BellaBates – Son Mommy Can Be Your Ahegao Cum Slut

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You have been in your room for days. Something is depressing you. I want to know what it is, what’s wrong with you. I ask how I would make you happy, but you don’t answer me anything. I am really worried, what’s wrong with my son? I look around your room as I talk to you and I get curious: you have a lot of posters about cartoon girls and I’ve seen in your browsing history how much you watch cartoons, or do you call it anime (sorry, I am mommy)?, where the girls are dressed sexy and they show that “silly face”. What does that mean? That face? Then I’ll show you the face I mean, and then.. there it is: your smile for a long time! If mommy can make you smile and happy for a long time, mom will do anything to keep you happy.

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BellaBates – Movie Night With Mommy

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You watch a movie with your mom, it’s one of her favorite movies. In the middle of the movie, your mom starts rubbing herself. You’re a little confused and she tells that she can’t resist touching herself because the certain scene in the movie always makes her so horny. She can do nothing about it, she just feels an irresistible desire to touch herself. She strokes her pussy throughout the scene. She shows you how wet she got. You can see how her jeans have a wet spot. She sees that you too are horny because your cock is hard in your pants. She thinks the movie got you horny too (really your cock is hard after seeing a wet spot). She suggests something to you because she really wants something inside her, she can’t resist her lusts. You end up fucking her doggystyle on the couch and shoot big cum on her face.

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Natasha Nixx – Mommy is a Pornstar

Come here honey, have a seat. We need to talk. I’ve noticed some of my private things have been moved around. It look’s like we need to have a discussion about what mommy does for a living. It is very natural to be sexual. Mommy is here to help you understand.

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Bettie Bondage – The Birthday Gift

You know just what you want for your birthday this year. I mean, you’re becoming a man. So of course, you want a big gift…something to usher you into manhood. And of course, you want it from the biggest tease you’ve ever seen: your mother. When she asks for your birthday wishlist, you don’t hesitate to put it all down. Handjob, blowjob, tit fuck. All the stuff you’ve been thinking about every night when you jerk your dick til you cum and hope she hears through the thin wall that separates your rooms. I mean, she can act offended all she wants, but you know she does it all on purpose. The tight skirts, the low cut shirts. Leaving the door open when she changes. Hugging you extra close and pushing herself against you. You know she wants you. You know she’ll need it, love it, cum for it–once she gives in.

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MissMiserlou – You Have to Fuck Mommy Taboo Facial

I come into your room to see how my son is doing; you’ve been hiding out in bed all day! You’re reluctant to tell me what’s wrong, but I keep insisting that you tell me. Finally you admit that something’s going on with your penis and you let me pull back the covers to take a look. You have a raging erection! I’m very sweet, gentle, and reassuring when I tell you that it’s totally normal, and I offer to help you take care of it. I grip your penis and tell you to follow my lead, stroking it up and down, eventually getting quicker and urging you to orgasm. Seems like this won’t work though, so I tell you to stand up, and I’m going to use my mouth to help give you relief. You seem to be enjoying it, because you blow your load all over my face! I’m proud of you for reaching climax but… well… I was really starting to get into this and was hoping that you’d have to fuck me next! Come on dear, I need you to get hard again so you can fuck me properly. You’re reluctant but I’m very insistent, you have to fuck Mommy and make me cum! I strip off my outfit for you and show off my cute little titties, my round ass, and my luscious hairy pussy for you. I stroke your cock as I lay on my back, ready for you to thrust into me. You’re fucking me so well and I give you instructions on exactly how to make me have a huge orgasm! I’m moaning and my legs are shaking as you bring me over the edge, and then I let you keep fucking me until you blow another load all over my belly! You did such a good job, sweetie!

