Penny Barber – Family Movie Night

Itʼs finally time to settle down for Family Movie Night! I made popcorn and everything! However, you canʼt seem to keep your attention on the movie when I look so good in my white bodysuit and velvet booty shorts, my bare feet propped up on the coffee table in way that makes you wish youʼd chosen a Tarantino flick. Of course, when I notice you staring, I just start to tease you. One thing leads to another and before we know it, Mommy is naked, sucking and stroking your big dick, using my hands, feet, tits, and mouth to please my darling son and coax out a thick, creamy load of incestuous cum.

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Tara Tainton – Why Did You Do That To Me?

Why… Just… WHY? You… You’re my SON. My boy, my child. Yes, no matter how old you are, you’re still MY CHILD. You came from me. I mothered you. I taught you nearly everything you know and do… and how you act. Why did you have to go there? THERE? We were just watching TV. Family movie night. Me, you, your dad. We were having fun. Joking around. Having a good ol’ time. And that foot massage… that was amazing. But that was it. That SHOULD have been it. But it wasn’t. You went further. WHY! Why did you have to touch me inappropriately? And your father – my husband – wasn’t there, at first. But then, he was IN THE ROOM. And you… you STILL… you chose to TOUCH ME. I should have asked you to stop.

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Bettie Bondage – Mom is a Tease

Lately, your mother has been an unrepentant slut. Really, just an utter and enormous cock-tease! Maybe it’s quarantine getting to you, but you just can’t stand it any longer. You need to do something about it. She’s been showering and drying off with the door open, trying on sexy lingerie in her bedroom when she knows you’re home, sneaking glances through the partially closed door. She’s asking for this. You can’t be blamed, when she comes into your room and bends over the bed, acting annoyed at your messy room. She’s pointing that round rump right at you! And she knows how you feel about her feet, but here she is, bare-soled, flaunting herself. It’s time. You’re taking what you want! You push her against the wall and start to paw at her breasts, finally feeling them the way you’ve been fantasizing about for years. She acts indignant, reluctant, but its a show. You know it is. And sure enough, her defenses, her paltry excuse for objection, it all falls away as you push her shirt up, caressing her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples between your fingers, making your mother moan and push herself closer to you. She can act like she’s a hapless, oblivious mother all she wants, but you know this is what she’s been working towards. You know it, as soon as you see her face, blisssed out and eager, as you look down, placing your cock against her outrageously wet pussy, pushing into her and feeling her wetness, seeing her face in a mask of utter ecstasy as you plunge deeply into her, playing with her toes, her wrinkled sexy soles, sucking her feet until you cum a huge load into her quivering cunt.

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