Kimberly Kane – Mommy Creampie Training

Mommy wants to talk to you. Mommy heard you were going out on a date tonight, and you know Step-Mommy doesn’t like that. You know Mommy is the best that you’re ever going to have… So Step-Mommy is going to drain you to remind you who your cum belongs to.

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Tara Tainton – Our Super Secret Club

You’ve just moved into the neighborhood and eager to make friends. There’s this nice lady down the street who invited you over for some cookies. She’s pretty too. You LOVE cookies. Even asked her if they’re homemade to make sure it was worth the extra time, especially since she said it was a secret invite, not to tell anyone. Wow… special cookies. And what a nice lady! Hopefully, you’ll find some new friends in the area that are your age soon. But until then, it’s not so bad having an older friend. And she has pretty eyes. And hair. And makes you feel all tingly.

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Nicolebelle – Your Stepmother Is A Gold Digger

You received a huge inheritance and nothing was left to me after your father passed away. I visit you wearing seductive clothes, I tell you I am in need of the money you wouldn’t signed it to me… I notice you checking me out.. making quick plan let’s make a deal if I can make you cum like crazy you will sign it to me… Stepson takes the bait I slowly start undressing telling you that i know your weakness to my tits and over hearing my killer handjob skills you soon will regret…

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Natalie Wonder – Forbidden Family Affairs

This is POV through the husband’s eyes. It is your husband, you and your son in the bedroom. Your son is laying on the bed (out of view, restrained). You and your husband have very kinky and taboo sexual desires. You’ve also been trying to get pregnant by your husband but he just can’t get you pregnant. Your son has to step up now and follow through on getting mommy pregnant. Son is opposed to it but mom and dad leave him no choice. How dare he be ungrateful? After everything mommy and daddy do for him? He is perfect. He is young and has potent sperm. Is it too much to ask? To make it easier for mommy to fuck the cum out of her boy, mom has her boy tied to the bed. Mom checks to make sure they are tight enough. Mom knows her husband can’t wait to see his wife fuck their boy’s cock. It’s been a fantasy of his for years. Seeing the look of euphoric pleasure on his wife’s face while she grinds up and down on their son’s dick will be extremely arousing. Mommy is going to fuck their own flesh and love every second of it. Please include dirty talk (which I love your dirty talk btw), a sexy striptease (for the son), hand job/blow job on the son. Look at your husband a lot (camera) as you are fucking your son. Tell him how good it feels to fuck him. Start off riding him slow, sensually but then your intense desire takes over. You hold on to your son’s chest and grind down on his dick really hard and fast. Tell your son to blow his hot sperm deep inside your pussy. Get mommy pregnant. Daddy loves watching. Lots of moaning and heavy breathing. You will force your son to explode inside you even if he doesn’t want to. Beg for your boy’s cum. Good sons make their parents happy.

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Tara Tainton – I Know What You Really Want Nephew

Do you really think no one knows? Really? You aren’t so sly you know. You’re clever, but… you’re a man. You can’t help but give yourself away. It’s so obvious…. to me. I see how you look at your own mother, how your mind wanders, what you’re THINKING… DREAMING… FANTASIZING. And the thing is… you can HAVE all of that. You can have the woman that gave birth to you and raised you… essentially. I’m practically… her. So, show me how badly you want her, nephew. Get your cock out.

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Tara Tainton – Your Teacher Wants To Know If The Rumors Are True

You’re a straight-A student who’s found yourself in detention for failing an exam you know you aced. And now, you have the audacity to confront your teacher and demand to know why she failed you undeservedly. But you’d never guess the truth. Lucky for you, she’s okay with sharing it. For a price. For a little exchange. You see, there are rumors going around the school – among the girls – that YOU have the biggest cock of all the boys. And teacher wants to know if the rumors are true. In fact, she demands to see it. And more.

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JadeRenee – Mean Mommy Likes To Watch

My sorry excuse for a son has broken the rules and is jacking off without me present. He knows how much his mommy likes to watch and finger herself while he squirts his little load. Because he broke the rule, he now will be punished by tasting his mothers cunt. After he tastes me I finally get to see him cum with that pathetic thingy between his legs…which of course makes me cum.

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Jessica Starling – Mommy Punishes You For Watching Porn JOI

Mommy knows you’ve been a dirty little boy. Mommy knows what you’re doing with her laptop at night. You’ve been stroking your little cock to porn – MILF and taboo porn no less, you filthy pervert. Have you been thinking about Mommy when you touch yourself? You need to be punished. If you like touching yourself so much, why don’t you do it in front of Mommy? What, are you embarrassed? Stop snivelling and do what I say. My baby boy needs to listen to Mommy and touch his cock exactly like how I say. Mommy owns you and that cock. And at the end? I’m going to make you lick up all your mess. Every last drop. Be a good boy for Mommy.

File Size : 486.96 MB, Resolution : 3840×2160, Duration : 00:16:43

Download Jessica Starling - Mommy Punishes You for Watching Porn.mp4
Download Jessica Starling - Mommy Punishes You for Watching Porn.mp4

Siena Rose – Moms Panty Fetish Punishment

I am your mom and I didn’t realize you were hiding in my room when I came in to change and start the laundry. I take my clothes off leaving my panties and stockings and put on my robe. When I come back to my bedroom with the laundry basket I catch you masturbating and sniffing the panties I left on the bed along with my scarf. I’m angry, call you a pervert and other nasty names- and then I tell you I am going to punish you so I tie your hands with my scarf so you can’t make a mess. Then I tell you a secret – Mom likes panties and scarves too. So now you’re helpless to just sit there without stroking your cock while I torment you with seductive talk about stealing my sister’s panties and scarf so I can masturbate with them. It must run in the family. I continue to talk to you while I touch myself and sniff my precious items, telling you how good they smell with pussy and perfume. But I make it even worse on you – I tell you my daughter just came home from cheer practice and that I have her sweaty, wet panties too. I masturbate, panty stuff, wipe my juices and sniff everything. Once in a while I am nice and give you a chance to take a big, pungent sniff. Doesn’t it make you wonder what I do to you at the end? You will end up with a mouthful of nastiness, sweet son.

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Download Siena Rose - Moms Panty Fetish Punishment.mp4
Download Siena Rose - Moms Panty Fetish Punishment.mp4

Devious Queen – Little Boy Seduction

“You are the mother of a young girl who has invited me, one of her classmates, over to your house for a play date. You let me know that this is part of your plan. You are teaching your daughter how to seduce and use boys. You laugh as I struggle and smack me across the face, letting your daughter know that you have to take control of boys. You tease me with your stockings and heels and let your daughter know that this is the first step. Tease them with your legs and lingerie and then you pounce. You then move on to touching me and talk to your daughter about how to touch a boy while taunting me that your daughter will now know how to control me and will continue to do this to me and my friends for the rest of our school lives. She will rule the school with seduced young boys as her slave army. You tell me to pledge myself to your daughter, and I will lure my friends and even my younger brother to you and her to be seduced and controlled as well. Then you will go after my father. I tell you that yes I will help you ruin all my friends and family and belong to you and your daughter and help you seduce and my father. You invite your daughter to come over and start kissing me. You start kissing me as well to the side of the screen and whisper how I am your seduced little boy…”

File Size : 1.64 GB, Resolution : 1280×720, Duration : 00:19:06

Download Devious Queen - Little Boy Seduction.mp4
Download Devious Queen - Little Boy Seduction.mp4