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Kelly Payne – Pregnant Kelly Meets VoyeurHigh Taboo

Your mom wakes you up in an abrasive manner, you’ve hit snooze way to many times and it’s the first day of school for everyone and your mom is not amused by your lazy uncaring attitude. She’s naked and seems to not realize until she sees your morning wood and covers herself. At breakfast she notices again, you still haven’t gotten ready and have a boner, you ask for help… not wanting to be late she reluctantly agrees to “help” by giving you a hand job, and sucking a little to speed things along… Until… you unexpectedly explode a huge load all over her face! Dad walks in… mom plays it off, being the excellent drama teacher she is. Since you upset her this morning and your lucky enough to be in her class, she volunteers you to play the part of one of the bears and you insist she help you into your costume… no surprise… another boner. Again mom reluctantly takes care of your boner and again… you unexpectedly explode another huge load all over her, this time covering her face, hair and body… She grabs a baggy and tries her best to clean herself of your cum… but the class notices her… umm… prop make up?! good thing mom is good at improv… apparently so are you as you mess with her through the entire one on one example of improv… until you get her to sit on your cock… shocked, embarrassed, and horrified… she plays along with your improv dance?? while you fuck your mom in front of the entire class, filling your moms pussy full of cum… Mom tries her best to quickly excuse you both to the dressing room where her stress from this crazy day explodes… and you have a great idea to fuck her stress away. Oh did I mention Dads the principle and decides to sit on the class? Good thing he’s glued to his phone…

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Tattooed Temptress – Mommy Can Relieve Your Stress

You’ve been so stressed recently, and mommy is worried. I never see you anymore. You’re always locked away in your room. Well, mommy wants to relieve her son. I know you’ve been watching mommy when she bends over. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. I actually like the thought of my son peaking at me. I even stopped wearing panties on purpose. Have you seen mommies pussy? I spread my legs and let my son see my pussy whilst rubbing it. It’s ok son, its perfectly normal and natural. Mommy is going to make your cock hard and suck you until you explode all over her face. I know those big swollen balls need draining so bad.

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ImMeganLive – I Found My Sons Taboo Porn Stash

I come in and I’m just wearing a black bra and g string. The g string is showing just a bit, enough to tease. I say “Son we need to talk, I borrowed your laptop to watch a video and saw all the taboo porn that you have on your laptop!” I was a little disgusted and shocked at first. But I slowly ease into it and tease you by touching myself. I ask if you think of me when you watch porn. How it is so wrong and kinky and naughty but we are both really turned on by it. It gets built up and eventually I strip for you and give you a blowjob. A lot of dirty talk using the words taboo and how it is so wrong but how it makes me so horny. Towards the end I say that I want you to cum all over my face and in my mouth and that it would be really naughty and kinky for us to kiss right after (light encouraging cei and how it’s so dirty). Also saying throughout the video how I am your dirty slut. And that I’ll do anything for you, how your cum tastes so good and I want to share it. This ends by cumming all over me (Visible cumshot; Face and mouth) and I come for the final kiss.

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Sydney Harwin – Nut On And In Mommy

You was planning on going out tonight with your friends, but your Mommy looks so fucking delectable reading on the sofa with her legs out like that. You can’t take your eyes off her, but you’d better be careful or she might suspect… Suddenly she asks you if you’d give her leg a rub- OF COURSE YOU WILL ! As you are massaging your Moms legs, she senses that something is up with you and questions your unusual behaviour lately. You deny any and all accusations, until your Mom is made to bring up the “secret” matter herself, considering YOU won’t talk about it.. she found her dirty underwear in your bedroom… fuck! How did she find them, you hid them so well ?! She is surprisingly accepting of your “mommy problem” and asks if theres anything you’d like to know or anything that would make you feel better about your fetish. You jokingly (and embarrassingly) say you’d like a handjob, to which she laughs and checks over her shoulder that your Dad can’t see or hear.. and says yes. What??!! She tells you theres no harm if it will make you feel better and as long as you know its wrong and wont ask for anything more. You never knew your Mommy was so open minded, its intense! After wanking your cock right there on the living room sofa, you accidentally blow your load all over her face and tits, oops! Oh well.. your Mom is a dirty bitch really and almost jumps on you to feel your fat cock inside of her. She hasn’t been shagged in ages and it shows! You’ll have to be quiet because your Dad could walk in at any second, and you MUST remember this is only a one off… maybe…

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Jude Ryan – Mommy’s Friend Blows You

You wake up from your nap to Mommy’s friend standing over you, telling you how cute you are. Mommy tells her friend something that you don’t quite understand, and then mommy’s friend looks down your pants and is shocked by the size of your private parts. Before you know it, Mommy is watching while her friend is making a great big mess all over your penis. You blow a huge load all over her face, and she asks Mommy if she can do this again some time.

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