Taboo Fantasy – Crystal Knights Family Album

Scene 1: A Mothers Work Is Never Done
It seems that A Mother’s work Is Never Done!! As Crystal is busy cleaning and dusting in her living room….she turns around to discover a disturbing image….her young Son is watching her….and Jerking-Off to her!! This is one of the challenges a Hot Mom faces, when raising young boys. Crystal knows that her Son is easily distracted at his age by attractive females….and although she would prefer that he masturbate to something…or somebody else….she understands his “situation”…so Crystal allows her Son to Jerk-Off to her….but, since his sister will be coming home soon….Mom tells him that he needs to hurry up. To help him “finish”….Crystal strips while she continues to do her housework….so the he can see her naked body….and finish Jerking-Off before his Sister gets home and catches him.

Scene 2: Jerking-Off To Mom
Crystal is a Mom who knows how to get things done!! When her young Son has slacked off on doing his chores….Crystal knows just what to do. She calls her Son into the living room to confront him about his lack of “focus”…and makes a deal with him. Crystal understands that boys his age are preoccupied with sex…all the time….all day, every day. She also knows that she is a smoking hot MILF, and that her Son jerks off to her while she is showering….so she decides to “barter” with her horny young Son. She agrees to strip and let him masturbate to her…in exchange for him actually doing his chores!! Crystal takes off one piece of clothing at a time, while her Son feverishly jerks-off until he blows a load for Mommy. Now, it’s time to mow the lawn!!

Scene 3: Stop Jerking Off To Your Sister
When Crystal gets a complaint from her Daughter….she takes it seriously….and resorts to “drastic” measures!! Her Daughter was upset that her Brother was masturbating while he spied on her!! Crystal’s Daughter is young…and was completely freaked out by the site of her Brother Whacking-Off to her. So…Mom calls her Son into her room, and tells him that he must Stop Jerking-Off To his Sister!! Mom, however, understands “why” he is doing it. It’s not that he’s “in love” with his Sister…’s that boys his age are full of raging hormones…and that they are turned on by the site of any female. Mom offers to let him masturbate to her instead!!! Mom slowly strips out of her clothes, and gives her Son a good “inspiration” for his chronic masturbation habit. He must have really been turned on by his naked Mother….because he blows a big load for Mommy!!

Scene 4: Spying On Mom
Crystal is just out of the shower, and is in her bedroom rubbing lotion on her body. The door is slightly ajar….but Crystal did NOT expect to see what she witnessed as she looked out in the hallway! Her young Son was standing out there….pants around his ankles….Spying on her and masturbating!!! Crystal immediately covered herself up with a towel….and asked her hormone crazy Son to get his ass in there…and she demanded to know why he was jerking-off to his own Mother. Crystal was partially disgusted…but also partially flattered that a young boy his age would find her attractive enough to masturbate to! Crystal invited him to watch her finish putting lotion on her naked body….and she also said she would allow him to finish masturbating while he watches. Crystal even gives the young boy masturbation encouragement…and tells him that this episode must remain their little secret….and that if he tells anybody about it…she will take away his video games and his comic books!

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