Gala MV – Mommy and Son

I’m so sorry my boy for coming into your room like a crazy lady… i know i know im invading your space but GUESS WHAT! Mommy is finally going on a date!! Im hesitating if i should wear this dress.. cum on ba by boy help me decide if this little black dress looks good on me. I take off the towel and you see me, your mom, in a thong and topless from behind. Its not weird.. cum on dont act like youve never seen a woman half naked before. You think I dont know about your search history and all those mommy pornos you watch? I try the dress on and model it for you Then you help mommy get ready. You smell mommys hair, mommys perfume, mommys neck and chest.. does mommy smell good, my b by boy? Ughhhh ba b y boy ill miss you tonight. I left you some dinner prepared ba b y boy, i know youre a big man but you’ll always be mommys boy and ill always feed you well. Kiss me before I go. Oooh I think i felt your BIG hardon… you see mommy in a thong an dress and you get hard! Wow i cant leave you with a big boner. I call my date and cancel on him because something BIG came up and i gotta take care of it if you know what i mean…. (Story + body tease + mommy being hot is about 11 min) I then tease you wiht my feet and heels i can see that COCK LEAKING PRECUM for mommy!! you’re staining your pants and undies… let me put my mommy soft lips on your BIG cock . Let me milk you, you handsome stud (BJ is about 6:30min) Then I want you to fuck my mommy pussy real good (fucking starts after BJ, positions shown in preview, i wish the part of front dildo riding was longer and better, but my dildo kept betraying me lol, however i loved squatting on the dildo and wish to do it more in the future). I even include a little quick foot tease on your big fat juicy cock, quick tease with my hair on your cock, quick panty play on your cock. Fuck this pussy that made you, fuck me RAW, fuck condoms fuck MOMMY RAW, you came out of my womb through my pussy now get in it with your cock. WOW my pussy is so TIGHT and LITTLE how did a BIG HANDSOME STUD like you come out of it? Now cum inside me impregnate me give me your fertile cum my son GET ME PREGNANT fill me up.

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Harley Sin – Cum On Mommy’s Face

Mommys been waiting for you all day. She wants your cum. She needs your cum. Won’t you cum all over her face? She has a surprise for you. She takes off her dirty panties, she knows how much you love them. She holds them up while she sucks you, so you can smell them. Your mommy jerks you and sucks your cock. She begs you to cum. She calls herself a slut and whore. You’re mommy needs it. She can feel your cock getting harder, so she knows its coming. You cum a huge load all over her face and tits. Its dripping everywhere. Your mommy gets so turned on, she rubs it all over her face and tits. She milks the rest of it out with her mouth, lets it run down her tongue onto her body. She fucking loves her boys cum.

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BuniBun – Mommy Takes Care of Your Morning Wood

Your on a roadtrip with your family and they decided to pull over for the night and stay in a hotel to get some rest and wake up early so they can get back on the road for there family vacation. Your mom walks in your hotel room the next morning real early before the sun is even up wondering where you are because the family is late to hit the road. Mom walks in and catches you jerking off. Your mom gets upset with you and demands you to get out of bed but you insist you need to finish and cum. You arent budging even with mom in the room and shes desperate for you to get out of bed so we can all get back on our roadtrip. Mom decides to help you out and gets in bed with you as she starts to jerk you off. She tells you not to look at her because its weird enough but realizes if it helps you cum faster then its fine, eventually she breifly shows her tits and ass aslong as it helps you to cum faster for her. When she asks if your “close” to cumming and say no your not she gets upset saying that “we need to leave!” and says shes gunna have to use her mouth on you instead as that should do the trick to get you to cum and get out of bed. Mom sucks you off and she tells you to cum down her throat but instead you cum all over her face and make a huge mess all over her.

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Ivy Wild – Fuck Your Mother

You have found your moms home made porn on her computer and you’ve been wanking your cock over her ever day. You can’t help but jerk over her and want to fuck your mother so desperately. When she finds out you have been masturbating over her, she invites you to watch her get fucked in real time by a huge cock, while she talks extreme, filthy dirty talk to you. As a reward for being so patient watching mommy get used, your mommy lets you fuck her too and begs her son to cum all over her face.

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Emmas Secret Life – Mom Help Me And My Friends With Our Big Cocks

Custom: The idea is you’re a chemist, working on experimental viagra, you have some at home in the fridge because of reasons you don’t have to go into details with, but maybe you planned to do some off the books experiments with your husband. Either way my friends and I find it and sip it thinking it’s kool-aid or something, but with developing/still growing boys has some unexpected side effects. It makes our cocks/balls larger, don’t have to show that transformation or anything, just we turn up to you for help and you see our bulges – and it also makes us aggressive. So commentary from you would be how we’re young, your sons friends, too big , worried about your job/pregnancy Would actually like just my friends to come in first and start, and I come in after they’ve used you a bit. I lingered because I ended up sipping more before we all realized what it was and my cock/balls/everything is bigger than them. Would like a bit more of a freak out about me joining as I’m your son and could impregnate you, stuff like that.

