Jaybbgirl – Cum Inside Mommy

Hey sweeties, I’m happy you’re home. I’ve been waiting for you all day. I cooked and cleaned so you’d have a nice place to come home to. Ugh, since I’ve been on my feet all day they hurt pretty bad. Do you think you could rub mommy’s feet for her? I’d love it. Oh thank you, you’re such a good boy. This feels so good…oh yes… You know, I didn’t get a chance to masturbate today like I normally do while you’re gone. Do you think mommy could ride you? You rubbing my feet has really turned me on and I need to cum. Show mommy your cock. I want you to cum inside me, cum inside mommy. Give mommy a good creampie. I’m so proud of you. I love you.

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Bettie Bondage – Mom is a Tease

Lately, your mother has been an unrepentant slut. Really, just an utter and enormous cock-tease! Maybe it’s quarantine getting to you, but you just can’t stand it any longer. You need to do something about it. She’s been showering and drying off with the door open, trying on sexy lingerie in her bedroom when she knows you’re home, sneaking glances through the partially closed door. She’s asking for this. You can’t be blamed, when she comes into your room and bends over the bed, acting annoyed at your messy room. She’s pointing that round rump right at you! And she knows how you feel about her feet, but here she is, bare-soled, flaunting herself. It’s time. You’re taking what you want! You push her against the wall and start to paw at her breasts, finally feeling them the way you’ve been fantasizing about for years. She acts indignant, reluctant, but its a show. You know it is. And sure enough, her defenses, her paltry excuse for objection, it all falls away as you push her shirt up, caressing her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples between your fingers, making your mother moan and push herself closer to you. She can act like she’s a hapless, oblivious mother all she wants, but you know this is what she’s been working towards. You know it, as soon as you see her face, blisssed out and eager, as you look down, placing your cock against her outrageously wet pussy, pushing into her and feeling her wetness, seeing her face in a mask of utter ecstasy as you plunge deeply into her, playing with her toes, her wrinkled sexy soles, sucking her feet until you cum a huge load into her quivering cunt.

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Mindi Mink – Sex Ed From Auntie

Hey there, looks like your studying. What are you studying? You have been in here for hours! What’s that? Sex studies? WOW. Are you finding some things difficult to learn? Your auntie can help you if you like? Ya you would like that ha…Let’s get right into it. How about I undress, show off my hot body, & do some fun things with my sexy feet, & my hot pussy. I’ll teach you a thing or two!

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Mindi Mink – Foot Fetish Nephew

I’m so tired, just trying to get a nap in here. Seems as though someone is interested in my feet. Very interested actually! Just so happens my short skirt is hiked up my ass too, revealing my panties, but it seems it’s my feet you want! Adrian are you doing? Are you smelling my feet? You are always sniffing around my stuff, and smelling my feet, is really weird, I’m your aunt for crying out loud! Hey now, stop staring at my feet! I mean Adrian are you some foot expert or something? You really have a bad foot fetish don’t you! Well, ok you are getting turned on and well me too! Let’s see where this goes…

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Download Mindi Mink - Foot Fetish Nephew.mp4

Mindi Mink – Spying On His Aunt

My nephew Adrian is a good kid, but I know that he’s pretty hot for his aunt. Just the other day Adrian sexted me then said he did it by accident. He was really sending the pictures to his girlfriend. Yeah right. I’ve seen Adrian checking me out. Looking at my feet while a bulge grows in his jeans. I know when a guy is hot for me but I was taken aback when it was my own nephew. But once I got used to the idea I got more and more turned on. Having my own nephew sucking on my toes and tasting my pussy? This family just got a lot more interesting.

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Talia Tate – Mommys Naughty Massage

Custom Video: “You come in and get me to give you a massage. Which quickly turns sexy and naughty. You have me start on your back and quickly make an excuse to lose your bra and convince me to move to your ass and then another excuse to lose your panties. Then you’re moaning and wiggling and posing to show off your ass and pussy while I massage them both at your behest.Then you have me move down your legs to your feet and finally convince me to suck your toes. (When you’re convincing me use lots of “please baby?!? Give mommy what she wants!” From the start. Lots of begging and sexy pouting till I do what you want. Also use lots of sexy mommy dirty talk throughout the whole video.) Then it moves into us having sex. First with a good doggystyle position. Or any position like I’m fucking you from behind that I can see your ass and face. And it ends with you on your back like I’m fucking you missionary, with your legs up and feet pointed. And for the climax say this over and over “Please baby, cum in mommy’s pussy while you suck your mommy’s pretty little toes!”

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