sloansmoans – Conditioned by Mommy

Watch as your mother comes up to you in lingerie while you’re getting ready for a date. Mommy loves seeing her handsome boy all dressed up. She knows you’re excited for your date but, hmm… why are you hard already? Did you just get hard for your mother? She begins to tease you with her body asking if it was mommy’s big boobs, or mother’s big round ass that gave you an erection. She tells you that you can go out on as many dates as you like but you’ll only be thinking of her, your mommy. She’ll be making sure of this by having you fuck your mother, NOW. She gets on top of you and keeps talking about how much she loves you and how much she knows you’ve been wanting to fuck mommy. She tells you that she wants your cum. Mother wants you to cum for her right before your date. You cum quick for mommy and she tells you that from this moment on your cock and your cum are only hers…

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Pink Drip – Mommys Jealous of Your Girlfriend

You barge into my room with some outrageous news…how DARE you get a girlfriend without Mommy’s permission!! I get extremely jealous with just the thought of you getting pleasure from another woman, so I decide to show you what you’ll be missing if you pick your good for nothing girlfriend over your smoking hot Mommy! Mommy knows best and she knows EXACTLY how to get your dick hard. You start by eating her ass and pussy from behind (close ups) while she teases and taunts you about your new girl, then we get to the REAL fun! I suck the cock that I made before you start fucking the womb you came out of (Mix of POV Virtual and Penetration) I talk extra dirty and taboo to you while also gaslighting you about your new bitch!! The mix of dirty talk and Mommy’s riding skills leaves you hopeless, destined to cum inside the womb that popped you out! I hope you change your mind about that new girlfriend…what will she think once she finds out you’re a Mommy Fucker?

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Littleredheadlisa – Mommy Fucks All Your Friends

You just got home from school as the last boy is leaving my bedroom and you walk in to see me completely naked having fucked a bunch of your friends, you were a little late because of baseball practice. I start to tell you about all the boys who came inside of me and notice that you are getting hard. I tell you to get your cock out to stroke it while I tell you about them and how they fucked me and took turns on me until they came inside of me. I see that you are jealous and excited and have you fuck me and cum inside of me.

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Faerylovely – Curious Boy Meets Milky Milf

I’m outside squirting my milk and plying with my boobs. It feels so good. I hear someone in the bushes. Why are you spying on me lil boy? Oh you curious about my milk. I invite him into my bedroom. I tell him he can try my milk if I can try his. I’ll show you what I main, but first we have to make your little dick nice and hard. I lick and suck your your cock. I squeeze my milk on it and tell you to stroke it while I get my panties off. I ride your dick while squirting my milk.

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Mama Fiona – Mama Uses Your Cock

You are such a good boy sweetie. You really are such a good boy letting your mom use your beautiful big dick like this, to satisfy me. I love using you like this and you love letting me use you, don’t you bb? You’re so generous… I know you’ll do anything for Mom. Please fuck me hunny and make me cum HARD like the good boy I know you are! Give me what that beautiful big dick was made for – pleasure your mother!

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Brea Rose – Step Mom Takes Your Virginity

You have just gotten out of the shower and are getting ready for your date tonight, I come into your room talking about your date and I tell you I have a suggestion. Why don’t you jerk off beforehand, as I know you are a virgin and if this is your first time, you might cum too quickly. I tell you I could give you some “inspiration” as long as you don’t tell your father. I strip out of my dress and out of my lingerie and play with my pussy while encouraging you to jerk off for me. I tell you all about the first time I fucked your dad, and how he cheated on your mom with me. I then have a better idea, why don’t I take your virginity, seeing as though you are already jerking off in front of me? I get on your cock and ride you, saying really filthy things (Sex is all POV boobs and face in shot only), I cum on your cock and then I beg you to cum inside of your step mom, don’t be scared of getting me pregnant! I ride you harder and faster encouraging you to give me your virginity and empty your balls for me, you might be too tired for your date afterall.

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AlluringAli25 – Taboo Mothers Day Fuck

It is Mother’s Day!! She sees a cute little bear you got for her for her special day. She absolutely loves it. However, you notice she is a bit down. She explains her date did not go well. After the pandemic divorce from your father and trying to get back out into this weird date scene, she hasn’t has any luck. The skimpy red dress is not appropriate to be wearing around you. Come on, you can practically see her pussy. Anyways, she brings up your relationship with you and your girlfriend and you haven’t gotten any either. That is when Mom begins her seduction. A sexy little striptease, dirty talk, that leads to a sexy blowjob and fucking. You fuck her tight pussy missionary, side ways position, which includes a wet hot up close shot, and then she rides you until you explode. She has three intense orgasms. In the end, a drop of cream rolls down your cock which she taste. Thanks for making it the best Mother’s Day ever!

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