Bettie Bondage – Hubby Cucked by Big Dick Son

I’ve been waiting to tell you the truth for so long…about your father…about where you got that big, fat cock of yours…

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Ashley Alban – Sis Wants Your Big Dick

You’re on summer break from college and you take a vacation to visit your older step-sister in the city. She’s excited to show you around and have a good time now that you’re old enough to go out. Since you’re tired from traveling you go to bed early the first night. While you’re snoozing she sneaks into your room. You’ve grown up a lot since she’s last seen you and she is very curious about just how much you’ve grown. She pulls down the covers to take a peek at your dick. You must have been having a nice dream because your cock is rock hard. She can’t help herself when she sees your boner, and she begins to touch and lick your dick. You wake up, confused but aroused, and she explains that her boyfriend’s size doesn’t compare. You express concern because you know you’re going to have to see him everyday, and she assures you it’s ok. She calls her boyfriend into the bedroom, and shows him how big you are. She tells her boyfriend that she knows he always wanted to see her with a bigger dick, so this is the perfect opportunity. She continues to suck you while her boyfriend watches. You get more turned on that she’s humiliating him while devouring your cock. Before long she says that she needs to feel your big dick inside of her. She straddles you and your dick slides right into her wet pussy. She rides you for a bit but then wants you to take control and show her boyfriend how a real man fucks. You get her on her back to fuck her missionary, and then get her on all fours for doggie. Her pussy feels so good, and once she cums she gives you a countdown while she shakes her ass so you can cum all over it. After, she says that the three of you are going to have a great time together.

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Missbehavin26 – Cuckolding My Son With His Bully Pt 2

Script: Hi, I ordered the cuckolding mom/bully video this is part 2 of that one No blackmail, no humiliation similar style. This one I want to only see the side view (no need for PoV camera) You’re glad your son enjoys watching his mom suck cock, in fact you’re glad your son enjoys it. Dad is okay with it as well, and you often have them over for dinner so your son can watch his mom suck cock while dad takes care of the dishes or whatever (again nothing is behind his back) No need for any teasing, just nice beautiful cocksucking that you do excellently Clothing, please be vibrantly sexy, hard color (blue or red or black, look sexy with hair done beautifully)

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Missbehavin26 – Cuckolding My Son With His Bully

Script: As my son u come home early to find ur mother getting banged by your school friend and as ur watching u start jerking off….she starts looking at u licking her lips and winking…even referring to u as she is getting fucked by your friend. The next day , mother sits down with you to tell u how much she enjoyed all of it and cant get enough of you ! She says she will even wear the nude stalkings for you like you liked the day before ….now sit down on the floor and jerk off for me (joi) while i strip to a sensual song over you and later ill lower myself down on your cock ! Ill tell u pretty exciting things a mother should never tell her son and also do a few things…she shouldnt be doing.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom JOI Watching Mom Have Sex With BBC

script: You come into my room with just a dressing gown on. Were you watching mummy with that man. I was watching mum fuck a young black man. You beg that I don’t tell dad, you see im hard, you ask if ive ever wanked before. I haven’t, make a deal you will show me how to wank my willy if I don’t tell dad. I do what mum says, your telling me how to wank, you wont touch me. Just follow your instructions. Your getting turned on you undress, you tell me what it felt like fucking a young black guy with a massive dick. You loved it. Your pussy is still full of his cum, you taste it while im wanking. I wank faster for my mum, I cum hard over myself, you tell me good boys taste there cum, I do.

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Missbehavin26 – Cuckolding Sons Small Cock With Friend

Script: 1. The scene starts with you naked on your back getting fucked by your son, you seem bored with me fucking you with my small cock, you seduced me into fucking you once I caught you fucking my bully in pt.1 and that’s why you let me fuck you in the first place so I don’t tell dad. 2. On your bed, after finishing fucking you, you confessed to me that you’re enjoying getting fucked by my friends way more than with me, but I’m always around you and you don’t have enough time to hang out with my friends, you ask me if It’s ok to invite my best friend over (he already fucked you before 1m times) and have sex in front of me? I agreed, but you first have to let my best friend know that I’m your cuckold son. You call him and you invite him over. In the spare bedroom we all sit together (Tell my best friend that It’s ok with me to watch you getting fucked). I sit by the door like pt.1 watching you getting fucked by my best friend. Tell me that my mom is a whore and can’t get enough of my young friends big dicks. Watch me in the eye and talk to me about how my cock is not big enough to satisfy you. Then, you allow my friend to fuck you in the ass. You are not hurt, you actually enjoying it. 5. My friend leaves, It’s my turn to fuck you in the ass, Please note to always say: “your mother, your mom and your mommy when referring to your body’s part”. POV for all the above scenes.

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Sweetkiss_69 – You Want To Fuck The Pussy That Made You

Oh look how hard you are at the pussy that made you. You should be over joyed that all your friends want to fuck me. Do you want to sit in the corner and watch him fuck me while you stroke your young cock?

