Noelle Easton – Mommy Wants You

I’ve had a real nasty craving lately for some young cock. With my slutty sights set on young new prey, I butter up my cute son and tease him mercilessly with my perfect MILF body. His jaw drops and eyes widen as I pull out my huge tits and show him my pussy and ass while telling him all the dirty thoughts I’ve been having for him. I admit my naughty fantasies and tell him to prepare his innocent, virgin mind for Mommy to fuck his little brains out!

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Noelle Easton – Teacher Takes Two Young Cocks

Closing the door behind her, your teacher comes into the room with the both of you. Both of your eyes are drawn to her, you might be young, but she can tell that you’re both starting to get curious. She sets you up with video games and looks on from the background. Moaning and wet noises startle you both as you look back from your game and see that your much older teacher has no panties on and is touching herself. You exchange glances with the other young boy and try to escape out the door, but she has you right where she wants you. You can’t help but give in as she demands you take off your clothes and watch her remove hers. She teases you with her big motherly tits while admitting her biggest fantasy – each week having two young boys in her class fuck her at the same time. She slips your smooth, developing young penis into her mouth and takes the other boy in her pussy. She guides you both, switching positions and boys as she reaches orgasm and teaches the young pair. Both of you cum inside her, one in her mouth and one in her pussy as she describes what else she plans to do to you and your entire class all school year.

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Sherry Stunns – Mom Likes Porn Too

Taboo, MILF, Cougar, Mommy Roleplay
Yesterday after i got home from school dad stood mom up for there dinner date and i could tell it really upset her. a little while i went to check on her in her room, when i opened the door just a crack i froze. mom was laying on her bed half naked watching porn on a ipad and masturbating. i watched for a little while then closed the door, i slowly backed away and then it hit me. mom wasn’t mad at dad for canceling dinner, she was pissed because she was horny and needed to get laid. so day when i came home from school mom was still upset and while we made small talk mom told me that dad was going to be working late again! after a few more minutes mom said she was going to go lay down for a nap then she got up and went to her bed room. i figured i knew what she really was going to do so i wait a few minutes then crept to her bedroom door for a quick listen. sure enough i heard her moaning and i opened the door to check and just like yesterday she was half naked and masturbating while watching porn on a ipad! i decided to just go for it, i striped naked and crept into her room, she was so focused on the porn she didn’t hear me come. i snuck up behind her and started stroking my cock till it was solid as a rock, then i just said hey mom! she startled and turned her head and looked right at me stroking my cock. i could tell she was shocked and asked what i was doing, while i gave her my reply here eyes kept darting down to my dick! i told her i saw her yesterday and since we both seemed to like porn i could join her and we could masturbate together. she said that was wrong and i should leave but rather then listing to i just laid down next to her and started masturbating! she protested a little bit more but then she just seemed to get really into masturbating and seemed to spend more staring at my cock than the porn on the ipad! we both has pretty powerful orgasms and then i got up and left, i cant wait to watch porn with mom tomorrow…

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Mommy is addicted to your hard huge cock

I had a taste of your hard cock one time and no one has come even close to pleasing me! I went out and bought a new cocktail dress to try to seduce and show you that I need you and your hard, huge cock. I knocked on your bedroom door and begged you to stop playing your video game. You put down the controller and noticed how hot I looked. I slowly unzipped your pants and began sucking your cock. This was an even better time together as I let you experience your first facial!
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Mommy models tiny panties for son and gives JOI

Mommy is getting ready for a photo shoot with tiny panties. You walk in while picking out which sexy pairs to bring. You convince me to let you stay. I notice a huge bulge in your pants as I am disrobing and trying on panties. I ask you what you fantasize about and give you JOI. I encourage you to stay and even bring out my vibrator so we can cum together.
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Another time honey mommy is in a hurry

You know better then to watch mommy getting dressed. It always leads to you getting that problem in your pants. You just can’t resist though. You love watching as I pick out my outfits and heels. This time I have a sexy sun dress, pantyhose, and slut pumps. Are you looking at my big tits and tight ass honey? You know this always gets you in trouble and Mommy always doesn’t have time to relieve you! But I will put my mouth and soft lips on it and try to help you! My poor babe still so hard! You know what happens when you watch me !! But after all this, I don’t think you should cum! Mommy has to run!
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Mommy needs a new man around the house

Your father is off in the military for several years and I need a new man to help me around the house….and….well….other things! I see you spying on me dressing, getting out of the shower, and your spy cam! So I see what affect I have on your young hormones! I need you now!
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Mommy helps son feel more confident before going off to college by blowing and riding him

You feel very insecure because you are going off to college and you are still a virgin, not even a blow job from anyone! You catch me trying on my new lingerie and I encourage you to come in my room and sit down.
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Drunk ovulating mommy

I came home from the cougar club all dressed up in my hot yellow club dress. I had a bit too much to drink and I am stumbling all over and the bed is spinning. You help me sit down and take off my high heels. The walls and bed really start spinning out of control.
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