Bettie Bondage – Bully Son Owns Mom

Your adoptive mom has always been your slut. I mean, what did she expect, taking in some trouble teen and expecting to “save” them? She was practically begging to be a cockslut, though. It didn’t take long before she was doing whatever you said: sucking cock, taking it up the ass, wearing whatever you told her, getting piercings and tattoos. Her stupid husband has no idea whats got into her (you), and her dumb son is even more clueless. Of course, you push him around, too. How could you not? The kids a bitch. So it’s not a surprise when your dear mum comes into the bedroom you share with your “brother” and demands to know whats going on. Seem like her pussy son finally tattled on you. Of course, before your mother can get any words out, you remind her of the rules: if you’re in a room alone, her tits are out and your cock is getting sucked. Obediently, she climbs onto your bed, taking your hard cock in one hand as she unbuttons her shirt with the other, revealing the tiny, see-through micro-kini you told her to buy. Her big, heavy tits are barely contained as she starts to suck and deepthroat your cock, telling you that you need to be nicer to your brother…even if you do have a much big cock. Actually, she confesses, its even bigger than her husbands. But still! You can’t be so mean. Even if you’re smarter, too. More handsome. Even if you’re mommy’s favorite boy. Mommy’s favorite cock… As your dirty mummy starts to deepthroat you, spit and cum dripping from her lips as she milks you once, twice, three times, all her resolve and conviction drops away. All she ever cared about was getting fucked and used, like she deserves. It’s a beautiful thing, a woman who finally knows her place. You smile as she milks one last load onto her face, assuring you that you can treat her idiot son however you want, so long as you don’t take away her “cock privileges.” Slut.

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Viera May – Submissive Mom Gives Son JOI

Son don’t be embarrassed but I found something naughty in your bedroom! My red thong! Now do you need to tell mommy anything? Your horny! Well that’s normal David! You can ask mommy anytime you need help with a situation like that! Let me help you now! Go ahead and pull out that dick! Good boy! Now jerk that big dick for me! I strip out of my blue lingerie and slip into the red thong you love so much! I start to finger myself! Jerk it faster baby! I tell you I will do anything you want! You ask me to be your piggy slut and oink! I have no problem doing whatever you ask! Yes son! Oink! Oink! Oink! Cum on mommy’s slut face! You jerk that dick and cover me! It’s all over my face! Good boy! I need to go clean myself up! Don’t tell daddy about this!

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Joslyn Jane – Stepson Catches Mom Cheating On Dad

My stepson walks in on me sending sexy photos to my boyfriend. He promises not to tell my husband if I fuck him. I start sucking his dick and then he fucks me doggy style. I ride his cock and then he fucks me over the countertop, in the kitchen. He finishes on my face.

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Jane Cane – Mom Cures Sons Explosive Cum

Ethan’s mom Jane coming into his room to put up laundry. As she is cleaning, she looks up and notices these very large stains on the ceiling. Confused, she goes to find her son to see if he knows what caused these stains. Ethan (virtual) explains that whenever he cums, he seems to cum a lot and very, very hard. His mom Jane is shocked and speechless at her sons admissions, but also curious. Unable to take her son’s word for it, she asks Ethan to sit down and take off his pants. As he does so, Jane notices his balls are very swollen and that they’re tearing open his underwear! Jane decides that she can’t leave her son like this and slowly begins to jerk off her son. Ethan notices Jane is showing some cleavage so she pulls out her breasts to entice her son to get more excited. Jane soon realizes that her son’s balls are growing even more! Shocked, she starts to suck her son’s boner, slobbering all over. Soon, Ethans balls are so large that he explodes and unleashes a huge load all over Jane’s face. She laughs, speechless at her son’s explosive ejaculation. She says that this might need to be a daily occurrence to make sure her son’s balls don’t get that big again.

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Kiera Stone – Hot Mom MILF Likes What She Sees

You boys are having a party and you come down to find out what I’m doing. Mutual flirtation and teasing. I find out you are into mature woman and I ask to see your dick. If I like it… well I do. I have you start stroking it for me while I strip. JOI. Soon I’m sucking on you and swallowing every inch. After sucking your dick, I encourage you to cum on my face. I get on my knees and beg for you to cum all over my face.

