Gala MV – Mommy and Son

I’m so sorry my boy for coming into your room like a crazy lady… i know i know im invading your space but GUESS WHAT! Mommy is finally going on a date!! Im hesitating if i should wear this dress.. cum on ba by boy help me decide if this little black dress looks good on me. I take off the towel and you see me, your mom, in a thong and topless from behind. Its not weird.. cum on dont act like youve never seen a woman half naked before. You think I dont know about your search history and all those mommy pornos you watch? I try the dress on and model it for you Then you help mommy get ready. You smell mommys hair, mommys perfume, mommys neck and chest.. does mommy smell good, my b by boy? Ughhhh ba b y boy ill miss you tonight. I left you some dinner prepared ba b y boy, i know youre a big man but you’ll always be mommys boy and ill always feed you well. Kiss me before I go. Oooh I think i felt your BIG hardon… you see mommy in a thong an dress and you get hard! Wow i cant leave you with a big boner. I call my date and cancel on him because something BIG came up and i gotta take care of it if you know what i mean…. (Story + body tease + mommy being hot is about 11 min) I then tease you wiht my feet and heels i can see that COCK LEAKING PRECUM for mommy!! you’re staining your pants and undies… let me put my mommy soft lips on your BIG cock . Let me milk you, you handsome stud (BJ is about 6:30min) Then I want you to fuck my mommy pussy real good (fucking starts after BJ, positions shown in preview, i wish the part of front dildo riding was longer and better, but my dildo kept betraying me lol, however i loved squatting on the dildo and wish to do it more in the future). I even include a little quick foot tease on your big fat juicy cock, quick tease with my hair on your cock, quick panty play on your cock. Fuck this pussy that made you, fuck me RAW, fuck condoms fuck MOMMY RAW, you came out of my womb through my pussy now get in it with your cock. WOW my pussy is so TIGHT and LITTLE how did a BIG HANDSOME STUD like you come out of it? Now cum inside me impregnate me give me your fertile cum my son GET ME PREGNANT fill me up.

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Chloeblossom – Mom Son Chess Affair

You find your mom in her favourite hobby room, you are surprised she is home as she said she was going out. She is dressed up in a dress and heels, she tells you how dad cancelled their date but is still home. You tell her you have been having issues with your girlfriend lately. She says how dad and her had been fighting and now this. She asks what you are up to and if you want to play chess. During the game she accidentally knocks a piece and looks for it, you hide it as she crawls around and you notice her juicy pussy and ass with no panties. You tease her and she says you should be helping! You are getting more and more aroused, you ask if she and you can fuck as it has been a few weeks. She says no, your dad is home, you keep pleading and she says no. You grab her by the thighs and begin eating her pussy, she loves it and is moaning, but pushes you back. You tell her you two can be quiet and you grab her by the thighs again, eating her pussy. Finally, she gives in but is really concerned dad is home and he doesn’t even know you are home either. She fucks you on top, then blurts out how she wants you to fill her pussy and breed her. Shocked, and excited, you tell her you are glad she said that as you would love to impregnate her. Throughout fucking she tells you to be quiet, she is still worried on being caught by dad. Then he is texting her asking her where she is. She ignores his text and keeps fucking you. You fill her pussy full of your warm cum and she asks how will she get cleaned up since dad doesn’t know you are there and she can’t explain why she is full of cum.

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Chloeblossom – Only Mommy Can Help

You go to find your mom who is in her favourite hobby room applying oil, you sneak up on her and slightly startle her. It is early in the morning and you have a raging hard on, you ask her if she can help you. She is reluctant at first and says how dad is in the shower and can’t you do something else to fix your horniness? You say only she can fix it. She says she will only give you a hand job, but no sex. You begin discussing about dad and how most of the time he gets off and your mom doesn’t, how she is used to taking care of others and not receiving anything in return. You love your mom and want to care for her. You offer to fuck her to help her out and she is reluctant. She is getting turned on from giving you a hand job, and asks you to suck on her big breasts. Then she backs off to calm down, she asks if you would eat her out. Then she decides, okay, fine, we can have sex, but only if I am on top. You are NOT allowed to cum inside though, as she is very fertile and dad only uses condoms with her. She rides your cock so well and she has a big orgasm on top, covering her mouth as to be quiet since dad is still in the shower. The sound of her moans sends you over board and you end up unleashing a huge load inside of her. She is startled and tells you how she told you not to cum inside of her, you said you couldn’t help it as she was so hot moaning. She shoos you away to get cleaned up before dad comes in and finds the two of you.

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ScarletEllie – Mommys Morning Suck And Creampie

Your mommy loves your perfect cock. She cant get enough of it. When dad and your brothers are gone for the day your mommy comes into your room and wakes you up with a blowjob. You first cum in her mouth and after she shows it to you she swallows it like a good mommy. Mommy them climbs on tip of you and fucks you so good with her tits bouncing. You Creampie Your mommy and she shows you how much you came for her. Mornings with mommy are the best.

