Alyssa Reece – Mommy Finds Sons Hidden Camera

You and I need to have a little talk mister! I don’t know what I did to deserve a son like you, but you’ve had it too easy. I really try to be a good mother but I think you’ve just had everything handed to you. Like, when you wanted that Go Pro for Christmas.. What did I do, I went out and bought it for you. “Oh mom, I want to be a filmmaker”! you said, “I need that camera”. And then I find that camera hidden in my bedroom?! I had a look at the footage before I erased it, that’s right I did! Dimly lit shots of me dressing and undressing, showering, going to bed.. your own MOTHER! You fucking pervert! What is wrong with you? Do you think your friends are trying to spy on their mothers and jerking off? Of course not! It’s sick. It’s sick and illegal. Do you know how disappointed I am with you? Take off your clothes! I mean it! Your underwear too, I don’t care what you want right now, do it! I want to see your naked little body.Take your hand away, stop covering yourself. Are you seriously hard right now! You are so messed up! Your therapy is going to bankrupt me! Go ahead, show me, show me what you do when mommy’s not looking. Oh what’s the matter honey? Too shy? Too embarrassed to jerk off in front of your mother? That’s too bad, do it. What did you want to see? Mommy’s body? Is that it? Well here take a good look at mommy right now, memorize every inch of my body, just know that I’m the one in charge here.

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Bettie Bondage – Stealing Moms Panties Pays Off

You’ve been stuck inside with your mother for months, and try as you might, you’ve fallen back into old habits: stealing her panties. You did it all the time in high school but lately you can’t help yourself. You can’t see your girlfriend, your mother is always leaving her wet, dirty panties around! Its like she wants it! And god, do you want it. So you leave the bathroom door open one afternoon, during a nice long wanking session. You have a video queued up, of that one actress that looks just like mom, and you make sure to wrap a dirty pair of her panties around your cock as you settle in, knowing she’ll be coming back from her walk any minute. Of course, she comes right upstairs, and finds you. She pretends, at first, that you’re a dirty pervert, but its no use pretending anymore. She smirks, admitting that she’s left her panties around on purpose, desperately wanting you to use them, cum in them…but not as desperately as she wants you, your young stud cock, and most of all…your cum, deep inside her, buried in her, oozing out onto her dirty panties!

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Sweetkiss_69 – Taboo Desires And Words Of A Milf

A milf roleplay of the tabooist desire. Watch as she struggles not to give in as she found incestuous porn on her sons computer and it stems a desire she burried as she confronts him sternly but softning to finally giving in and letting him take her in every forbidden way right down to the forbidden nut inside her.

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Sweetkiss_69 – Mum Found Your Porn And Pics

I know your friends call me yummy mummy and i found your mummy/son stash along with my pics. We need to have a talk about your choice of porn…. Are you getting hard right now? Really? And did i mention i found your watersports porn and no not jet skis, do you want to taste mummy? do you want to feel it run down your cock? do you want to wank to milf mummy?

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Jasjaede – Finally Fucking Your Mother

I’m your mother and i’ve found pictures of me in the shower… in your phone! i come into your room and confront you, i tell you how nasty, disturbing & disgusting it is… after i shame you for a couple of minutes i decide that the only way we can get through this is if i strip and show you my naked body.. to get it out of your system… i strip for you and i’m clearly embarrassed but i see your boner and i start feeling not so shy anymore… i give you a blowjob and then i let you fuck your mother.

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Kelly Payne – Moms Cuckold Punishment

Mom’s in her room reading and you come in with a friend, she asks what you want and who’s your new friend. Hesitant at first, you share your intentions. You and mom share special times together, and you thought id be fun to include your friend. Though you haven’t quite thought this through… as Mom reminds you the rules. Your not supposed to tell anyone about your special time with mom, and you definitely should have talked to her before assuming she’d just fuck you and your friend. Mom decides as a punishment she’ll fuck your friend while you watch. Your punishment is to only enjoy and use your hand (POV son’s viewpoint). Mommy teases you while she strokes, sucks, fucks and enjoys your friends cock. Eventually wanting both you and your friend to cum for mommy, she encourages your friend to cum deep inside her. Afterwards offering to fuck you both, as long as you both stay silent, and are respectful.

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Emmas Secret Life – Your Perverted Mother Fucks Your Big Cock

I go to wish my son a good night and unexpectedly walk in on him masturbating. I can’t help but stare at his cock in his hand. I can’t believe how big his dick has grew! I get turned on and start telling him to stroke it for me. He seems a little uncomfortable but he starts stroking it. I walk closer and tell him I could give him something to stroke it to. I drop my robe and start fingering myself while he strokes. I’m dripping wet and just can’t take it anymore and get on top of him. I rub his cock on my wet cunt and ask if he wanted more when he says yes I slide down on his thick cock! I ride and dirty talk him till I cum all over his cock and he cums inside of me. I feel instantly ashamed of myself and make him promise that this will be our secret!

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Emmas Secret Life – Cum Inside Your Mom Not Your Hand

Custom: So basically it would be one of your awesome POV-style videos with the roleplay where you would be my mommy. You would walk in on me masturbating, and you would be a little embarrassed at first but then tell me it’s okay. And you would notice how big and hard my cock is and start to get turned on. You would eventually help me first by stroking, and then sucking on it before climbing on top and having your way with me. You are the absolute queen of dirty talk, so I would trust you with most of the dialogue, although at some point it would be super hot if you said something like “wow…mommy hasn’t had a cock that big and hard in a long time,” and it would be awesome to finish with you asking to “cum inside mommy’s pussy” or something like that – would really turn me on! And I would love a little reverse cowgirl too but mostly riding facing me, as you know how much I love watching those titties bounce!

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Emmas Secret Life – Make Mommys Mouth Your Cum Dump

I have noticed lately that my son has been cumming a lot more than normal. What kind of a mother would I be if I didn’t help my son with his swollen balls? So I surprise him by wearing lingerie and explaining to him that my mouth will now be his personal cumdump. I tell him how much I would love to be his jizz target and that I will be going on a sperm diet and I will eat his cum for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and if I’m lucky have a late night snack! I beg him for his cum and he shoots a massive load in my mouth. He says his balls feel much better, I’m such a good mother!

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Veronica Chaos – Your New Stepmom

I know you’re not used to me living here yet, but I’m your stepmom now and you have to start treating me like family! That means no more spying on me while I’m in the shower, or changing in the bedroom. Yes, I know that you’ve been peaking. Don’t deny it…or do these tits not ring a bell? You’re lucky I’m a cool stepmom and won’t tell your father. I’m just nervous about you going off to college so unprepared though…it’s obvious you have no idea how to handle yourself around women. Let me show you how it’s done, for your own good. Don’t worry, you naughty boy; mommy will teach you everything you need to know.

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