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Bettie Bondage – Inheriting the Family Titty Bar

Your mother has always been such a bitch. Trying to ground you, giving you unreasonable curfews and house rules. But your father never let her get away with it…and now he’s gone. Died. Sudden Cardiac Arrest while auditioning new talent for the family business. See your dad has owned a titty bar since before you were born. In fact, your mom used to dance there! Before she turned into an ultra bitch and lost every ounce of fun in her body. You come home from a nightcap with some sympathetic friends after the funeral to find your mother, just home from the will reading. She’s having a Jack and Diet Coke, and she looks pissed. Why should she be pissed? The bar is a dive now but you’re sure its still a cash cow, being the only titty bar in a fifty mile radius. She sucks her teeth and laughs cruelly. “He left it to you,” she says, seething. “The whole business.” You smile. Of course he did! Dad, coming in clutch even from beyond the grave! You tell her you’ve got big plans to revive the place and she scoffs. “With what money? Do you know how much it’ll cost to bring that place out of the 80s?” You tell her you have just the right plan to raise the money. See, you’re going to have a feature dancer. A real local draw. The town’s hottest MILF. Her. Your mother is going to come out of retirement and the shock value alone will really put some asses in those seats! You’ll raise the renovation funds in no time at all! She laughs at your idea but you’re serious. Really, you tell her, she’s a total fox. She’s still got it, even if things with your father had fizzled in recent years. You know everyone will have a huge hard-on for her, even your friends. After much gentle cajoling, she starts to come around to the possibility. She gets a little look in her eyes…and you know you’ve convinced her. You’ll even help her get ready for it! Think of me as a patron, you tell her, settling into a chair in the living room and watching as she nervously starts to undress, complaining about her lack of practice in floor work. Slowly, she starts to loosen up, moving her hips and sinuously rubbing herself against you, feeling your quickly stiffening cock against her skin. You try to stifle your moans but she’s so sexy, so soft, so absolutely on top of you… “Tell you what,” she says, “let’s make this interesting. If I take care of that tent in your pants, and I mean really take care of it, you sign over that club to me?” Of course, you take the bait. Having your mother in such a compromised position? This is going to get really interesting, really fast!!

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Kelly Payne – Mom Fucks Her Sons Bully

Mommy Kelly has made a deal with her son’s school bully, you’ve agreed to leave her son alone as long as she agrees to fuck you whenever you want. You heard through friends it’s her son’s birthday today and she’s having a party for her son. You call and invite yourself, and tell her to wear something revealing and sexy. She tells you no, so you remind her of all the messed up things you could easily start doing to her son. She agrees and when you arrive she even shows you she’s not wearing any panties underneath her skirt. When it’s time to sit down to eat, her son and parents join you both at the table. You decide it’s a great opportunity to shove your fingers deep inside her pussy and bring her to orgasm right in front of her son and guests. She tries her best to maintain a calm and normal state but struggles. As guests make their way into the room near the kitchen you tell her to get under the table and suck your cock. She does as you say but you nearly get caught. Afterwards you tell her you want to fuck her right there in the kitchen with all the guests nearby. (POV VS with Dildo) She reluctantly pulls up her skirt and climbs onto your hard cock. again so close to getting caught you tell her to bend over and fuck her hard and deep from behind while her ass bounces up and down on your cock, covering your cock in her cum. You stop and tell her to finish you off on her knees… you want to cum on her face. You drench her in your cum, completely covering her face, tits, and clothes. Leaving her alone to figure out how to discreetly make it to the bathroom to clean herself up.

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Blondie Fesser – Hot Mommy Teaching Son How To Fuck

You are my Son and I love you so much. I´ve been looking through your computer and I saw you were watching porn and you had a preference for mature women. It’s ok to watch porn, but I just wanna teach you how you need to please women the right way and who is gonna be better than mommy? We have a lil chat before you go to bed, now that your father isn’t here. I don’t need to tease you too much, I know your dick is already hard by looking at me. You love these porn looking mommas with huge tits and big ass. I start sucking your hard dick softly, i ride you cowgirl so you can see my boobs bouncing. Finally I stroke your dick with my big mommy boobs and suck you off till you cum on mommy’s face.

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Ashley Alban – Step mom Teaches You To Jerk It

Your step-mom comes home fairly late from work, exhausted per usual. She asks what your plans are for the night, and you say that you were about to shower. She tells you to hurry up since she wants to take a shower too and relax. While you’re in the shower, you hear the door open and your step-mom walks in. She complains that you’re taking too long and she wants to shower now so she can unwind from the day. She asks if she can just start getting ready for her shower since you should be almost done. She starts to undress. You stare as she peels off her clothes. She catches you staring, and tells you that you shouldn’t be sneaking peeks at your step-mom like this. (Yes…I know she is the one getting undressed, but this is porn.) Since you basically stop washing yourself to gawk at her, she says she’ll just join you in her impatience. She gets into the shower an begins to wash herself. You look at her round butt as she soaps it up and you feel your dick get hard. When she bends over to grab some soap, you “accidentally” step forward a bit so your cock presses against her ass. It slides right in! She stands up quickly and asks you what you’re doing. You tell her it was an accident. She then asks why you even have a boner, but she realizes that you probably can’t help it. You tell her that you have never masturbated before and ask her to show you how. She is skeptical, but she feels bad for creating this situation (plus she likes your dick), so she’s willing to help. After the shower, you step-mom gets into bed with you. She takes your dick out and strokes it herself to show you how. She even sucks it a bit to lube it up. When you start feeling like you’re close, she tells you to take over and stroke it. You jerk it until you cum all over her face!

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