Sarah Calanthe – Mommy Makes You Feel Better

Hey honey, are you feeling a little better? Here, Mommy made you some soup. That always makes me feel better when I’m sick. Oh, my poor boy. It’s so upsetting to see you like this. Is there anything I can do to help? Actually, now that I think of it… Have you been… helping yourself? You know, masturbation is very healthy and can speed up recovery. Mommy is happy to lend you a hand, if you want. Just to help you recover, that is all. It’s not like Mommy has ever fantasised about stroking your cock or anything. Or about sucking it. Not at all… But seeing how hard and big it is, that’s exactly what I want! To jerk you off and suck your cock until you cum in Mommy’s mouth. Oh my, that’s so much cum! It turns me on so much, do you mind if I touch my pussy? It looks like you’re not done yet… You want to go for another round, and of course Mommy is happy to help. I cannot fuck you, that would be wrong. But can I rub my pussy on your cock? You have to promise not to tell anybody about my special treatment. It just feels so good! Don’t worry, I will keep going until you feel better honey. That’s all Mommy wants. For you to feel better. Well, and for you to cum all over Mommy’s pussy. Every last drop.

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LanaWolf – Mommy Squirts With Big Dildo

Your step-mom catches you trying to leave the house in the middle of the night… you say you’re going to a party and want to meet a girl. Your step-mom says you can go to the party and she won’t tell your father… on one condition. You need to come to the spare room and learn how to fuck and please a woman so you don’t go embarrassing yourself at this party!! You didn’t expect her to get her huge dildo and SQUIRT in your face while you wank for her!!!

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Mixxxie – Masturbate with Mom

I can’t believe that you’re still stroking your cock thinking about me all the time instead of spending time with the family. We are going to settle this once and for all. I will let you watch me while you stroke your cock and cum. I know what you really want is to slide deep inside of your moms pussy because you are such a pathetic excuse for a man. You will have to settle for getting to watch me touch my tits, shake my ass, suck this dildo and slide it inside my wet pussy while I describe all the ways you want to fuck me and cum deep inside of me.

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Ellabell22 – Have You Been A Good Boy? Cum For Mommy

Mommy is ready to take what’s mine… every drop of your cum. Watch my tits bounce while I stroke your thick, throbbing cock, cooing about what a good boy you’ve been for Mommy. You know what I want, cum all over Mommy’s hands so I can lick it up and suck it off my fingers.

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Brittany Andrews – Stepson Walks In On Mommy

Misstress Mommy sees you watching her, and she tries to shoo you away, but after you ignore her pleas, and pull down your pants, Brittany cannot keep her eyes and mouth off your beautiful cock, and yes you get to have hot sex with her too!

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Penny Trait – Morning Fuck With Mom

Your horny mom Penny Trait sneaks into your bed to play with your morning wood because she can’t resist your big cock! She sucks and fucks you so good making a big creamy mess all over your dick.

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