Delphoxi – Used by Mommy

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Delphoxi – Knocking Up Ur Mommy

Mommy has found out about you fucking auntie so she questions you about it. Mommy knows your the father of your auntie’s bby daddy but you quickly explain to your mommy that the only reason you’ve been fucking auntie is because she is mommy’s twin sister, you really wanted your mommy but had settled for auntie because you didn’t think you’d have a chance with mommy. Mommy blushes but tells you how wrong that would be, but you offer to eat mommy’s pussy to show her what you’ve learned, mommy agrees and lets you eat her out. She tells you this is so very wrong but your tongue fills so good on her pussy! Mommy cant resist anymore! She wants your load if cum inside her! She tells you to knock her up just like you did auntie!

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Delphoxi – POV Fucking Ur Mom

You’re having fantasies about your mom! You’ve been watching your dad fuck your mom for the last few nights through the crack in the door but this time your mom spots you just as your dad is cumming inside of her! the next day your mom has a talk with you and you confess that you are having some issues and the only way to fix the gross mommy fantasies your having is to fuck mommy right in front of dad! Your mom is shocked and so is your father but they want whats best for you! They want you to get better and stop fantasizing about your mom so they agree to let you fuck your mommy while dad watches you have your way with her!

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Delphoxi – Mommy Gives You A BJ

You’ve always been mommy’s boy! You and mommy have such a good relationship! You tell each other everything and spend all your time together! But lately mommy can tell you’re growing up quickly and getting curious about other girls! Mommy doesn’t want you getting to distracted from her so she knows she has to start doing something risky to keep your attention on her! You mention to mommy that you like a girl and mommy gets visibly upset and tells you that you wont be talking about some other bitch in front of mommy! Mommy pulls out your cock and starts sucking away! Tell you how much she loves you and never wants you to leave her! She tells you that it can only be you and her forever as she sucks the cum from your cock!

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