Paintedrose – Taboo Duo: Mom Finds Your Porn

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You’ve recently moved back home since mom is alone now. She uses your laptop to check her work emails and stumbles onto MILF porn. She can’t help but wonder if you’re into her like that. She’s noticed how you look at her, your sweet touch, and your grown up body. She calls you up to discuss what she saw, she doesn’t care but she needs to know. If you want her the way she wants you. She tells you to lay back for an experiment and she grinds and teases you. You’re instantly hard. She proposes you either run away or stick it in knowing that you can’t go back! Just then you stuff your big dick her her pussy and she starts to ride your thick growing shaft. She reaches back and squeezes your balls and tells you that her pussy is yours now and when you cum, she owns you.

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Bettie Bondage – Morning Wood With Mommy

It’s been like this every morning: you wake up to a big, sticky mess in your pajama pants, and a huge, painful boner. You don’t know what to do! Its becoming a total nightmare, you’re scared to go to bed. So you decide to go see if your mom can help. She’s still in bed when you go to her room so you decide to climb in and wait…but her tits are hanging out, and your cock is throbbing just looking. Guess when you’re this horny, it doesn’t matter who’s tits you’re looking at. When she finally wakes up, she’s shocked to find you in bed–you’ve long passed the age for such behavior, but then she sees your cock, straight up in your pants. You tell her whats happening, and she asks if you jerk off. You’re not sure what that has to do with your obvious painful medical condition, but she seems to think it will help. You tell her you’ve never done it, and aren’t sure what to do. Your mom has always been perhaps a little bit of a handholder, a helicopter mom some might say, so you guess you’re not too surprised when she agrees to show you how…but even you were surprised when you found yourself asking her to show you her tits, to stroke with her own spit…and then…

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Bettie Bondage – Bully Tricks MILF Into Fucking

You collect MILFs. Like baseball cards, with all the players pulled from the PTA. You know exactly which of your classmates have the hottest moms, and you’ve made it your mission to fuck all of them. If they’re an 8 or higher, you’re going to stick your cock in them and make them your personal slut. Its not even as hard as it seems, really. They’re all desperate for a good fucking. You’re providing a service, really. One of your favorite ways to fuck a MILF is to show up at their house and tell them that what their son is saying about being bullied by you is a lie–that YOU are the bullied one. Of course, they always fall for it. You can sell it, and well. Tears and everything! You tell them that their precious boy is teasing you for being a virgin. Turn on the waterworks and lay on some flattery, and you have them riding your massive cock in no time. It really never fails! Especially once they see your cock. Of course, you have to reveal the truth, mid-fuck. The look of surprise on their face is amazing, but it pales in comparison to watching them realize they don’t want you to stop, watching them slow their hips but not cease. Watching them admit to themselves and to you that they’re a slut for their son’s bully’s cock. Every last one of them…

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Bettie Bondage – Your Slut Mommy

Mommy needs to talk to you about how you’ve been groping your sisters. It’s not right, not when she’s here to take care of you. Besides, she needs to teach them before they can handle a cock like yours! Gosh, your cock is so nice, mommy can’t even get wet for daddy’s dick anymore. She needs you. And you? You need her, yes…but you need more, too. And a good slut like mommy will give it to you, even if she’s a little jealous.

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ImMeganLive – Mom Son Love Story Part 3: Awaken

On this third day, I was tired, but horny as hell! I really didn’t slept well last night…it was my turn to have wet dreams all night long, they were about what happened yesterday, when I fucked my son’s cock! So I went to see him in the living room while he was watching a movie and eating popcorn. I stood in front of the TV and took a stand. Told him that I know I said it was the last time yesterday, but we need to fuck! I thought I was in my menopause for a couple of years now, but he made me realize that I wasn’t at all! The problem is his father! My pussy is dripping and craving for your cock now. I pulled out his cock and it was already hard. I told him that I’m his mom and I am entitled to get what’s mine and his cock his mine now. I rode him reverse cowgirl, then asked him to fuck me on the couch laid on my back. I am giving him so much mommy dirty talk. He fucked me real good! Then I stood up and leaned toward the couch so he could take me doggy! I then told him I want him to fuck me in every single room of the house, and that’s what we did. Fucking at the kitchen table, then in a second bedroom on my back with my legs up, followed by the shower standing doggy and finally ending our fucking rally in the bedroom missionary. That’s when I asked him to fill mommy’s pussy with his big and warm sticky load! I’m really proud of my son, he gave me a real nice one and watched it leak slowly out of my pussy. I lied yesterday, it’s definitely NOT the last time! I assured him that from now on, he’s gonna fuck me like that every single day of his life.