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Kelly Payne – Moms Cuckold Punishment

Mom’s in her room reading and you come in with a friend, she asks what you want and who’s your new friend. Hesitant at first, you share your intentions. You and mom share special times together, and you thought id be fun to include your friend. Though you haven’t quite thought this through… as Mom reminds you the rules. Your not supposed to tell anyone about your special time with mom, and you definitely should have talked to her before assuming she’d just fuck you and your friend. Mom decides as a punishment she’ll fuck your friend while you watch. Your punishment is to only enjoy and use your hand (POV son’s viewpoint). Mommy teases you while she strokes, sucks, fucks and enjoys your friends cock. Eventually wanting both you and your friend to cum for mommy, she encourages your friend to cum deep inside her. Afterwards offering to fuck you both, as long as you both stay silent, and are respectful.

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Nikki Brooks in Free Use Stepmom Vol 2

Scene One: Deep Tissue Massage
My step-mom calls me in to the living room and she tells me that her back is really hurting! “Can you please give me a back massage and I’ll give you $10!” my step-mom asks me. I really don’t want to massage her but I could use the money! She starts to pull her dress up and she tells me that it will be easier to massage her lower back and her ass that way. “Step-Mom! Why aren’t you wearing any underwear?!” I ask her. “Because I am in my own home! Just massage me, please!” she begs. I keep rubbing her ass cheeks and she tells me that I am doing a great job. I can feel my cock starting to get hard so I pull my cock out and I rub it on her ass cheeks and in between her ass cheeks. She doesn’t realize what I am doing yet! I grab a bottle of lube and I tell her that it’s just massage lotion. I pour the lube on her pussy and all over my hard cock! I shove my cock in her pussy and I tell her that I’m just doing a deep tissue massage. “Honey… I think you have your fingers… umm… never mind! It feels good!” she moans. I keep fucking her pussy from behind and she keeps moaning louder. When I am done, I take my cock out of my step-mom and she tells me that I can take a $20 bill out of her purse since I did a great job!

Scene Two: Birthday Blowjob
“Happy birthday, baby!” my step-mom says as she walks in to my bedroom. “I have a present for you!” she tells me. She tells me that she pre-ordered some video games for me but it will take up to 2 weeks to arrive! She says that until the new video games come, I can play some games with her. She takes her hand and she starts to rub her hand over my cock on top of my boxers. She pulls my hard cock out and she starts to give my cock kisses. I can’t believe I am about to get a birthday blowjob from my step-mom! “I want you to cum for the first time from having your pee-pee played with!” she tells me. She shoves my cock in her mouth and she sucks my cock and licks it up and down. She pulls her big, natural tits out from under her lingerie and then she keeps sucking my cock. I end up cumming in her mouth and she swallows all of my cum! “Well, happy birthday to you!!” she exclaims.

Scene Three: Impregnating My Step-Mom
I walk in to the living room to find my step-mom wearing a black, sheer onesie and a glass of red wine in her hand. She pulls her onesie off and she sits on the edge of the couch, completely naked. She starts to question me about the massage that I gave her the other day. “What did you really use with that massage?! Was it really your thumb?” she asks me. “Would you like me to show you what I used?” I asked her. She tells me to show her what I used so I pull my hard cock out of my pants. She leans back on the couch and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position first. “I had a feeling you used your cock!” she exclaims. “I want you to dump your load inside of step-mommy,” she moans. I am not ready to cum yet so I tell her to get in to the doggystyle position next. I fuck her pussy as her big ass bounces up and down. When I get close to cumming, I tell her to go on her back again. I fuck her pussy until I cum inside of her! I pull out and I watch the cum start to drip out of her. “I’m trying to hold as much of your seed inside of me!” she says. I run off to go shower…

Scene Four: Step Mom Teaches Me How To Last Longer
My step-mom comes in to my bedroom and I tell her that I found some pictures of Aunt Cory on the internet. “You know I told you how Aunt Cory is a free spirit…” my step-mom starts to tell me. “She likes to travel the world and experience new people!” she exclaims. She is trying to avoid telling me the truth about my aunt! She changes the subject and she tells me that she doesn’t want me to become addicted to cumming! She pulls my cock out and she slowly starts to lick my cock up and down. She talks about edging my cock and she strokes my cock and then she stops doing it. She tells me that this should help make me appreciate her stroking my cock more, now that I know what it feels like when she stops! Then she hops on top of me and she starts to ride my cock. “When you’re ready, I want you to cum all over step-mommy’s face!” she tells me. She hops off of my cock and then she starts to stroke my cock again. “I am teaching you about edging, remember?!” she asks me. Then she hops back on top of my cock and continues to ride me. When I finally am allowed to cum, I take my cock out of her pussy and I jerk my cock off on her face and in her mouth.

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Butt3rflyforu – Moms Pussy Was Gangbanged

You waited up for mommy to come and tell you all about her hot Friday night evening with 4 of your school friends. Mommy has quite the reputation at your school! You love hearing about how many of your friends got to feel your mommy’s tight, wet pussy. Mommy craves young cock, but you know you are her favorite. Mommy likes to come home and tell you all about the night and how many creampies she took bareback!!! This time there were 4 of your friends!!! I literally have so much cum dripping from my pussy…but honey, you know you love it when I tell you how it all went down and you get to end my evening with sliding your bare cock inside me, and yes that squishing you hear is the sound of all the young boys’ cum that is left inside mommy. Now slide your bare cock in me and leave the 5th load!

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