Bettie Bondage – Mommys Milking Sessions

I suppose Mommy’s hand isn’t enough to keep you away from those sluts at school anymore. Well, I’ll have to move forward, then, and use my pussy to milk you. Oh, don’t look so sad, honey, its so much better for you to learn about sex from a woman, like mommy, than from some silly school girl crush. You’ll thank me when you get a full ride to Stanford, all because I’ve kept your head free and clear for your studies!

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Epiphany Jones – Licking and Fucking Mommy Creampie

Mommy is so horny for you and has come in to your bedroom naked and ready to take your big, hard cock. Mommy is so fucking wet for you and touches your sexy body up and this makes your cock rock solid for mommy you love to feel mommy’s touch. Mommy teases you with her hot body and encourages you to take your cock and wank for her. Mommy comes and sits her sexy big ass on your face and makes you eat her holes. You love the taste of Mommy’s pussy and ass. Mommy is jerking off your cock as you eat her. Your tongue makes mommy cum so hard all over your face, but mommy isn’t finished with your cock yet, she climb on top of your cock and rides your big dick in revers cowgirl and multiple positions pumping your cock real fucking good with mommy’s tight wet pussy. You flip mommy on to her back and pund her tight pussy so fucking good you love to feel mommy getting wetter and wetter until mommy comes so hard with you! Creampie mommy’s real nice and deep. You pull out and love watching mommy playing with your cum in her pussy. Watching mommy fingering her cummy pussy makes your cock harder and you want to cum some more. Mommy wanks your dick and talks dirty to her boy until you cum all over her and you love watching mommy licking it your cum off her hands. Such a good boy you are making mommy so happy and satisfied like this.

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JiggleYourPuffs – Girlfriends Mum Punishes You

I’ve just walked in on you and my daughter, and decide when she is out I need to teach you a lesson. You need to be punished, but you also need to know how to please a woman properly if I’m ever going to allow you to date my daughter! I hope you like being told you’re a good boy, and how naughty you are as I sit on your face and ride your cock until I cum.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy’s Little Soldier

SydneyHarwin – Mommys Little Soldier
Taboo, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Face Sitting, Asshole Fetish
Oh son, are you still feeling unwell? I just hate seeing you like this! Let me feel your forehead… You still have a fever! Do you trust Mommy? You do? That’s good, son… Well I want you to take your clothes off, your too hot! Mommy knows best… Oh look at it sticking up for Mommy… That’s great son, Mommy likes to help… I guess it’s up to Mommy to make her little soldier feel all better again…

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