Chloeblossom – The Fertility Statue

Mom asks to crawl into bed with you after a big fight with dad, she reveals to you they have been trying to conceive with no luck. Your dad orders a weird fertility statue for your mom and it doesn’t work, you overhear her yelling at dad and she is upset again. She asks to nap in your bed again. After a short bit, she becomes entranced with you. She shoves you down and begins aggressively kissing you. You fuck cowgirl and missionary. With lots of impregnation, cucking dad and praising you dirty talk. She is OBSESSED with you. After she cums twice on your cock, you fill her womb up with cum, then dad walks in! She begins yelling at him how much of a loser he is with his shrimp useless dick and how from now on you, the son are the man of the house. How dad is never going to have pussy ever again and can only be let out of a room to watch you and mom fuck. She says she wants a divorce and she is moving you the son into the main bedroom. She says how the fertility statue was CLEARLY in the wrong room before. You begin fucking again in the main bedroom cowgirl and doggy, you fill her up the same time she cums.

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Chloeblossom – Mom Son Chess Affair

You find your mom in her favourite hobby room, you are surprised she is home as she said she was going out. She is dressed up in a dress and heels, she tells you how dad cancelled their date but is still home. You tell her you have been having issues with your girlfriend lately. She says how dad and her had been fighting and now this. She asks what you are up to and if you want to play chess. During the game she accidentally knocks a piece and looks for it, you hide it as she crawls around and you notice her juicy pussy and ass with no panties. You tease her and she says you should be helping! You are getting more and more aroused, you ask if she and you can fuck as it has been a few weeks. She says no, your dad is home, you keep pleading and she says no. You grab her by the thighs and begin eating her pussy, she loves it and is moaning, but pushes you back. You tell her you two can be quiet and you grab her by the thighs again, eating her pussy. Finally, she gives in but is really concerned dad is home and he doesn’t even know you are home either. She fucks you on top, then blurts out how she wants you to fill her pussy and breed her. Shocked, and excited, you tell her you are glad she said that as you would love to impregnate her. Throughout fucking she tells you to be quiet, she is still worried on being caught by dad. Then he is texting her asking her where she is. She ignores his text and keeps fucking you. You fill her pussy full of your warm cum and she asks how will she get cleaned up since dad doesn’t know you are there and she can’t explain why she is full of cum.

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Chloeblossom – Only Mommy Can Help

You go to find your mom who is in her favourite hobby room applying oil, you sneak up on her and slightly startle her. It is early in the morning and you have a raging hard on, you ask her if she can help you. She is reluctant at first and says how dad is in the shower and can’t you do something else to fix your horniness? You say only she can fix it. She says she will only give you a hand job, but no sex. You begin discussing about dad and how most of the time he gets off and your mom doesn’t, how she is used to taking care of others and not receiving anything in return. You love your mom and want to care for her. You offer to fuck her to help her out and she is reluctant. She is getting turned on from giving you a hand job, and asks you to suck on her big breasts. Then she backs off to calm down, she asks if you would eat her out. Then she decides, okay, fine, we can have sex, but only if I am on top. You are NOT allowed to cum inside though, as she is very fertile and dad only uses condoms with her. She rides your cock so well and she has a big orgasm on top, covering her mouth as to be quiet since dad is still in the shower. The sound of her moans sends you over board and you end up unleashing a huge load inside of her. She is startled and tells you how she told you not to cum inside of her, you said you couldn’t help it as she was so hot moaning. She shoos you away to get cleaned up before dad comes in and finds the two of you.

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Chloeblossom – A Mommy Method for Sons Bullies

Hey son! Sorry to wake you up but I just HAVE great news to tell you! I am just so excited. Remember your three bullies? Mommy took care of ALL of them and none of them will ever bother you again. How did I do it? Aw, you are so naughty, I am not sure if I should tell you! Well, okay, if you insist. I know you love my stories! I made a deal with all three of them. Your first bully, that one calls you names all the time? Mommy came to his place and his cock was raging in his jeans already, so I took him to the couch and I sat on his face and made him eat me out, let me show you on this pillow here. I told him I was going to make a deal with him that he had to leave my son alone and I would come and help his cock out every week. I held his arms down like this and I rode his face, he was begging for me to let him cum. I wanted to have my fun though! I came all over his face like this and I stroked his cock twice and he exploded in my hand. Then I got up and I left him there! Cum all over his pants and my pussy juices all over his face. The next day… Okay, that second bully, the one who is always taking your lunch money? Well here is some money! And THIS is just the start of it, he is going to pay every week for mommy to do that thing you love with my tongue. He was tricky to deal with but you know mommy, she has her ways. Let me show you on this dildo how I sucked his cock son. Your cock is so much better though, stroke your cock while I show you how I sucked him son. Now, that third bully, he was even more difficult, you know the one who likes to hit you? He was hard to even convince to meet me, but I get it now, cause he REALLY likes me son. I gave him a quick hand Job, like this, I promised him more. Stroke your cock to the same rhythm as me son. I told him if he left my son alone we could elevate our courtship. He’s such a fucking idiot to think he will date me! I gave him a nice hand job like this, he told me it was the best hand job of his life! And…then when he was about to cum, I left him there!! I said I had to go, I got dressed. Hehe, mommy is so mean. I would NEVER do such a thing to you, son. I know you are ready to burst right now though, let mommy take care of you. Mommy wants to suck your gorgeous cock and have you cum in my mouth. Let me suck that cock and fill this tiny mouth up. I love your cock SO much!