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phatassedangel69 – Mommy Just Cant Resist You

Your mom is frustrated because you haven’t gone to the tailor’s to get your suit fitted for your big event next week. She says it needs to get done today and she will just have to take your measurements here at home. Mommy starts measuring your torso and realizes your shirt is in the way so she tells you it needs to come off. You are reluctant but agree. Your mom is shocked to see how muscular you look! She mentions your abs and body and said she never realized how big you’ve gotten lately. Next she takes leg measurements but has the same issue with the pants, so off they come! You are reluctant but she convinces you that its the only way to get proper measurements. Then mommy sees how big your cock is and can’t help but mention it. She is flustered and is getting turned on. She can’t stop looking at it. She insists that she needs to measure your cock in order to get the fit right and that your boxers must be removed. You really aren’t sure but she tells you to be a good boy and do what Mommy tells you. You take off your boxers and your mom measures your cock, she is getting more and more beside herself seeing your naked body and how big your dick is. She simply cannot help herself and starts kissing and licking your cock even though you are hesitant. She convinces you it’s fine and starts taking her top off while she gives you a sloppy blowjob and also sucks on your balls. Mommy pulls her jeans to her knees and tells you to eat her ass and pussy. Then she tells you she needs you to fuck her. You fuck her in doggystyle, missionary, and then from the side. Mommy begs you to blow your load inside her pussy like a good boy. You do and then you watch every drop drip out of her pussy.

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PrincessBerpl – Submissive Mommy Bikini Fuck

Mommy asks you for your help in keeping her skin young for her trip down to the beach, but instead of using your hands you rub the sunscreen all over with your hard throbbing dick. One thing leads to another and your mommy fully submits to your big fat cock. You even get to blow your load deep inside.

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Kelly Payne – Lonely and Horny Mom

You are sitting at the table eating breakfast when your stepmom comes in ranting about how she cannot find her phone. She is clearly in a bad mood and you do your best to ignore her. She tells you she is late and when you tell her its already 9am she flips out. Telling you how its your fault she is late, you keep bringing home all those bimbo sluts over in the middle of the night and she cannot get any naps with all the moaning going on. She threatens to tell your father if you do not stop, and storms out of the room. The next day she is on the phone with your dad excited for him to finally be home and take her out, but he tells her he is not coming home until next weekend and ends the call quite quickly. That evening she is trying to nap but cannot, because you’re clearly fucking another one of your skanks, the moaning drives her crazy. The next day she is taking a nap in her underwear on the sofa, maybe on purpose? You notice right away and check her out while she naps. She wakes up and notices you watching her, she has been frustrated and so horny lately she starts putting her hand in her underwear and playing with herself. Your kind of shocked and not sure how to respond, resistant at first… she is your stepmom. Your easily persuaded as she strokes your cock, sucks you and lays down and invites you to fill her with your cum. You fuck her in multiple positions right there on the sofa until you fill her pussy with your cum, and then she tells you how you wont be inviting over any more of your little skanks, because you’ll be fucking her instead… and if you refuse she’ll tell your father what we did.

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Rachel Steele – Cam MILF Next Door

Rachel Steele is a porn actress working from home. After a long day of making boys cum in her bedroom studio she wants a real cock to play with. The neighborhood is full of studs for her choosing. Once she has her cock she takes him to her studio. Enjoy as Rachel makes this one cum in real time ! She strokes, teases, and rides him till he cuts deep inside hereto , horny, milf pussy.

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Kelly Payne – Dog Cleans Mom and Sons Cum

Mommy is relaxing at home browsing on her phone and notices you watching her. She asks what’s up? And you tell her you want to show her something… it’s the old video he said he’s delete of mommy with the dog. She’s upset and asks why you didn’t get rid of it… you tell her you want to watch. She refuses but you keep pushing her, we’ve already done it and you tell her you really want to watch. Eventually with some pressure from you and your recorded video she caves and decides to let you watch the dog lick her pussy. You then push her to bend over and let you watch the dog fuck you, she again resists but eventually gives in to what your asking. After the dog finishes your so turned on you pull your mom close and fuck her hard until you give her a huge creampie… You tell her you want to watch the dog lick your cum from her pussy… she resists again but again she gives in, and you watch as the dog licks your cum from your moms pussy.

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XxNaughtyGirlxX – When Dads Away Mommy Will Play

Your Dad has left down for the week and you come into Mommys room in the morning for a cuddle. It starts to get a little hot in the room so she takes off her robe which drives you mad with curiousity.. She lets you touch her even though this is so wrong…

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