Mona Wales – Waking Your Mom Up To Fuck Her

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I love fucking my son too much to let the little things… like your and my husband being in the bed next to me to stop me from servicing your hard cock… You cant go to bed with an erection that big anyway and what kind of mother would I be if i just let you rub it out on your own and stain your sheets. Let mommy suck your cock, fuck you and even let you cum in her ass. I told you I would fuck you anytime and anywhere… let me prove how much i love you.

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NicoleBelle – Lose Your Virginity To Ur Mommy

My son has returned from college for the break, and I could tell that something was bothering him. The next two days he was in and out of the house and did not reply to any of my questions, or his fathers on what was going on. I decide to go to my son’s bedroom, after some coaxing on my end he finally comes clean about what’s been bothering him: his dick is “TOO BIG for the girls at school and that he is still a virgin.”I don’t believe him and I ask him to show me his cock. And “WOW THAT THING IS ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE!” I am stunned by the sight of his cock! And I start to feel some things and crave for his cock. He asks me what do I think of his cock and if I could help him.. One thing leads to another and before I know it i am helping him…sucking his cock in the beginning before becoming a full passionate sex scene… His father returns from work hears noises in his son’s bedroom and stands at the door, watching as their son is fucking his mother. He can’t believe it but is enjoying what he is seeing, but he lets his irresistible naughty wife enjoy that massive cock. And it seems that this will not be the last time either..

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Pregnant Kelly – Confessing Pregnant Mom Turns You On

Your mom decides it’s time to come clean, she’s ten weeks pregnant and the father is your bully and she is starting to show. She can’t keep sneaking around and hiding her love affair with your old bully. Mom sits you down to have a talk with you and confess she’s not only pregnant but who the father is. To her surprise you already know!? Turns out you have a confession to make of your own… you’ve been listening outside the door and jerking off. Mom is relieved your not upset, and gets curious, asking more questions and teasing you talking about what he does to her. She notices your boner and things escalate into mom giving you details about how he fucks her and what he does to her, all while encouraging you to stroke your cock while she teases and strokes you. She brings herself to a couple squirting orgasms before encouraging you to cum and sucking your cock until you fill her mouth with your cum. Making promises in the future if you stay a good boy maybe you’ll even get to watch him fuck her in person.

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Sloansmoans – Mommy’s Cum Eating Cuck

The scene begins with you sneaking into my room as I’m having sex. I’m riding my lover and begging for his cum when I see you out of the corner of my eye. I don’t stop fucking him and I don’t tell you to leave, I keep going and let you watch me. You think I won’t mention it, but after he leaves, I call you into my room and confront you. I’m upset and can’t believe that I have to scold you for watching me have sex. I tell you how wrong it is, how disgusting it is. But then I notice you getting hard as I berate you. This makes it clear to me who you really are: my cum eating cuck. You were destined to clean me up and eat the cum out of my pussy after I fuck whomever I please. I degrade you and dominate you verbally until I tell you to get on your knees and eat the cum out of my pussy now. I continue to dirty talk and humiliate you as you eat up all the cum and when you’re finished I see how hard you are and I know you want to release. I give you a handjob and tease you by being cruel and reminding you how pathetic you are. I decide to give you a countdown from 10-1 so you can explode. I remind you of what you are and what you’re good for: only eating the cum out of my pussy. Will I get to 1? Will I let you cum?…

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Sloansmoans – Tasting Mommy In Front Of Sis

I walk in to find you, my son, upset and crying because lo and behold your sister has been being a bitch to you once again. I scold her and move to console you. I ask you why she’s teasing you and I find out that it’s because you haven’t kissed a girl yet. I decide to take things into my own hands… and make your sister watch. I berate her as I kiss you and my kisses quickly become sloppier as I drool and spit in and on your mouth. You’re so hard from kissing mommy and your sister begins to make accusations about how wrong this is but I quickly write her off. I present my tits to you and spit on them and ask you to lick it all off. You suck my tits and lick up mommy’s spit like a good boy. i use the “I” word to describe our actions and I decide to put your cock inside me as I kiss you and make you cum without even moving… mommy’s kisses are enough to bring you all the pleasure you’ll need…

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Tattooed Temptress – Mommy Reluctantly Fucks Your Bully

Son, please don’t be upset, Mommy asked your bully to come over so she could reason with him. It breaks my heart to see you so upset day after day because of a bully. Your bully agreed to stop picking on you if I let him fuck me while you watch. Mommy’s not too excited about it, but she’s gonna do it for you. While watching your bully pound your mom in doggy, she notices your boner. Seriously?! You’re cock is getting hard to this? Mommy can’t believe she raised a cuck! You pull it out and start to stroke it. Your mom is so disgusted, but she lets you and your bully both finish, she sucks your cock to help you cum all over mommys tits. But that doesn’t stop her from being disappointed in you.

