Jessica Starling – Mommy Is Your Sex Slave

You have the perfect plan. You’ve been learning the art of mesmerization, and it’s all going to pay off. You have mommy watch your shiny pendulum swing back and forth, back and forth… until she has no more thoughts. Her mind is empty, and you’re going to fill it with your cock! Mommy is your perfect bimbo sex slave as she strips for you and gets on her knees to suck your hard cock. You pound her in missionary before she gets on top and rides you, watching her big tits bounce in your face. You bust inside of her tight pussy as she begs for her baby boy’s cum.

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Tara Tainton – Happy Birthday My Dear Sweet Nephew

It’s your birthday. And your mother, my sister, well… she means well. She can’t help but think of you as still being her sweet little boy. She’s thrown you a party that’s… well, a bit below your age. By a lot! She doesn’t realize what a handsome young MAN you’re growing into. But… your auntie has. And, well, I have a special present for you. Something to make your party a bit better. Just… promise me one thing. No hands, okay? You’re not allowed to touch. Just sit back and relax. And enjoy the show…

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Tara Tainton – Of Course You Can Ask Mommy Anything You Want

I’ve only wanted to be the best mother, the best mother I can possibly be. That’s what my son deserves. I’ve always promised I’d be honest with him, always encouraged him to come to me with any questions. Anything at all. And… he has. But parenting is always full of surprises. I could’ve never guessed just what my policy would mean, what my son would have in store for me. I didn’t know he could hear what his father and I talk about – what we do – after he’s been tucked snuggly into bed and we finally get our time alone together. Maybe I shouldn’t have answered my son’s questions? Maybe I should’ve sugar-coated the answers? Maybe I shouldn’t have demonstrated just to help him understand…

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