Larkin Love – Make Mom Feel Sexy Again

Son, are you still up? Your bedroom light is on. I know I said I wouldn’t be home until tomorrow morning, but my date didn’t go so well. Son? Oh my god, I’ve caught you with your pants around your ankles. Hah, well, I guess I can’t be too upset. You are a growing boy after all and have your urges. Hell, even your Momma has her urges. Too bad my over-the-hill, old-ass date couldn’t get it up for me. That’s the problem with dating men my age – they just don’t have the stamina that young studs do.
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Rebecca Love and Joclyn Stone – Horny big titted cougars want to drain young balls

Special delivery with Rebecca Love and Joclyn Stone
Rebecca and Joclyn are horny MILFs discussing sex and they decide that they might need to start looking for some young cock for some fun. They ordered some food for delivery and when you arrive they realize that they have no money to pay for their order.
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Kylie Ireland – Sex lessons with your stepmom

So your stepmom calls you into her bedroom to have a little chat with you about girls cause you are off to college in a few days, & she wants to make sure that you are well prepared.
At first she gives you the standard lecture about condoms, but the conversation soon turns to the size of your cock, & before you know it, she has your pants down & is admiring it’s size.
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Kylie Ireland – Stepmom needs to be filled with your hot young cum

Kylie Ireland – A quick fuck with your stepmom
Whilst on vacation with your Dad & your Stepmom, she asks you to stop by her room for some extra fun.
She tells you that she’s bored of fucking your Dad & so while he is busy in the casino, she NEEDS you to fuck her. Seeing as she hasn’t got much time, she simply pushes you down onto the bed, unleashes your cock & mounts it, & as she pounds your cock she tells you about how much she needs to be filled with your hot young cum.
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Kylie Ireland – Your cougar stepmom has missed your young college cock

You are back home from College for the holidays & as soon as you walk through the door your stepmom drags you upstairs to your room.
She has missed you around the house, always being on call whenever your Dad is away to give her a good hard fucking, and she wastes no time in making up for your absence.
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Alura Jenson – You should know my fantasy

It really was big of you to come pick me up from the police station tonight. I want to tell you what really went down because I know you are truly the only one who could understand. You do want to hear this story right? Ok, so it all started at this bar when I pulled my tits out and there happened to be an off duty cop…
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Ariella Ferrera – You have a thing for cougars

Now I don’t want to embarrass you with what I am about to say but this is a topic that must be dealt with. My girlfriends told me that you have been overtly hitting on them. We are all much older than you so this is a little shocking for me to hear. Is it true you have a thing for cougars? I’ve been reading news regarding the new craze of college age guys being attracted to older women.
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Xev Bellringer – Babysitter Tucks You In

I just wanted to come and tuck you in, even though you might be too old for that. See, it’s comforting to have someone come over and push the blankets around you nice and–what’s that? Are you…hard? Were you masturbating before I burst in? Oh…I’m so sorry, I should have left when you asked me to.
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