NicoleBelle – You Are Obsessed With Mommy

Im your loving mommy. I confront my son, i know you are obsessed with my feet and my armpits.. i see you watching me all the time and getting hard… dont try to lie to me! You get hard every-time you see my feet and my armpits. I only want to help you feel better babe. I start stroking your cock with my feet.. does it feel good? i hope you have enough cum for mommy. You cum all over me.. but you are not done! you beg for more.. so i start rubbing your cock against my armpits.. i know you love it! I start stroking your cock with my armpits until you cum all over my armpits. I hope that now, you are no longer obsessed with me anymore..

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ImMeganLive – Getting Your Whore Mommy Pregnant

Family party at your aunts, everyone is having dinner, but my son is staying in his cousin room to play PC games, Call of Duty or something if I recall properly. I arrive a bit tipsy, mistaken the room for the restroom, so I lay down on the bed instead. You, my son, are going behind me and slowly start groping me with your dick. I tell you to turn around and instead you pull your pants down and move your cock between my thighs and pressed it on my pussy and start rubbing harder. Then you touch me and move your hands on my pussy. As your mom stops struggling and starts to enjoy herself, you get up and lock the door. As you come back to me, I already know you will make me your slave. So, I give you a footjob. Then I take out my leggings and you fuck me doggy, on the side and missionary. At the end I submit hard to you. I become your whore, your pet, your slave. You creampie me and impregnate me.

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ImMeganLive – Immoral Mom Missed You So Much

You are coming back from a boat trip, your dad is away on a work trip, I am wearing white stockings hidden behind see trough leggings and I am wearing sport sneakers at home. As soon as I see you, I start saying how much I missed you and your touch and that I was a naughty wife and mom. I go on the bed and I remove my shoes and showing you my ass in leggings and spank it. Then turning towards you and touching my pussy through it. As you take off my leggings and shoes, I rest my feet on your dick. I tell you that while you and your dad were away, I fucked few of your friends. I tell you how they fucked me, how I dressed in stockings for them and that I wear now were their favourite one, how they touched me, bred me, creampied my pussy, how they wanted to make me pregnant. And I say all these while giving you a footjob. Then you have had enough you spread my legs and the fuck begins. As I moan and scream how bad I want and missed your cock. That I wanted you so bad. That I am your whore and love being one. That I want your cum inside me. I want you to breed me. I want you to get me pregnant, to put a kiddo in my belly. You cum inside me (Cum visible) and I tell you that I loves you and that I am your whore mom.

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Penny Barber – Family Movie Night

Itʼs finally time to settle down for Family Movie Night! I made popcorn and everything! However, you canʼt seem to keep your attention on the movie when I look so good in my white bodysuit and velvet booty shorts, my bare feet propped up on the coffee table in way that makes you wish youʼd chosen a Tarantino flick. Of course, when I notice you staring, I just start to tease you. One thing leads to another and before we know it, Mommy is naked, sucking and stroking your big dick, using my hands, feet, tits, and mouth to please my darling son and coax out a thick, creamy load of incestuous cum.

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Kinky Kristi – Give Auntie a Kiss Under the Mistletoe

It’s time again for the annual family Christmas dinner. Kristi was asked to stop by and pick up her nephew on the way to the party. She arrives and goes inside and is shocked at how handsome her nephew has gotten! They make some small talk for a few minutes before Kristi gets a wonderful idea… She just so happens to have a mistletoe in her purse that she’s been waiting for the right time to use… now seems like the perfect time. She holds it above her head and asks her nephew for a kiss… come on, she says, it’s just a little Christmas fun after all! She leans in and kisses her nephew… she pulls back and savors the taste on her lips. All of a sudden something just clicked… she had to have more. She sits down on the couch and begins running her hands up and down her legs… so beautifully covered in Wolford Satin Touch 20s pantyhose… and she begins to notice something. Her nephew has his eyes locked on her legs. She senses exactly what he is feeling and she seizes the opportunity to get exactly what she wants. She wants her nephew… she wants his cock… and she is going to use her beautiful legs and feet to get exactly what she wants. It won’t be hard, after all, all she has to do is memorize him with a sexy foot massage and after that he will be eager to have her feet wrapped around his cock… and soon after, deep in her pussy!

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Penny Trait – Footjob BJ From Mom

Your slut mom is obsessed with your big cock! She knows you can’t resist her beautiful natural milf body, she loves to tease you, flaunting her sexy milf body. She knows how much you love looking at her perfect fit legs and adorable feet. She makes sure that you can see peeks of her perfect natural tits and pretty pink nipples falling out of her dress. She’s such a slut! She notices how hard you are for her….she begins to rub those sexy feet on your growing cock. Your slut mom can’t help herself…..she unzips your pants and pulls out your huge dick! Your whore mom Penny Trait not only makes you cum by stroking it with her soft feet and hands, but she even sucks a second cumshot out of your thick cock! She’s obsessed with your HUGE dick!

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Cory Chase – Mommys Secret Lessons

Part 1: I see you baby… It’s okay, sit down, Mommy wants some company anyway. Your Father’s working late again tonight… So no action for Me. But if you’re curious I don’t see anything wrong with you watching… Mommy is just trying to relax and have some fun. Maybe you can even help a little, just as long as you can keep a secret…

Part 2: You can’t sle*p either baby? I just it’s just us again all alone in this big house… I was thinking about the other night. You did so well helping me cum, but Mommy didn’t make you cum. I think Mommy should teach you a few new things…

Part 3: Son, I feel so naughty having you in my bed, but I guess you belong here more than your Father… You’ve been learning so much, Mommy is very proud of you… I don’t know baby… Mommy wants to do that too but I’m worried it would be wrong… I know you’re curious and you should learn, it’s just… Well maybe we could just go slow… I think you’re ready…

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Download Cory Chase - Mothers Secret Lessons.mp4