Cutejayne – Mommy Welcomes You Home Frm Bootcamp JOI

You’ve been away and your mommy is so glad to have you home. She is impressed with how big and strong you got at bootcamp and she knows you must be really horny. She asks to hear all about it as she slowly and knowingly spreads her legs. You see more and more of her black lace panties. She knows you are getting hard. She pops out for a second and comes back without her panties. You are shocked at first, but she does look amazing with her cleavage spilling out of her top and her legs spread right in front of you. She tells you its ok, go ahead and pull it out. Stroke for your mommy. She encourages you as she plays with her pretty pussy. Cum with your mommmy. Mmm it’s so good to have you home.

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CuteJayne – Caught Spying on Your Busty BBW Mom

Uh oh! You snuck into mommy’s closet again, but this time she catches you…She is mad at first…but then decides she should have some fun with you, her pervert son… Your busty BBW mommy sucks you then wants you to lick her asshole for her. Finally, she fucks you and begs for your cum in her pussy…this is what you get for spying on your mommy.

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CuteJayne – Mommy Fucks Ryan For His Birthday

It’s Ryan’s birthday and he’s in for a treat beyond his wildest fantasies. Mommy Jayne appears in her tight black dress and blows his mind, and his cock of course, and then rides his face and fucks him. Ryan is a lucky boy and gets lots of close-ups of Jayne’s tits and pussy. He also gets a healthy dose of dirty talk for his birthday, too. Mommy Jayne’s tits look amazing bouncing as she fucks him.

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Cutejayne – Mommy Blows Andy After School

You’ve had a long day at school. Mommy wants to help you relax she gets you a snack, turns on your shows and sucks your cock. What a good mommy…

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