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ImMeganLive – Mom Son Love Story Part 2: Virginity

On the following day, my son asked to see me in the living room, he had something to tell me. So I came over wearing a blouse and shiny faux leather leggings. He was rock solid hard through his pajama and told me he tried to think of something else, but he can’t get the images from yesterday out of his head. I told him that yesterday was a one-time thing only. So we discussed and tried to find solutions like toys, getting a girlfriend etc. But he told me it only gets hard when he’s thinking about his mom. I promised I’d always be there for my son and help him when he needs me…but this is kind of out of line for a second day. Oh well, I definitely can’t leave him like that, that’s for sure. So again, I jerked him off, sucked his cock, but this wasn’t enough to make him cum. He needed more. This time, the memories were specific to mommy’s titties. Ok….I pulled them out and tried something different. I gave him a real and nice titjob. Titty fucking him real good and talking about his mommy fantasies. He came back about what he said to me yesterday, about losing his virginity to his mom. Oh god….and he gave me this look…you know the one I can’t say no to! I already crossed the line and cheated on my husband here….so I told him I would help him out one last time to lose his virginity. I pulled out my panties and sat on his cock. I started to ride him, but something strange happened. I was fucking him as a favor, but it started to feel really good inside my pussy and I was getting wetter and wetter. I had mixed feelings here! I was enjoying this a bit too much! Then he said he was about to cum, “Omg quick quick, you can’t cum inside baby”, I pulled his cock out of my dripping wet pussy and jerked him off, making him cum over his chest (cumshot not visible, cum all over his chest is visible). “Ok Honey! Go take a shower now and go to bed, we’ll see each other tomorrow!”

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Bettie Bondage – Hot for Teachers Hungry Pussy

Spending the night at teacher’s house…what could go wrong?? She can’t just turn you out, when no one is at home to help you, and you have a broken leg. Of course, she’s on a teacher’s salary, so not exactly the type of place where there’s a guestroom. You’ll just have to share a bed…but then, you can’t go to bed unless your naked. Nether can she. What else is there to do but get under the covers and try to get through the night? It seems like it will pass innocently enough but then…you have this ache. Its a pain, really…in your crotch. You need help! you’re nearly crying! There’s only one thing she knows how to do. Can you keep a secret?

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MelaniesMuffin – Mommy Modeling Days

You play as son. Some how you found some revealing photos of me. I am horrified when I notice that your not wearing pants while viewing them. Despite my best efforts to hide how flattered I am when you tell me I still got it I start to get wet. You offer to take new updated photos of me .. I pose for you telling you that its okay but don’t masteurbate to me. As time goes on I become more and more horny soon not being able to help my self .. I want to suck your cock and ride you.

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Jessica Starling – Catch Mommy Masturbating Riding POV

You just caught mommy rubbing her wet pussy! You won’t tell anyone, will you? You’re not supposed to see this… but mommy is still SO horny. If you promise not to tell anyone, mommy can slide her wet pussy up and down your hard cock…

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Xtasy Girl – Mommy’s A Cowgirl And She Rides Hard

I’m A Horny Mommy In This Hot Cowgirl Vid. I Love Riding A Hard Cock And My Son Has Just The Dick I Want. I Get On And Ride Him And Cum All Over His Cock . Then I Suck His Hard Cock And He Cums All Over His Mommy’s Tits. Cum Check Out This Hot Mommy Taboo Vid. I Wanna Ride Yours To! Cowgirl, Mommy Taboo, Cum On Tits, Mommy Role Play, Taboo , Ride Cock, Suck Cock, Cum Shot, Cock Riding, Xtasy Girl. Cum On Ride Him Cowgirl!

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