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Miss Switch – Mom Fucks Sons Bully

You work with her son, but she invites you over to try and get you to cease the bullying of him. After you arrive, she invites you in. Offering you money that you decline, she begins offering you anything to have you leave her son alone. You suggest she show you her underwear, and she agrees reluctantly. However, you don’t stop there. You continue until she is completely naked. You tell her your last request is to make you cum, but she says she is married and her son will be home any minute. However, when she pulls your cock out, she realizes you are even bigger than her husband, and she gets excited. Sucking it enthusiastically, she eventually gets ontop of you to make you cum faster. Moving into missionary shortly after, her son catches her fucking her bully! You continue fucking her, as she casually greets her son with your cock inside of her. She tells her son to watch, as she knows he is attracted to her and can learn a thing or two. Finally, the bully cums inside of the mom, bringing a big smile to her face as she shows off her creampie to her son. At least now he won’t be bullied at work anymore.

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ScarletEllie – Fuck Son Cuck Dad Virtual Sex

Mother and son are in love and have been having been sex for a while behind father’s back, eventually revealing their relationship to him and kicking him out of the marital bedroom. He is made to toin to go into the son’s old room. The father is made to watch them have sex, while the mother praises her son (having a bigger dick, being a better man, etc.), while also degrading and humiliating the father. The mother even talks about getting pregnant with her son.

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Taboo Girl – Mom and Son Cuckold Dad

It’s my birthday and you forget again. It’s not that you don’t love me, you are just so busy and away for work a lot. We don’t have sex much anymore- your sex life has become your hand and I am left horny and desperate at the peak of my sexuality. Since it’s my birthday I should get the gift that I want most. I convince you it’ll be good for our marriage and make us all happy again. I need a man at his peak to fuck me while you watch and jerk off to your wife being satisfied by another man. But not just any man, I have had my eye on our son and now that he’s 18 it’s my chance. You reluctantly agree to my demands. I change into sexy black lace lingerie and son walks in-that’s how I planned it. I seduce him as you sit in the corner and watch. After a successful seduction, I demand that son get his cock in me and fuck me. He has a big gorgeous cock at it’s prime, unlike your measly little thing! You watch as I get satisfied and orgasm hard. But you still need a release. I make you come on you knees by the bed and eat all of your son’s cum dripping out of my pussy. It makes me so horny and I cum again squirting and queefing into your mouth.

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Bettie Bondage – Hubby Cucked by Big Dick Son

I’ve been waiting to tell you the truth for so long…about your father…about where you got that big, fat cock of yours…

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Ashley Alban – Sis Wants Your Big Dick

You’re on summer break from college and you take a vacation to visit your older step-sister in the city. She’s excited to show you around and have a good time now that you’re old enough to go out. Since you’re tired from traveling you go to bed early the first night. While you’re snoozing she sneaks into your room. You’ve grown up a lot since she’s last seen you and she is very curious about just how much you’ve grown. She pulls down the covers to take a peek at your dick. You must have been having a nice dream because your cock is rock hard. She can’t help herself when she sees your boner, and she begins to touch and lick your dick. You wake up, confused but aroused, and she explains that her boyfriend’s size doesn’t compare. You express concern because you know you’re going to have to see him everyday, and she assures you it’s ok. She calls her boyfriend into the bedroom, and shows him how big you are. She tells her boyfriend that she knows he always wanted to see her with a bigger dick, so this is the perfect opportunity. She continues to suck you while her boyfriend watches. You get more turned on that she’s humiliating him while devouring your cock. Before long she says that she needs to feel your big dick inside of her. She straddles you and your dick slides right into her wet pussy. She rides you for a bit but then wants you to take control and show her boyfriend how a real man fucks. You get her on her back to fuck her missionary, and then get her on all fours for doggie. Her pussy feels so good, and once she cums she gives you a countdown while she shakes her ass so you can cum all over it. After, she says that the three of you are going to have a great time together.

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