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Miss Malorie Switch – Mom Cucks Dad With Son

Your wife confesses she has been fucking you two’s son for a long time. After confessing, she makes you stroke your cock, watching as his tiny cock fucks her pussy, cumming inside of his mommy. Now, it’s time for you to get sloppy seconds, fucking your wife’s pussy, using your son’s cum as lube, and cumming inside of her alongside your son.

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Alex Bishop – Cock Hungry MILF

Honey it’s so nice you invited your friend over for dinner finally, but I overheard you telling him I’m a cock hungry MILF. That wasn’t very nice. I knew you wanted to fuck me ever since you got here. Here let’s fuck at the dinner table while my cuck son watches. Come back this weekend and we’ll have more fun. Don’t forget to tell everyone at school that you fucked your friends mom. My perverted son loves it. And feel free to bring other guys over too. I can’t get enough cock. Here honey lick this jizz off my ass.

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Iamyetti – Bully Fucks Hot Mom

You walk in on your mom with your bully, and it’s completely what it looks like: they were just getting it on. Your mom is conflicted, but tells you the truth. Your bully wants to tie you up and fuck your mom right in front of you. Your mom attempts to break up the fight, but ultimately your bully rails her anyway.. but entertains your mom by not tying you up.. you’re already crying anyway. Your mom gets upset with you for being upset and making her feel bad for getting dick. She acts stupid as if she doesn’t understand why you’d be upset because you weren’t upset before when you walked in on her with your teacher. Finally, your mom encourages you to seek revenge on your bully to make her feel better about herself for being such a whore… do you do it?

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RheaSweet – Mother And Sons Affair

I was standing in the kitchen when my son approached me concerned about how stressed I seemed. He offered to give me a massage and I gladly accepted. He started rubbing my shoulders and I couldn’t help but let out little moans of pleasure with how great it felt. I was enjoying the massage when I felt something starting to poke my back. I move to look and notice that my son has a boner. Immediately I move away and demand to know why my son has a boner while massaging his mother! He tells me that he couldn’t help it. I tell my son how inappropriate that is and that he can’t have those thoughts ever again. A few days later I was getting ready to go out to dinner with my friends, my sons father had all ready left to see his when my son blocks my path. He is looking at me like he is going to bend me over right there and take me. I tell him to knock it off but instead he pulls me in close, pulls my shirt down and starts running his hands up my skirt. I pull away knowing its wrong and knowing its even more wrong that I liked it. I can’t hold back anymore and fall into my sons arms, kissing him deeply and passionately. There’s no more holding back. My fingers slide down my sons chest to his pants unbuckling them and pulling his cock out. Finally getting to see my sons cock for the first time in so long. My hand grabs around it and I realize just how huge his cock is. My eyes go wide, I’m in awe. There’s no way I can fit that inside of my mouth! Why does that turn me on so much? I have to know what he taste like, I have to feel his huge cock inside of me. The next day my son approaches me in the kitchen asking me what I thought of our time together the night before. I feel so ashamed of myself. How could I be such a terrible mother and have let my son fuck me? What if his father found out? There’s no way I’m letting that happen again. My son comforts me and calms my worry. He tells me how much he enjoyed it and that he would never let anyone find out. My sons loving words remind me of how much I did enjoy the night with him. I try to push away the thoughts but my son can tell and pulls me into him. He kisses me, passionately then pushes me against the wall. I come to my senses and try to resist but its to late, my son is on his knees moving my panties to the side. He moves closer to my pussy and starts licking mommy’s clit. I can’t resist how good it feels. I lose myself in the feeling of my sons tongue moving back and forth over my clit. Before long I start begging for his huge cock inside of me. I don’t want to wait another minute for him to stretch my pussy again. My son bends me over and slides his huge cock inside of me making me erupt in moaning. I get so close to cumming but tell him to stop so I can face him while we both cum. I urge my son to push his cock as deep inside of me as he can and fill my pussy with his cum.

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