Ellie Idol – Mom Catches You Watching Porn And Takes Your Virginity

You’re sharing a hotel with your mother and while she’s getting ready for her meeting, you’re browsing porn on your phone. She sneaks up on you and suggests you get out and explore the city today. She grabs your phone and quickly realizes her son has lost his innocence. You suddenly realize just how attractive your mom is and can’t help but rub your dick. You wonder what will happen if you just pretend to not know any better. Mother has been lonely since dad left her and you’ve been wanting so badly to lose your virginity… It’s not like you haven’t already been inside her before. She’s been hitting the bottle again, so this could be your chance to get close to mommy again. Just whip it out…C’mon, show your mother your dick. Maybe you’ll get a chance to slip it inside of her and drain your aching balls of cum.

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Ellie Idol – Big Sis Takes Your V-Card

I’m back in town for your birthday again and it’s been one year since the events in “Super Risky Blowjob From Sis” took place. You’ve changed a lot in a year, so MUCH of a man now and I can’t help but be super attracted to you. I play it cool though of course and snag your comic out of your hands and lay next to you on the bed. We’re catching up and I ask if you recall last year. Of course, you do, and it’s not long before I’m stroking and sucking on your grown cock. It’s SO big now! As I’m giving you a blowjob we almost get caught, TWICE. We’re informed that we’re to SHARE a room tonight as it’s a full house. I pretend to protest but deep down I’m excited to share a bed with you and take your virginity! When night rolls around, I make sure everyone is in bed before I hop into one with you. Are you ready for sis to take your v-card? Make me cum as you suck my nipples! I’ve been thinking about this all year long, bro!!

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Download Ellie Idol - Sis Takes Your V-Card.mp4.mp4

Ellie Idol – Your Stepmom Wants To Fuck You Too

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I’ve given you, my stepson, a list of chores to complete while I’m gone running errands. Instead of working on that list, you end up in my room working your own cock using my silky panties. You’re sprawled out onto your father and my bed, when I walk in, having forgotten my purse. You’re exposed and embarrassed but relax as I move in slowly toward the bed. I’m flattered and honestly a little turned on by your attraction to me. Your father doesn’t fuck me anymore…I don’t think he can keep up with me because of my age. Say, I don’t mind keeping this a secret if you want to take this a bit further. If you like those panties, I know you’ll love the ones I’m wearing…especially when you pull them to the side and slip your nice long dick into my eager unsexed slit. We fuck every way we can as I climax repeatedly. God, it’s been WEEKS since I’ve had sex and I just need my tight pussy filled with your throbbing erection! After I’ve been fucked properly, I work your rod with my hands and big MILF tits until you shoot your big load all over them. Right as we finish, we hear your father’s voice boom from downstairs, “Hey guys, I’m home!” Maybe this won’t be our secret after all…

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Ellie Idol – Halloween Cock Blocked By Mom

Jerk Off Instruction, Lingerie, MILF, POV, Taboo, JOI
You’re all dressed for Halloween when your mom comes down the stairs carrying your bear pjs. Aren’t you helping pass out candy this year; the usual tradition? You’re on your way to a party. She knows what happens at Halloween parties: UNPROTECTED SEX. Mom doesn’t want you impregnating some slut while you’re under her roof! She demands you jerk off to get it out of your system or else you won’t be allowed to go. Mom doesn’t CARE if you aren’t horny. In fact, she’s going to help. She undoes her pj buttons to reveal sexy lingerie. She instructs you to touch her breasts and pussy to help with getting an erection. You can’t help but like what you see…you are a man and your mother IS hot… You tug your cock furiously until you blow your cum. Maybe you’ll stay in and pass out candy with mom after all. What a momma’s boy you are.

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Ellie Idol – Sex Tape With My Sons Bully

chool is so tough on mommy’s special little loser son. His bully really has it out for him. I answer a knock at my door with my mid-day wine in hand, and low and behold, it’s my son’s bully. I see for myself that this schoolyard thug actually is quite good looking… Maybe it’s the wine talking but I find myself flustered and seem to find myself talking smack about my loser son too! Ha! Ha! It’s true though… He is pathetic. Hell, apparently even his father went over to the Bully’s house and ended up sucking HIS dick. Worthless husband AND son. I guess apples don’t fall far from the tree after all – but this bully… He’s certainly studlier than I expected and I just might have to see if this Alpha-attitude bully of my son has an alpha-cock to match. I decide I want to make a little birthday “gift” video for my son. I want to hurt him. I do love tormenting him as well. This bully meets me in my room, and under my robe sees this hot fucking MILF is dressed to k***; craving that young stud cock taste as I stroke and slurp all over it. I wonder if he’s ever been with such a sexy Mom before. Does he get to fuck all the nerd’s moms? I bet he does! He shows me what a nice big bully cock can do to a sweet housewife pussy. With the most experience I lead him from position to position, being sure to tell him just how mommy likes it along the way – never forgetting to stop and taste my juicy orgasms all over his cock as I finish the bully off in my mouth. Mmm, even this bully cums like a stud. Mommy needs to keep every drop in her mouth because tonight mommy’s gonna give her loser son a goodnight kiss with a nice glaze of his bully’s leftover cum right on his cheek. We’re so bad…this boy is free to bully my son anytime!

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Ellie Idol – Mom Confesses To Blowing Your Buds

I have a confession… You see, every time one of your friends comes over, I tell them to meet me in the bathroom so I can suck them off or give them a titjob. I’m just so horny with your dad away for work so much and there’s just something about teasing these hot younger inexperienced guys that really turns me on. Say, is this turning you on? Do you like hearing what I do to your friends? I think you do. I think you want your stepmother to take your virgin cock into her mouth and suck on it, huh? I can’t WAIT to corrupt you… Guys your age just can’t resist women my age because we know just how to take care of you. Then, when you finish in my mouth, I’ll swallow it down to hide the evidence…just like I did with all your friends before you. Don’t worry, we’ll keep this our dirty little secret.

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Mistletoe Mommy

You’re supposed to be in bed. I have my boyfriend coming over tonight, which is the reason for my lingerie. I found this in your room. Do you know what it is? It’s mistletoe! Do you know what it’s for? Who gave it to you? Well son, it’s obvious this girl has a thing for you. Your inexperience could be a real problem though. Let me coach you. C’mon, just give me a kiss. It’s not weird. I used to kiss you all the time when you were little. What do you do now if this girl who likes you put the mistletoe over her breasts? Or her pussy? Will you know what to do? Looks like I have a lot to teach you. I don’t mind. I’m going to show you exactly how it’s done. This girl is going to eventually put this mistletoe over your cock and you’re going to have to play it cool. You need to practice, and who better than with me? After all, mommy knows best!
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