Kimberly Kane – Mommy Creampie Training

Mommy wants to talk to you. Mommy heard you were going out on a date tonight, and you know Step-Mommy doesn’t like that. You know Mommy is the best that you’re ever going to have… So Step-Mommy is going to drain you to remind you who your cum belongs to.

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ScarletEllie – Moms Cum Fetish Blowjob Titfuck

Mommy has an insatiable thirst for cum. Daddy is away on business and she needs her fill. Mommy needs your cum so much. She begs to suck your huge cock . She shows you all of her deep throat skills and ruins all her makeup. So slippery she titty fucks your cock perfectly. She lets you explode in her mouth then plays with the cum in totally ecstasy.

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Lucy Alexandra – Impregnate Mommy

I had a romantic night planned for myself and your dad! He’s not here, I’ve had a few too many and I’m in need of your seed! Give Mommy a baby now you’re all grown up and don’t need me anymore!!! I need all your loads.. fuck me, let me push it deep inside.. I’m fertile and ready..

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MollySnacks – Mommy Makes You Cum

Sweetie, mommy is sick and tired of cleaning up your messes. You cum all over everything! I understand that you have urges, and that’s fine. But, mommy wants to teach you the proper way to take care of those urges. Mommy is going to help that horny cock of yours cum. Mommy is going to stroke you off and rub her perfect titties all over your big dick. Eventually, mommy lets you cum right into her hand. Mommy jerks you off, rubs your cock on her tits and helps you cum, you fill her hand with your load!

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Emmas Secret Life – Make Mommys Mouth Your Cum Dump

I have noticed lately that my son has been cumming a lot more than normal. What kind of a mother would I be if I didn’t help my son with his swollen balls? So I surprise him by wearing lingerie and explaining to him that my mouth will now be his personal cumdump. I tell him how much I would love to be his jizz target and that I will be going on a sperm diet and I will eat his cum for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and if I’m lucky have a late night snack! I beg him for his cum and he shoots a massive load in my mouth. He says his balls feel much better, I’m such a good mother!

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Bettie Bondage – Your Jealous Mother Drains Your Cock

Last night, you got caught with a girl in your bed. So you’re not surprised when your mother comes into your room in the morning, looking to talk. Dad’s sort of the hammer, while Mom is the one to be a bit more gentle, interpreting his anger for you. This morning, though, it seems a little different. For starters, she’s wearing nearly nothing. Her shirt is totally see through. You can see her prominent nipples through the sheer pink fabric. Your cock is already hard, from your blue balls last night and the morning wood you wake with each day, but this is setting you over the edge. You try to focus on her words but something seems…flirty? No, that can’t be. But yes, you think, it is. She’s…flirting. She’s showing off her body, you’re almost sure of it. And when she calls the girl you had over a slut, you realize something else: your mother is jealous. She’s jealous of the girl you had over, the way you were touching her. You mother admits it, too, admits that she wanted to be the one beneath you, your hands all over her. Then, she reaches under the covers for your still raging cock. You try to push her away but you know that you want it as bad as she does. She knows it too. She’s stroking your cock, looking right into your eyes, asking you if you’ve ever had a blowjob… and like that, your mother is on her knees, giving you the first cock-sucking of your life! You’re looking down at her pretty blue eyes, her pouty mouth, as she strokes you with the lube you keep next to your bed for jerking off. It’s all so much to take in, and take it in she does! All the way down her throat, she takes your cock, bringing you to the edge near-instantly, backing off and stroking, dirty talking you until you’ve built up a huge load. You thrust your hips into your mother’s mouth. She pulls off only to beg for your cum before throating you again, milking a huge load into her tight, wet, hot, mouth. She shows you how much you’ve cum, playing with your load, savoring her son’s seed. What a wake up call!

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Download Bettie Bondage - Jealous Mom Drains Your Dick.mp4

Kelly Payne – Girlfriends Mommy Fetish Surprise

Last week you confided in your girlfriend a “special” story between you and your mom. You were camping with your mom alone and you saw her undress from her nightgown, she dropped something and as she bent over you reached out and grabbed her ass, you couldn’t resist. Your mom talked to you about it and it ultimately led to a one-night thing where you fucked your own mom. You confessed to your GF to still having a strong mommy fetish and asked if she’d be interested in roleplay, she doesn’t respond the way you hoped and let it go. Video starts with your girlfriend’s hands over your eyes, she has a big surprise for you she’s extremely excited about. She’s done her best to recreate that camping trip and tells you she wants to fulfill your fantasy. She’s even borrowed the same exact nightgown & panty set your mom wore that night. She starts off teasing you, repeating back small details of that night reassuring you that tonight mommy desires your cock and wants you to fill all of mommy’s holes. She has you stroke your cock while she brings herself to a squirting orgasm, not being able to take anymore teasing you have to have mommy you pull her close and fuck her deep and hard, Cumming deep inside her. You tell her you want her to play with her pussy and cum out your jizz, excusing yourself for a moment and returning with “your moms vibrator” hesitant at first… wondering why you have your moms vibrator but so aroused in the moment she takes your moms vibrator and brings herself to orgasm. Telling her which setting to use, the one that was your moms favorite. Both aroused you pull her close again bending her over and shoving your cock deep into her ass, as she continues with the dirty taboo talk. Finishing in her ass, you again hand her the vibrator and insist she again bring herself to orgasm. Insisting after she now allow you to fill mommy’s mouth with your cum.

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Download Kelly Payne - Girlfriends Mommy Fetish Surprise.mp4

Bettie Bondage – This is What You Wanted

“This is what you want, isn’t it? To fuck me. God, I can’t believe you’re doing this. Stooping this low. You know I’m your mother, right? That this is wrong?…This is really fucked up, you know that right? Fine, if this is what you want. To keep quiet. Then let’s do this. Go ahead. What, you’re just going to watch me undress? Aren’t you going to take your cock out? C’mon, if you’re going to make me do this, then go ahead. Follow through with it if you’re going to demand your mother fuck you. You pervert…that’s right, take it out. C’mon, fuck me. Do it. This is what you want, isn’t it? Come fuck me…my god, didn’t take long for you to cum, now did it? Mmm, that was quite a bit…wow…you’re still hard? Well, if you’re going to make me do this, I might as well benefit, right? Get on your back, I’m going to rid you til I cum. That’s right, just like that…let me grind my pussy onto your cock until I cum…just like that…right there…Oh, god, I’m cumming on your cock! Are you ready to cum again? Mm, young men. So virile! I want to taste it…”

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Reagan Foxx – You Little Perv

MILF, Taboo, Cum Play, Big Tits, Pussy Play
Reagan has been noticing her step son spying on her for quite a while now. Spying on her in the shower this last time was last straw and for Reagan to finally teach her perverted step son a lesson and one that he would never forget.

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