Danielle Maye – Mommy Ass

Since my room is being renovated, I sleep so long with Mom in a bed. As every night we have a discussion about when my room is ready because im too old for this to sleep with Mom in one Bed. While Mom get changed into the night dress and standing with the back to me im watching at her hot round ass. She noticed me that im peeking on her ass and got mad said like you cant watch at your moms ass. She continued to get changed. Then she sat down on the bed and creme in her legs, chest.. After she finished. she lay down and Covered herself.
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Danielle Maye – Grieving Mother

Im so proud of you Son, you really became a man today at that funeral, you’re Father would have been proud of you too.Come on baby dont cry, come on give Mommy a nice big hug. How about i let you see Mommies huge tits…OK for old times sake and for one last time ill let you slide that huge hard young dick inside my ass one like time, just the way you like it.
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Danielle Maye – Cum all over mommys bed

Danielle Maye – JR Fills Daddies Boots
You naughty boy! Again! How many times is that now?
Every time your Father and i fuck, i CATCH you watching, i can see you out the corner of my eye SPYING. What is wrong with you? do you want to FUCK Mommy? Do you want to be Daddy?
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