Bettie Bondage – Taking LSD with Mommy

Your mom really surprised you by asking if you knew where to get any LSD. She’s not a prude, but she barely ever even drinks! When you tell her that yes, you can get it for her, thinking that’s the end of it. But when she comes over to pick it up, she asks if you’ll do it with her! You of course got some for yourself, but doing it with your mother? You feel uncomfortable having a beer in front of her! But you can tell she’s a little nervous, so you agree, sitting down and talking her through how to dose herself. She tells you she’s going to take a shower–that was always part of her ritual around hallucinogens in college–and when she leaves, you find yourself getting hit hard, feeling an overwhelming need to touch everything around you…including yourself! You try to stop it, but its a powerful, undeniable urge…one that your mother seems to share, you realize, when she enters the room, hair wet, her robe wide open, rubbing herself on the pillows and blankets you’ve set down for the trip. She’s running her hands over her skin, moaning…this is impossible, you think, your cock still rigid, barely covered by the pillow you placed on your crotch when she came into the room. She can tell, you know that, but somehow, you don’t care. And neither does she, throwing open her robe and putting a hand between her legs, touching herself and urging you to touch yourself too. “It’s OK,” she says, “we’re not touching each other, right?” But it doesn’t take long for that to change, too, as your mother reaches forward, stroking your cock, teasing you with her mouth before taking you all the way into her throat. You’re both too far gone to stop this, to change the inevitable, so you lean back and watch as your mother worships your cock with her mouth, slurping you to the very edge of cumming, looking you right in the eyes and urging you to give your mother all your cum! You release a huge load into her expectant mouth, and watch as she lets it all drip out onto your cock, down your balls…and lower…as she teases you with a “special treat,” she calls it. “Just relax, honey, and let me do this for you. You’re going to love it, I promise,” she says, as she pushes a finger inside, finding your prostate and building another huge load quickly, milking you completely into her mouth again. She savors this load, moving up to kiss you with her cum covered lips and tongue!

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