Devious Queen – Little Boy Seduction

“You are the mother of a young girl who has invited me, one of her classmates, over to your house for a play date. You let me know that this is part of your plan. You are teaching your daughter how to seduce and use boys. You laugh as I struggle and smack me across the face, letting your daughter know that you have to take control of boys. You tease me with your stockings and heels and let your daughter know that this is the first step. Tease them with your legs and lingerie and then you pounce. You then move on to touching me and talk to your daughter about how to touch a boy while taunting me that your daughter will now know how to control me and will continue to do this to me and my friends for the rest of our school lives. She will rule the school with seduced young boys as her slave army. You tell me to pledge myself to your daughter, and I will lure my friends and even my younger brother to you and her to be seduced and controlled as well. Then you will go after my father. I tell you that yes I will help you ruin all my friends and family and belong to you and your daughter and help you seduce and my father. You invite your daughter to come over and start kissing me. You start kissing me as well to the side of the screen and whisper how I am your seduced little boy…”

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Download Devious Queen - Little Boy Seduction.mp4
Download Devious Queen - Little Boy Seduction.mp4

Devious Queen – Caught with MILF porn

After having My computer virus-ed from the porn My son is watching, I decide I should handle things differently this time. Maybe setting a more opened friendship type relation ship will lead to better results and less viruses on My computer. After all..there are so many things I could teach him about women and sex and with My experience, it would be pity not to. It turns out that the he is watching is MILF porn, which will make it so much easier to fuck with his raw mind and have him all Mine, mentally and physically before he falls into this motherly trap…
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Devious Queen – Seduced by moms friend

I came over My friend’s house, your mother. I arrived too early and she has to take a shower first. I ask you how long it takes your mother to shower and then..I get a pervert idea. I start asking you personal questions, regarding sex. You are a young little boy that gets embarrassed right away but I quickly earn your trust and confidence to the point where I ask you to stroke it.You finally get less shy with Me and trust Me when I keep saying I know what Continue to download »

Devious Queen – Private lesson after class

Classes are over, everybody is gone, but the teacher asks you to come in her office. You have to explain her what is up with all the low scores lately and also..why do you stare at her legs while you should be focusing on your class work. She challenge you with a different kind of lesson, a dirtier one. You have to follow her instructions or she will have a nice talk with your parents. About your bad scores, or about something else? Continue to download »