BellaBates – Mommy’s Best Son

As your mommy used to also tonight she wants you, his own sons, to compete in a small competition. The winner will, of course, receive a prize. Your mommy will put you and your brother to stand side by side. You know the rules, the one who cum first wins. Your mommy will sucks you and strokes your cocks. You stand in the middle and you are her favorite. She wants you to win, because she loves your cock most, it is the best. It fits perfectly in the mommy’s pussy. You must guess who wins..? Yes.. you get the prize, and you know for sure what it is. Good luck for the competition.

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ImMeganLive – Mom Finds Son Tied Up By Bully

I’m the innocent Mom, but horny, and I find my son tied up by his bully with the key attached to his cock. I walk into the room and see my son standing with his hands tied and locked up behind the wall and completely naked… The thing is that the key to get him out is wrapped around his cock with a red cord. First, I ask him what happened….why are you naked? He tells me the bully at school came to visit him and did that to him. I feel bad and tell him I’m gonna help him. I ask him where the key is, he points down to his cock… I tell myself I can do it, just grab the key and be done with it… I go down to my knees. At start, I’m looking how to do it, really taking my time touching the key, then that doesn’t work, so I try touching the cord around the cock, then touch with my fingers, then with two hands, then stroking with two fingers, and finally stroke it with my hand! All this time I’m getting more excited (Throughout the handjob part I bite my lips and drool as I’m getting turned on) and try less to help him and more just to touch his cock. It doesn’t work son, maybe if I add something to make the skin less dry? Hold on! Maybe if I add saliva! I spit on his cock, and keep moving/stroking it. He really gets into it and he just cum all over my face some going in my mouth too! He feels bad and I tell him it’s ok I’m fine. Hmm maybe there is not enough saliva, maybe using my mouth will do it! I suck him off doing ahegao faces some of the time, don’t worry mommy will help you! I keep doing it for 2-3m with dirty talk mom/son, then he cum AGAIN in my mouth! I finally succeed in lubricating his cock enough and remove the key! His cum was the solution! Now that I helped him, I asked him to help mommy, she was way too horny now! So he lay down on the bed and I ride his cock big time. It was so good I couldn’t contain myself doing ahegao faces, crossed eyes and loud moaning, he made me cum real hard. Then I had to get his last load inside my mouth again, so I sucked him off again, so good, ahegao faces again thinking about all the cum that mommy is gonna taste again. I gave him a countdown from 10 to 1 to unload everything on my tongue!

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ImMeganLive – Mom Son Love Story Part 4: Proposal

A few months has passed since I got addicted to my son’s cock. We moved together into a new place. Our relationship evolved, we’re hooked and have fallen in love with each other. So intensely that I decided to take the necessary steps so we could become a real couple, I initiated the divorce procedure with his dad. Today, I just received the documents, the signed and approved divorced papers! This is now official, mom and son can finally be together! I went in the living room to tell my son this great news, well, my boyfriend now. I am so happy! We need to celebrate! I went down on my knees and pulled his cock out of his boxers. Started to jerk him off, spat on it, licked it and sucked it real good just how he likes it! For this special occasion, I want him to unload all over my face, giving me a nice facial, spreading all his love all over me. He stood up and I continued to suck his cock until he took over, grabbing it and shooting a big load all over my face. As I stood up and was about to go clean myself up, he kneeled down, looked up straight into the eyes and gave me this little box…it’s a wedding ring! OMG! He’s proposing to me!!! Are you crazy!? … Will I say YES…or… NO?

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Gala MV – Mommy Helps You Feel Better

Sweetheart, it’s time to get up! You need to go to your doctor’s appointment. You’ve been telling me about this painful erections you’ve been having, you have a boner going on 24/7 and it almost feels like you took lots of viagra pills. You masturbate and nothing cums out. What… what do you mean you don’t need a doctor, of course you need one! Oh you’re being such a difficult boy today! You win. If you wanna stay home and not go to the doctor, then fine. But you’ll need to let me take care of you. Show me where it hurts… I rub your hardon and yes, I can feel how swollen and hard you are. You’re so BIG, of course you were gonna be so big. I mean, you’ve always been a big boy all around, it was so hard to get you out of my womb!! Alright I’ll stop with the mom jokes. My boy… this is what you wanted right. Mommy’s hand on your cock. This is the only way you’ll relieve the tension and pain. Let mommy take care of you with her mouth too and give you a blowjob. I tease you with my tits and tiny thong too. This will be the end of your blue balls! Give all of your cum to mommy. Don’t you wanna explode on mommy’s face? Give it all to me sweetie. ALL of it. A nice facial for mommy. You even get your cum on my tits and ass.

