Scarlett J – MILF Pussy

Custom: You are my mums friend, you are between jobs so you have been doing some cleaning to pay the bills. You would be wearing a nice summer dress with white thong preferably plz. Starts off with you saying dont mind me I’m just going to be cleaning while you’re parents are out… cuts to you bent over cleaning floor – ass in the air clearly showing off – hiking skirt to reveal more, saying how it’s getting in the way – if it could be like face down ass up at points with legs together. This portion could last about 5 mins or so – it would include suggestive conversation about sex etc, do you have a girlfriend and oh I’m sure you dont find you’re mums old freind attractive etc. And would get quite flirty towards the end. Some points would just be facing away ‘cleaning’ showing off the goods. When he confirms his interest u act all flatterd (still with ass in air – he has been stood behind you as you have the conversation while you kinda carry on with cleaning looking back to talk) then you let him know that you like to be used – A Free Use Slut – you basically explain that you dont mind if he fucks you whenever he feels the need as you like men to take there primal urges out on you… Then proceeds to a small BJ portion with tits out to get him ready (2 mins). Then you bend over hike up skirt with thong to the side and let him pound you from behind doggystyle (can be on bed if easier). Would love lots of dirty talk about how he should use you and how it makes it so much better that you’re husband will never know – I’ll leave it up to you as you are a natural at it. But camera angled down plz – ass in the air and legs together at points. Some slow bits and some ‘pounding’. You could include things like below: Oh dont worry about a condom I dont mind. Do what you want to me. That’s it take it all out on this milf pussy. It would end with a virtual creampie from behind, and then a pull out with ass in air to see it dribble out a bit if possible – and for the closer if you could stay in position and talk about how great it was to be used / look what you did to this milf pussy and it was all behind your husbands back (30 seconds or so). And then “I’d better get back to cleaning”

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Rose Black – Mommy’s Treat Box

MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Upskirt, Dirty Talk, Taboo
Your mother is too short to do hard to reach house chores alone. This year you’ve been tasked with helping her decorate the house for the Halloween party but time is running short. As she hangs ornaments and spooky decorations, you get a direct view up her Halloween micro-skirt. You’ve waited until the last minute to help hang the decorations in the guest bedroom so your mother is already dressed up to prepare for guests to start arriving. It’s like she doesn’t even notice how sexy that mini skirt is. It lifts up as she reaches up the step ladder and flashes off the g-string thong underneath. It’s so wrong, but you reach to finger your mother’s pussy anyways. You’ve been staring at her upskirt for long enough that it’s made you painfully aroused. You snatch off the tiny scrap and dive in mouth first for a lick of her unprotected pussy. She knows it’s wrong but moans against your tongue and thrusts in time with you. You shouldn’t be attracted to your mother this way but she tastes amazing and wants your cock so badly even though she struggles with her sexual response to you. There’s still enough time before the Halloween party and your mother’s costume could easily hide anything amiss. Guests won’t be arriving for at least another 20 minutes and you could just lock the door for a minute before anyone noticed you were missing. This horrifyingly taboo act is too much to resist as your mother pulls her thong aside and demands you fuck her. Your mother can’t hide how much she wants to break this taboo with you and lets loose like you’ve never seen before. She shouldn’t be enjoying fucking her son this much but she cums hard and encourages you to ejaculate on her hairy pussy. Mother rides you until you’re about to explode and then lays back and spreads her pussy under her slutty kitty costume. You both moan in pleasure when you squirt semen directly onto her pussy. Hopefully none of the guests have noticed you haven’t answered the door yet.

