Goddess Fiona – Riding My Sons Incredible Cock

Wow hunnybunny your dick is HUGE! Momma can hardlyy take this huge cock! But either way I am so grateful for it bb! Momma really needed this. I am very sexily dirty talking you the entire time I try to take your dick…. I know how much you love me dirty talking you – talking about how taboo and naughty this is; a stepmom fucking her own stepson! so fucking HOTT though, isn’t it hunny? I ride you nice big dick as long as I can and get it up as far as I can… I love riding your cock! I want you to make your stepmommy CUM HARD, okay!?!?!? This is why I love fucking you so much sweetheart…you make me cum harder than ANYONE!

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MollySnacks – A Naughty Night with Mommy

You walk in on mommy in bra and panties and she tells you that she hasn’t felt sexy lately. She quickly notices the boner in your pants and asks you to show her. She is flattered that you’re so turned on by her and even though she knows she shouldn’t, she touches your dick with her hand and mouth. She gets so turned on by this that she strips off her clothes and rubs your cock on her pussy while you suck on her toes. She jerks you off hard while you suck on her toes and you cum over and over all over mommys pussy. After you cum, you’re still erect and she can’t take it anymore and she sticks your dick in her and rides you doggystyle while begging for you to shoot another load of cum into her pussy.

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Kinkykatlive – While Your Mum Is Away

Your mum isn’t home yet and I catch you stroking that sexy cock… Can’t help myself so I seduce you into letting me suck it and fuck it!

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yogabella – Mommy and Son want Sister

Plotting how mommy and son can fuck sister. Mommy wears sisters panties and bra and talks to son about how we could fuck sister. Son has a huge crush on sister… and we want her to be apart of our sexual misbehaving.

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Sydney Harwin – Mom The Common Whore

The bathroom door is half open as you walk past. You don’t know why but you stop for a second and look in to see your mom taking half naked selfies on her phone. What the fuck? A few minutes go by until your mom spots you and quickly covers herself up. She reluctantly explains that she’s got herself a toy boy and is cheating on your dad. You can’t believe that your mom would risk breaking up the happy family like this, but she looks so good in that push up bra and lace panties… suddenly your mom pulls you into the bathroom and closes and locks the door. She admits that she has a sex addiction problem and has cheated on your dad with at least 25 men. She can’t help it, she just loves cock too much… and now she’s got her eye on yours. What a lucky boy you are.

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yogabella – Son Home From College

Im so glad youre home for the weekend son! I love mommy and son time! How about you pull out that big cock for mommy! mmm I love it so much! Make mommy feel good and let me ride it!

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Kelly Payne – Unexpected Punishment

Mom comes to check on you after her and dad had just been out on a date and left you home alone. She comes into your room and sees you trying to hide under the blanket, slightly embarrassed. She is not exactly sure what she just walked in on, but it becomes quite obvious as she notices your dirty napkins. Mom is pissed. You know the house rules, you know mom and dads’ rules. Nothing sexual should be happening in this house until you are married. Mom is so upset she starts scolding you and tells you how lucky you are she found you and not dad. She tells you to lay down. Your very confused but she is so upset you do as your told. Mom pulls back on your blanket and exposes your extremely hard cock, she angrily grabs it and starts stroking it, still telling you how disappointed she is. And that she is going to show you just how unready you are for such things. She strokes your cock, rides you, fucks you, sucks you, telling you not to cum. You better not cum! Women like to be pleased and if you think your ready to be such a pervert than mom is going to teach you how to do it right just like she taught your father. When she finally allows you to cum, she makes you cum inside her and as she gets dressed, she tells you that her and your dad have been trying for another chilld but it has not happened, so if you think your ready to procreate than you may as well help out the family. She confirms with you sternly…. We do not need to tell dad about this do we? No. She leaves the room still seemingly upset with you, did your mom just use you for your cum?

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TabithaXXX – Son Let Mommy be Your Sweet Snack

Mommy is waiting patiently for her sweet Son to return Home. She’s been baking some sweet SNACKS and getting dinner ready him. He walks in on her staring out the window talking to herself about how wet she is and can’t wait for her Son to get Home. She turns around and see’s him, mommy is so excited. She offers him a sweet SNACK and SHOW’S HIM what’s baking in the oven, I DON’T THINK HE NOTICED WHAT’S IN THE OVEN, mommy’s ass was hanging out her pretty apron and he wants mommy’s special sweat SNACKS. Mommy bends over and lets her own son Fuck her from behind in her sweet wet Snack. Mommy than lies on the Kitchen counter and he Eats her sweet snack, mommy loves that. He than Fucks mommy missionary, But mommy says don’t CUM in my Pussy. He’s fucking his mommy watching her big Natural tits bounce back and forth, Mommy is moaning with pleasure. Mommy and Son are about to CUM together and Mommy Says CUM IN MY PUSSSY, I want your HOT CUM INSIDE ME. They Both CUM together, Mommy is the best snack Ever.

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RheaSweet – Mommy and Sons Nap Time

Mommy was laying down for a nap and her son decided to crawl into bed with her. Mommy quickly notices that her son is getting hard for her. She feels its her duty as his mother to take care of him. She starts stroking his dick and then she asks if he wants to feel what its like to be inside his mommy. She tells him to slide it in and he thrusts his cock inside his mommy. Mommy tells her son not to cum inside her. She wants to taste her sons cum.

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