Sydney Harwin – Mommy And Son Sexual Relations

You turn up at your Moms uninvited one afternoon to stay for a few days. She is acting very strange and doesn’t seem to want you there. A few months ago your father left her and ever since, she has been off the rails, bringing men home and has fallen into a state of depression. You try to help her by being there for her, even though you’ve got a pregnant girlfriend at home who needs you, you feel you need to be there for your mother right now… What starts as an innocent hug between mom and son in the bathroom, soon spirals into a string of intimate encounters, where you both don’t know how it really makes you feel…

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Blair Blackheart – Your Pervert Babysitter

Since your parents both work the night shift, they hire Blair to be your overnight babysitter. When bedtime rolls around Blair puts you to bed but you just can’t rest. You come out into the living room and catch Blair in her panties, making herself at home stretched out on the sofa playing video games. You ask your much older babysitter if you can stay up a little longer and watch some TV with her. Blair checks the clock, sees your parents won’t be home soon, and agrees. Only Blair being the dirty pervert that she is suggests you both watch a XXX movie. When you admit you’ve never seen dirty movies because you’re too young she decides to teach you everything you’ll need to know in the future. Blair makes you promise you won’t tell your parents and right after you say “I promise” Blair tells you to pull out your private parts because she’s going to take your virginity!

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Bettie Bondage – I Dream of Mommy

Your dreams have been invading your waking life lately…or is it the other way around? Football practice gave you a concussion, and that only made things even muddier…how are you supposed to tell what’s real and what’s fantasy? God, everything feels so real…so perfectly real…

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Sydney Harwin – The Free Use Mommy Club

You are browsing mommy porn online one day, when you come across a strange website. You press “ENTER” and see that you’ve stumbled across a kind of special secret society. You quickly learn that this online group does more than just offer mommy porn videos. Before you know it, you are scrolling through endless REAL taboo vids! You notice that all the moms seem to be enjoying sex with their biological sons… REALLY enjoying it. You decide to take advantage of the “contact us” page to ask some questions about the authenticity of the movies in front of you, but before you can send your message, you have to fill out your contact details. You don’t really want to leave your mobile number (you want to remain anonymous) but you feel there’s no harm, plus, you feel this is all actually quite interesting! Almost straight away you get a phone call from a woman, who wants to know all about your mommy fetish. You don’t know why, but you open up to her about your most secret, filthy fantasies you have about your own mother. “What if I told you,” she said, “that if you paid me $5,000, I could make your real, biological mommy want to fuck you?”… You ask her how, and she replies- “We don’t release that sort of information. Now, do you wanna join the club or not?”…

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Elouise Please – Encouraging Auntie Fucks Her Nephew

Aw, it’s been such a long time since I last saw you, I’m so glad that you’re here at this party. And wow, my nephew is so grown up now! You’re such a big boy aren’t you?! You know, ever since you were little you used to always stare at my boobs, so why don’t I show you them? Don’t worry, nobody will disturb us. And I guess you shouldn’t just stop there, how about if you use that tongue to lick your aunts pussy? Come on, don’t stop now! You don’t want anybody to find out that you licked my pussy, do you? I think you’re gonna have to do a lot more to please your auntie now… otherwise I’ll have to tell your Mum, my sister, and I don’t think she would be very happy.

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Anastasia Pierce – Unexpected Visitor

You go to school with my son, you two are the same age. You come to my house even though you know he is not here. My son is a bully and I know you are often his target. I invite you in my house and immediately I start to notice your eyes wandering on my big breast, tight sweater and round ass. I tell you it’s normal to get attracted to older woman. And today is your lucky day, I will take you to my bedroom and show you what’s hiding under my sweater, a shiny satin bra. And my big natural bouncy titts. Then I will ask you to lay down on the bed so I can straddle you and ride you. You are under me and over me watching my big milf boobs bounce. So close to you. We go all the way…

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BabyBrewer – Mommy Son Breastfeeding Turned Taboo

The video begins with mommy sitting down with you at the breakfast table. She has been wearing just a robe all day and night. The whole family is there except for your daddy who is working out of town. You are in a wheelchair too, and she notices that you seem sad and frustrated lately. After breakfast, she decides to call for a sex worker or escort for you, but they decline after hearing that the mom is setting it up and that it is for someone in a wheelchair. She gives up. Later that evening, you can’t go to bed on your own, so you join mommy in bed while she has her back turned breastfeeding your sibling. She notices you feeling awkward so she teases that you might want breastfed by your mother too! Then she turns around and offers her breast to you! Things go from loving and innocent to naughty very quickly as you start humping her and she tries to fight you off… but then you cum. She can’t seem to rest afterwards and calls her friend to vent. She checks on you… and before she knows it, her son is fucking his mommy! She calls her friend for help and describes what happened in detail.

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