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Rose Black – Growing Big For Mommy

Mommy Roleplay, Yoga Pants, MILF, Masturbation Encouragement, Dirty Talk, Taboo
Oh my sweetie! I see you really are growing lately. Your pants look tighter than ever! I’ve been so busy with your new schedule though, so if you want my attention, then you’ll need to do something for Mommy too. Your erection really does seem to be growing quite massive, but you’ll have to agree to rub Mommy’s feet later. When Mommy makes you feel so good so often, even sneaking around with you behind Daddy’s back, it’s only fair to make Mommy feel good too. I’ll give you a quick timed jerk off, with plenty of teasing to make you super hard, but only after you agree. Mommy has needs, and my teasing comes with wanton risks. You need to cum for my tight yoga pants and natural, creamy tits, so jerk it fast and hard. You’ll cum, but you’ll also sneak back to cum for Mommy again later too. Your taboo needs for Mommy’s bare feet and milky breasts will keep you running back every time.

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Natalie Wonder – Nympho Mommy’s Way II – Fucking You Over And Over Until You Get Mommy Pregnant

Taboo, Mommy Roleplay, Impregnation Fantasy, POV, Dirty Talk
The son is tied to the bed and his mother, disappointed, explains that she has not yet become pregnant. Son is happy about this but mom tells him he shouldn’t be too happy because she has found another way to get pregnant. Mom slipped a few Viagra pills in the water she gave her son before. She wants his cock to stay rock hard even after the first cum so she can fuck him over and over and OVER again. Mommy explains how she read something online about how there’s a greater chance of getting pregnant this way. The fearful son begs his mother not to do this because she will hurt him! He knows she is a crazy nympho. But mom tells him, in a sadistic way, that she does not care what he thinks and this will excite her even more. The son screams desperately. Mom says that he can scream and scream all he wants. Nobody will hear him. They are isolated. Only the occasional car drives by and they would never hear him anyways. On the contrary, mommy enjoys his pleading for her to stop. Mom starts with a blowjob. She teases her boy of what’s to come. Mom isn’t going to stop fucking his hard cock until she fully drains him. The more cum, the better her chances of becoming pregnant. Her baby needs to give her a baby. Mom slowly undresses and begins to fuck him. She is very dominating and talks very dirty. Son struggles but the more he struggles the harder mommy fucks him. Mom desires to get pregnant by him so badly. “Cum in mommy, cum in mommy!” she says. Son has no choice but to explode inside his mom. It’s a huge load of semen! She is very satisfied, but mommy isn’t done yet. Not even CLOSE. She is determined to fuck her boy again and again until she drains him dry. She will love seeing the desperation in his eyes as she grinds her pussy against his very sensitive cock. Mommy says things like, “Awwwww honey, I know…it’s so sensitive. Don’t worry, mommy will make it fucking you some more!” Mom enjoys seeing and feeling her son so desperate. When the son cums, he begs the mother to stop but mom smiles wickedly and tells him that she has just begun. Mother humiliates him using the fake voice of a loving and understanding mother (example: “I know it is sensitive”). She speaks initially in a loving and understanding tone and ends up talking aggressively. Mom will do everything possible to get pregnant by her son. She continues to fuck him. Each time harder and faster. Son is forced to cum over and over inside mom. Her hungry pussy milking his sensitive cock repeatedly. Mom is fertile and ovulating so all this cum inside her will increases the chances of getting pregnant. Towards the end son is almost passing out from his desperate state. Mommy drained him real good. Mom examines his cock. It’s so red and super sensitive. Still rock hard and throbbing from all the extra Viagra. Mommy kisses it gently, then sucks on it. It makes son squirm even more! She shows off her belly. Mommy is so filled with cum that her belly grew! He better of gotten mom pregnant! Mom won’t stop until she gets what she wants.

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Andrea Rosu – Mommy Lets You Cum Only After You Massage Her Sore Feet

Mommy had such a long day at work. She always loves it when you’re waiting for her at home to make her feel better. Only a good sweet son knows how to make Mommy feel special. To show Mommy how much you care, you take my tired aching feet in your cute little hands and massage my soreness away. You love how I just close my eyes, lose myself in your care, and moan in pleasure. Not only do you love Mommy, but she obviously loves you. Once I’m totally relaxed, I turn my attention to your needs. I know how much my pleasure excites you. I want you to show me how excited you are. Take out that sweet little cock of yours and show Mommy how you like to play with yourself. Since I’m a grown woman, I can teach you a thing or two on pleasure. Take heed, Mommy will make sure you have the strongest orgasm of your life!
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Ashley Alban – Getting Naughty With Step-mom

