny plops down on the couch one afternoon, all ready to watch some T.V! His mom, Cory, walks in to the room in a blue, floral bath robe. She lies down next to him and puts her head on top of his leg, next to the bulge in his pants. She takes her hand and starts to rub his cock… She can feel him getting harder and harder. She takes her bath robe off, and starts to tell Johnny how much she has been craving his cock. He starts to gently kiss his mommy’s pussy, but she eagerly tells him how badly she just wants his cock inside of her pussy. He starts to fuck his mom in the missionary position… “Oh, yes, Johnny! You fuck mommy so good! Let me flip around so you can fuck me deeper!” she moans. Then she flips around in to the doggy style position, and he fucks her pussy even deeper than before. She hops on top and rides his cock next, while begging her son to grab her tits as he fucks her. He cums deep inside of her pussy while she is on top. “Oh No! I think I heard your father come home!” Cory exclaims, and the two of them run to get dressed…

Scene Three: Slippery Slope
Johnny is taking a nap in bed one morning, when he wakes up to an unusual surprise! His mom, Cory, is under his blanket with his dick in her mouth! “Mom! What are you doing?!” he exclaims. “I’m taking care of my son!” she tells him, as she shoves his cock down her throat. Johnny is a bit concerned over how often he’s been taking care of his mom lately, but he also thinks his mommy’s pussy and mouth are hard to resist! She jumps on top of him and starts to ride his hard cock. She rides him in regular cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, before she flips on to her back for her son to fuck her in the missionary position next. “Oh yeah, fuck mommy!” Cory moans, before getting in to the doggy style position. “Mommy loves that, doesn’t she?” he asks her. She tells him that she wants him to feed her all of his cum… She wants his cum in her mouth and she wants it now! He fucks her pussy until he gets close and then he pulls out to jerk his cock off in to her mouth and on her face! Afterwards, she tells him to lay down next to her to cuddle and take a nap. “I love you, mommy” he assures her. “I love you too, sweetie…”

Scene Four: Awkward Situation
Cory has been getting a lot of headaches lately and the doctor prescribed her some cutting edge medication. She has another bad headache this morning, so she decides to take 2 pills instead of 1 like she normally takes. Meanwhile, in the other room, Johnny decides to have a talk with his dad about what’s been going on with his mom lately. He sits down in Luke’s office and confesses that he is confused as to why his mom has been coming on to him lately! Luke decides to tell him the truth about his mom and the medication she is on. “It has a lot of side effects. One of the side effects is “craving young cock” and it’s best for you to just let your mom do her thing because she is technically sleep walking,” Luke explains to Johnny. Cory walks in to the room and lies down on Luke’s desk in her bra and undies. “I want both of my boys!” she exclaims. She wants to start with Johnny, so she gets on her knees and starts to suck his cock again. “It says the semen of a young boy will cure all the symptoms!” Luke tells Johnny, as he continues to read the side effects of her medication. Luke re-assures his son that he is doing the right thing by helping his mother. Luke decides to join in, so Cory lies back on the desk again… She sucks Johnny’s cock while her husband fucks her pussy. They move over to the couch and Cory gets in to the doggy style position next. She goes back to sucking her son’s cock while her husband fucks her pussy. Luke tells her to flip around so her son can fuck her pussy while she sucks her husband’s cock next. “We’re doing this for medical reasons!” Luke reminds his son. She jerks her son’s dick in to her mouth while Luke fucks her pussy again. Her husband and son continue taking turns on her holes, until they both want to cum. “Ready for a nice, double facial?” Luke asks her. “Yes!” she replies. She gets down on her knees and they both jerk their cocks off on to her face. “How’s your headache, sweetie?” Luke asks her. “What headache!?” she asks. “Perfect! I will tell the doctor that the medicine is working!” he tells her…

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Cory Chase – Hot MILF Seduces Her Sons Best Friend

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