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Gartersex – Mom is Your Prom Date Sucks and Fuks You

I feel so bad that your girlfriend broke up with you just before prom. I have a special dress on for you. I have it hidden under my fur coat…nervous to show you (It is my actual prom dress that is actually so small now my tits are literally falling out of it and not fitting in it properly but I do not even care) I am giddy like a school girl as I pull off my coat and show you my fancy dress and tell you …Mommy will be your prom date. You are so excited at the idea. Seeing me in that curve hugging dress and I am teasing you showing you the garters and stockings I am wearing under it gives you a hard on which I notice and suggest we take care of before we go. I suck you…you fuck me… tittyfuk me… spank me.. spank my tities and doggy style fuck me some more and then pound me so hard you cum deep in my pussy and I decide to put my dress back on again with no bra or panties so that I can smell you. Dancing the night away…no panties…my son’s cum dripping out of my cunt.

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Bettie Bondage – Bettie Teaches Your Mom to Fuck

“Look. It’s not that you’re a bad mother, per se, it’s just that…well, your relationship with your son could be better.” Bettie smiles as she says this to your mother, who sits, perplexed, on the couch. Of course, she knows about your relationship with Bettie. But what she doesn’t know? Bettie is your new Mommy. A better mommy. And why? Because she takes care of all her son’s needs. “And if you want to have a close relationship, like I have with him,” Bettie says, smirking, “then you’ll do exactly as I say. Honestly, you’re fortunate to have me around to show you how to take care of your son and his cock.”

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Kinkykatlive – Mutual Masturbation With Mommy

Mommy sees the history on the computer and wants to guide you through the masturbation process in hopes that creamy white stuff will come flying out of your cock!

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Alyssa Reece – Mom And Son Sneak Away At A Party

Oh my god, that party right? Your dad’s family is so boring! I can’t even stand it, but luckily we escaped! We have to be quiet if we are going to do this. I don’t think anyone saw us come in here. Fuck, I’m so fucking horny for you right now it’s crazy. I saw you you checking out mommy’s dress. Did you notice that I’m not wearing any panties? I kept crossing my legs, hoping you’d notice. I think cousins may have noticed, but they’re little pervs! I bet they’d never guess that I’m in the next room about to fuck my own son while they listen to your father tell one of his never ending stories for the millionth time. Can you imagine if he knew what we’ve been up to? Mom and son having an affair right under his nose.

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PennyTrait – Cum In Your Milfs Mouth

You walk in on your hot milf Penny Trait taking naughty selfies but instead of making you leave she invites you in to play with her perfect milf tits. The next thing you know your slut mommy has your big cock in her mouth. She sucks you passionately until you explode in her mouth, your cum dribbling out of her sexy lips.

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EnglishPrincess – Morning JOI From Your Friends Hot Mom

Good morning sweetheart, I didn’t know you’d stayed over, you want some coffee, tea…..or me? You’ve always had a thing for older women, now your friends hot mom is telling you how to wank while you’re sat at the breakfast bar-it’s like one of those MILF pornos you love. Listen to my sexy British voice tease your hot load out of you until you can’t help yourself and have to spunk!

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LauraKing – Thanks for Visiting Mommy Sloppy BJ

Brunette MILF role plays your mom in this custom video. She thanks you for coming to visit her while your dads away. She tells you how lonely (and horny she’s been all alone) and wants to thank her good boy for coming to visit her. She’ll get down on her knees and give you a wet sloppy blowjob until you cum all over mommys face. BJ Shot POV while tons of taboo dirty talk!

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