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Gala MV – 1 Mom 2 Sons Bukkake

I’ve been wanting to make a vid like this for so long omg: You boys have been so naughty. I find out about the amount of porn you watch. And not any kind of porn: Bukkake porn! I’m not here to judge you boys. But I know of someone who won’t like this. Your dad could be so mad if he finds out about this, you know how a christian man he is, he thinks porn is a sin. Well, if you boys don’t want me to tell dad, you have to bukkake me. What? Well, I’m your mom but Im a woman with needs. Your dad is so christian we only fucked when we made the both of you. (Story is 3 min) So I need cum. Your cum. Both of you’s cum. I suck on both of your cocks, and ask you to cum on me multiple times. You both cover my face, tits and body in your cum, I’m lucky I have 2 sons to give me all the cum I haven’t had in years!

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Brea Rose – Payback on the Bully’s Mom

I have just gotten back from a date with a younger guy, he must be a similar age to my son! I get undressed and go to suck his cock, thats what he tells me what a bully my son is, and this is his payback on my son the bully! He is going to fuck my face, cum on my face, creampie my pussy and asshole! I can’t believe that my son would ever be such a bully, I protest for a while until I begin to really enjoy it, at the end my son walks in and I tell him he better be careful who he’s bullying, this may just be his new step dad.

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Bettie Bondage – A Warm Night in Bed with Mommy

Your room is so cold! You can spend the night with mommy, in the big warm bed, with her soft, warm body right next to you. Can anyone blame you for wanting more? Not even mommy can, when she sees how big and hard you’ve gotten, just for her. It’s been so long since someone’s gotten a rock hard erection for her…even if it is her own boy.

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sloansmoans – Nanny Gets Blackmailed

Watch as your “nanny” comes rushing in from a storm. You weren’t expecting her, you were expecting your parents. She tells you that they got caught in the storm and need to stay at a hotel so they called her to rush over to you. As she’s explaining this she doesn’t realize that her white t-shirt is soaked and you can see her perfect tits and nipples through her top. She goes on about how she’s there to take care of you and that she’ll be staying the night and having fun with you. She asks you for a hug and she presses her breasts against you unknowingly. Once she takes a step back she looks down and realizes that her shirt is see-through. She’s so embarrassed! She crosses her arms and apologizes profusely. She tells you that she really should shower and get her clothes dry. She tells you she’ll be quick… Your nanny comes in from her shower only wearing a towel. She’s a bit frustrated because it seems that her clothes went missing. She asks you if you hid them from her and you deny it, even though you absolutely did. She keeps asking you to tell her where they are until she stops and smiles and realizes what is happening. She asks if seeing her nipples made you want to see more. You are at the age where you’re starting to become interested in girls, after all. She tells you that it’s very naughty but she’ll make a deal with you. She’ll show you her naked body if you promise to give her back her clothes. You promise. She’s the first woman you’ll be seeing naked and this excites her. She takes her towel off and poses for you in many different ways. She’s so caught up in her posing that she doesn’t notice you’re taking photos of her. She tells you to stop! She shouts at you to delete them! She explains how having photos of her on your phone could get her into big trouble. She pleads with you to delete them but you don’t. Instead, you want to make another deal. She tells you that she’s not going to agree but that’s when you say you’re going to send the photos to your friends right now if she doesn’t let you keep the photos AND masturbate in front of you. She’s shocked that you know what that is! She pleads with you further until she can’t believe she’s going to agree to your new terms. She then spreads her legs in front of you and shows you how women masturbate. She’s so embarrassed to be masturbating in front of the boy she nanny’s. But then she starts to become really turned on and she can’t believe that she’s into this. She’s so horny that when you start taking more photos of her masturbating she half heartedly tells you not to. And when you take your cock out to jerk off she tries to tell you not to but gets distracted by her own pleasure and your big cock. She can’t believe how big it is and she can’t stop staring at it! She then starts to encourage you to stroke for her. This sets her over the edge and she cums really hard for you. Once her orgasm subsides she says “fuck it” and gets on her knees in front of you. She grabs hold of your cock with both hands and begins to jerk you off herself. You can’t believe what’s happening, but you love it. She dirty talks about her big tits bouncing and how naughty she and you are. She tells you to take photos of her so you can blackmail her later because she doesn’t know why, but this is turning her on so much. She keeps jerking your cock and tells you that it’s okay to cum wherever you want to. You can’t help yourself so you cum all over her pretty face. She’s takes your cum like the naughty nanny she is and tells you that she wants your cum to dry on her face as a reminder of how naughty you are. She then tells you that you must promise to keep this a secret otherwise she won’t be able to be your nanny anymore. Don’t you have the best nanny ever?

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CuckoldingMILF – Mean Aunt Impregnation with Facial

Your mean hot aunt is staying with you and after seeing you naked decides she wants you. She tells you not to cum inside her but it still happens. She shows up again with a positive pregnancy test and pregnant belly annoyed because it is yours. But since the damage is done she thinks you can have a little more fun so she gives you a blow job with a facial.

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