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ImMeganLive – Lonely Step Mommy

I recently married your father, and have moved to California with you. Your father is constantly making international business trips, leaving me at home, lonely. I’ve been trying to spend time with you, but you’ve been avoiding me and I don’t know why because you’ve always seemed to like me. I call you to my room to talk about what’s wrong, I convince you to tell me that you find me very attractive. I decide to let you do what you want with me to get over this awkwardness. First you ask me to let you kiss and lick the soles of my feet and tickle them a little too. Maybe I find it a little weird at first but I end up enjoying it. I then notice how aroused that made you. I give you a very sloppy blowjob with dirty talk. Some DeepThroat. Ending with a nice and big facial (Cumshot visible all over my face). After that you’re still hard, I’m not gonna leave you like that. Your step-mommy asks you to lay down on the bed so I take care of it with my pussy this time. I’m gonna ride you and make my titties bounce as I cowgirl you. A lot of enthusiastic dirty talk. I’m then begging for you to cum inside me. Yes it may get me pregnant. I don’t mind. Impregnate me! You creampie me (Cum visible coming out of pussy). Still hard!! Then finally, asking for anal and I amusingly agreeing to it. Ends up with a close up of my spread cheeks fading to black and a gasp for what’s about to happen.

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Jocelynbaker – Draining You While Daddys Home

Your dad just got home from his business conference and things are slowly going back to normal around the house. And by normal, you mean you no longer get to be in Mommy’s bed and fuck her sweet pussy. You and her have been having so much fun together, and you’re really missing her morning blow jobs. So much that your hand slowly reaches down to your cock as you think about how good she made you feel. You start stroking yourself to your Mommy but you’re pulled back into reality when you hear your parents arguing, then your Mom knocking on your bedroom door. You can’t get your dick in your pants fast enough and she barges in on you with it hard and throbbing. She pretends to be angry, but reveals she wishes you had invited her to join. You’re stunned, we can’t! Dad is home, you tell her. She’s not satisfied with that though and promises you that your Dad is glued to the TV. She walks into the living room and tells him she’s headed to the bedroom for a nap, only instead of going in her room she slowly slips into yours with a grin. Once in your room, you’re a mix of turned on and nervous. Your dad is RIGHT in the other room, he can hear any thing that happens! You quickly forget your worries once Mommy peels off her hot pink tank top and releases those giant boobies you love to suck. She goes to lock your bedroom door and when she returns reveals a surprise sexy pair of panties – they were for your Dad, but he hasn’t touched her since he got home days ago so Mommy is going to let you play with them instead. You bend her over and slip your cock in her, fucking her until you feel her pussy clench down on your dick. She’s so sensitive after cumming that she asks you to pull it out, you can’t cum in her tonight because Daddy might want to use her later. She gets ready to suck your cock but you just have to bury your face in her sweet pussy juice before she makes you cum. It doesn’t take very long before she’s cumming in your mouth and now you’re certainly ready to blast her face with spunk. She gets on her knees and sucks you while stroking (a deadly combo) and you blow your load almost instantly. She laps up your cum and even licks some off her face. She smiles at you devilishly and suggests you two clean up before Dad notices.

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ImMeganLive – Cum 4x for Naughty Mommy

My husband is away on a business trip and I simply need a good cock to fuck me, as long as it stays in our inner circle you know. So I convinced my step-son, you, to slowly insert your penis into step-mommy and to start pounding my wet pussy while I was on my back. It was so good! I ask you to pull out when you are close to cumming and cum all over my hot body. I then notice that you are still hard! I decide to titty fuck you until you explode for a second time between my big titties. Even after cumming twice already you were still good a third round! Omg! I couldn’t believe it! So much better than your step-father! I am not done either, so I sit on your cock and ride you, you make me cum real hard! This time, I want you to cum inside me, so I will ride you hard until you explode inside of me. We’ll both watch all of your cum leaking out. My sweet boy, you’re a god! Still hard! Step-mommy goes down on her knees and start giving you a blowjob and worshiping her step-son’s cock until you blow your last and huge load all over her pretty face!

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VieraMayXXX – 80s Step Mommy Helps Group Of Boys Cum

You are celebrating jerking off with friends because you boy’s just won a masturbation tournament. I decide to help you celebrate by letting you boy’s jerk off onto mommy. I end the video by letting my son ruin my new apron with his cum. Good job my boner boy’s. Let’s practice again next week.

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