Epiphany Jones – 7 Days of Bath Times With Mommy

You’ve come to spend 7 days with mommy over the holidays here is what happened over those days during bath times with Mommy. 12 very different scenes filmed over 7 days during bath and shower times. Some might say you’re a bit too old now to enjoy bath time with mommy, but mommy is always doing things she shouldn’t do. It is the perfect time for bonding for us both mommy missed you so much she doesn’t even want to bath or shower without you. Mommy makes you come in to the bathroom every day. Every time you’re in the bath room with mommy she makes you sit and watch her, you such a little perv and quite enjoy seeing mommy naked and dripping wet. Mommy makes you watch her washing and touching her naked, soapy body. Sometimes Mommy even lets you come close and encourages you to touch mommy and yourself. When Mommy was shaving she made you kneel down in front of her and watch, if she saw you was enjoying it mommy would encourage you to masturbate with her. Mommy sometimes enjoys putting toys or shower bottles in her holes making you watch how to pleasure a woman. One night mommy was in the shower and making me wank while I watched her soaping up her body. Mommy then showed me how a real woman sucks cock. Mommy uses bad words that you know she shouldn’t be saying but you quite enjoy it and feel ashamed at how much you enjoy these bath times with mommy. So many wrong things have happened over these days and you know if you was to tell anyone about what happened in the bathroom over the week you would get mommy in to a lot of trouble. As a good boy you will never breathe a word of this to anybody, it will be yours and mommy’s secret.

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Epiphany Jones – Mommy Want Her Pussy Filled

It’s been a busy day back at college and you want nothing more than to watch the game and relax. But, that was before you found your horny Mommy sexily lounging on the couch in her sheer nude lace top stocking, no pants just pretty lace panties and a sweater. Mommy doesn’t want to give up the remote that easy. Mommy loves to play games with you and teasing you is so much fun. mommy puts the remote in places you shouldn’t be looking or touching. Your cock is throbbing at the sight of Mommy’s hot naked body. Mommy can see how horny and hard you are for her. No one else is home for a little while mommy encourages you to get your cock out and show her how you masturbate. Such a good obedient boy standing in front of mommy with your pants down and jerking you cock for mommy. Mommy loves watching you wank, mommy has her hands in her pants playing with her wet pussy. You are so excited to see and hear how wet mommy’s pussy is. Mommy pulls her panties to the side to show you how pleased she is with your good behaviour. Mommy gives you a naughty JOI whilst rubbing her pretty pink clit and fingering her dropping wet pussy to climax. You want to feel like what it feels like inside mommy’s sexy wet pussy. Mommy lets you slide your cock inside her pussy and fucks you so good with her warm, wet and very tight pussy. Mommy fucks you until she creams all over your cock and feeling mommy cum and all that warm wetness drip all over your balls makes your cum explode deep inside mommy’s pussy. Such a good boy for mommy you are. Now hurry we best get cleaned up before anyone comes home. Remember now this our little secret.

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Epiphany Jones – Mommy Fucks You After Night Out

You’re back home for the holidays visiting mommy and it has been such a first night back home. You and mommy went out for a meal and then ended up hitting the bar and clubs until the early hours of the morning dancing and having so much fun. The sun is rising and we have just got home, Mommy looks so sexy in her PVC dusty pink dress with matching heels. You are still horny from watching the way mommy danced and moved her sexy body tonight. Your cock got so hard when mommy was dancing with you and grinding up and down on your leg and crotch in the club using you like a pole. Mommy goes an pours you a glass and sits opposite you on the couch. Mommy can see you staring at her with so much hunger in your eyes, mommy loves that you want her so much and begins teasing you by touching her body, stroking her legs and giving you cheeky flashes up her skirt. Mommy encourages you to get your cock out and stroke like a good boy. Mommy gives you a really slutty show. Lifting up her PVC dress and showing you all of mommy’s holes. Mommy is so horny for you and watching you stoking your big hard cock has got mommy dripping wet for you. Mommy gets down on to her knees and gives you a helping hand. Jerking off your dick, whilst talking dirty to you and sucking your cock so good. Mommy knows exactly how you like it. Mommy really wants you to fuck her pussy and cum inside her. Mommy rides your cock so hard and pumps up your cock in lots of hot positions. You love how mommy takes control and works your cock until we both cum hard. You’re such a filthy boy cumming inside mommy and you’re so naughty watching mommy play with the creampie and pushing all your cum out of mommy’s pussy. We don.t want daddy to find out now do we. Now go and get cleaned up before he is here.

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Epiphany Jones – Licking and Fucking Mommy Creampie

Mommy is so horny for you and has come in to your bedroom naked and ready to take your big, hard cock. Mommy is so fucking wet for you and touches your sexy body up and this makes your cock rock solid for mommy you love to feel mommy’s touch. Mommy teases you with her hot body and encourages you to take your cock and wank for her. Mommy comes and sits her sexy big ass on your face and makes you eat her holes. You love the taste of Mommy’s pussy and ass. Mommy is jerking off your cock as you eat her. Your tongue makes mommy cum so hard all over your face, but mommy isn’t finished with your cock yet, she climb on top of your cock and rides your big dick in revers cowgirl and multiple positions pumping your cock real fucking good with mommy’s tight wet pussy. You flip mommy on to her back and pund her tight pussy so fucking good you love to feel mommy getting wetter and wetter until mommy comes so hard with you! Creampie mommy’s real nice and deep. You pull out and love watching mommy playing with your cum in her pussy. Watching mommy fingering her cummy pussy makes your cock harder and you want to cum some more. Mommy wanks your dick and talks dirty to her boy until you cum all over her and you love watching mommy licking it your cum off her hands. Such a good boy you are making mommy so happy and satisfied like this.

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