You come home from school a bit earlier than you usually do and you hear noise coming from your parent’s room. You’re dad has been away on business for a while, and you’re surprised to hear those particular noises, so you sneak upstairs to see what’s going on. You see your step-mom getting pounded by a random guy. You spy on her getting fucked doggie for a little while until they finish up so you quickly leave and go to your room. You can’t stop thinking about seeing your hot step-mom naked and getting fucked. You decide that you want to see if you can sleep with her tonight and maybe grab her ass while she’s sleeping. You go into her room and tell her that you had a nightmare and you want to sleep with her tonight. She laughs and says that you’re getting a little too old for that. You persist, so she agrees to let you sleep with her. But, she says that she needs to get changed first and tells you to close your eyes. You close them momentarily but peek them open when she gets up and you see that she is completely naked. You watch her put on her nightgown, and she eventually catches you staring at her. She decides to put on a robe since you clearly cannot be trusted.
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Butt3flyforu – Mommys New Latex Dress

Wouldn’t you love to plant your nose in mommy’s ass crack? You have always dreamed about the chance to worship mommy’s big , round , juicy ass and now I have a brand new latex dress, which always makes your cock throb. My ass looks like it is about to burst like a balloon out of this shiny , latex dress. I am going to a fetish party tonight and I wanted to tease you in my tight, shiny dress. The shiny glare from the light makes my perfect ass like a waxy apple bottom ripe for the picking!!!! You would give anything to sink your teeth into mommy’s butt, worship and praise it like the dirty ass sniffer you are! Take your cock out honey…I am going to let you masturbate to my huge, shiny ass before I leave…..don’t worry either, I will come home with all my stories of all the huge cock mommy got in the back room and you will be my good boy ass cleaner when I return!
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Butt3rflyforu – Mommy Steals My Anal Virginity

You approach me as I am getting the table ready for our dinner. You look like you want to ask me something but are a little sheepish and I can read my son like a book! I ask you what is on your mind and you hesitantly reply that you are very interested in anal sex. You feel comfy asking me because mommy also took your virginity but you still have not experienced anal sex. I am a very good mommy and want you to experience everything plus you have me addicted to your hard, young cock. I tell you that I just went shopping and bought a special red teddy for you so I will go put that on and meet you in my bedroom!!! You are so excited that your pants begin to grow. Mommy also reminds you that you won’t be needing a condom either!
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Butt3flyforu – I Need Mommys Ass

You are caught in my bedroom when I was just waking up from an afternoon nap. My ass is showing partially from my satin nightie and mommy has no panties on. You are just mesmerized by the sight of my ass. You try your hardest to leave, but you can’t. You feel your manhood beginning to fill up and begin to throb. You start pressing on your cock as I sleep with my ass hanging out. I suddenly awaken and catch you staring at me. I realize what you are looking at and to your delight mommy is flattered by the thought of your cock hard because of my ass. I tell you to show me what you do to yourself when you are alone. I tease you and show you how tight my asshole is. I begin grinding on my bed and my pussy is soaking wet at the sight your you masturbating right in front of me!!! I even tell you to please cum all over my tight big butt! What mom would be so turned on by this whole thing? You have the best mom!
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Natalie Wonder – Mom’s Housecleaning and Cock Teasing Duties

There’s something about watching mom do her housecleaning that son finds so sexy. Mom is distracted cleaning and isn’t aware her boy is standing behind her…watching. Mom is wearing her yellow rubber gloves to keep her hands nice and soft. Her dress is a bit short and keeps riding up every time she bends over to clean. Son doesn’t mind that though. Mom’s ass looks amazing when she bends over…wiggling around as she scrubs away. Mom never realizes how hot she looks getting down and dirty with her housecleaning duties. Son feels himself getting more & more aroused each time mom bends over. Mom deserves a break. She turns around & is startled to see her boy.
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