Curvy Sharon – Masturbation with Mother

Mommie asks why her boy is looking so down today. When she finds out it’s because none of the girls like you and none want to kiss you like she does, Mommie says to never mind them. Mother is here to take care of all of her son’s needs. Stripping off her dressing gown and brassiere, Mother beckons you closer so she can look after you. She takes your soft little cock in hand and proceeds to fondle and stroke you as she talks in that soothing, sexy voice of hers. When she feels you burgeon in her hand, Mommie jerks in earnest, all the while looking up into your eyes and verbally teasing you toward orgasm, describing what she’s doing, telling you how she feels about your special mother-son sex bond, until you shoot your load all over her. Now, don’t you feel better? Who needs those other girls when you have Mother?
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