Reagan Foxx – My Friends Hot Mom

Reagan Foxx again doing what she does best. Hot MILF porn. Asked to play a role of a friends hot mom, Reagan took on this task like a champ. Dirty Talking, teasing and ultimately fucking a role play hot young guy. If Reagan’s hot body doesn’t get you off, her dirty talking will.

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Mindi Mink – Confessions And Seduction

It is so good to see you again! Thank you so much for coming over and helping me with my computer. I’m sorry but my husband & I are separated now & I’m a little upset about that. But enough of that! You look amazing. How has college been? You know I remember when you used to come over and visit my son. I remember how you used to take little peeks at me when you thought I wasn’t looking. Well, I remember seeing you in the shower one time & I could never forget your gorgeous body. It looks like it’s going to be your lucky day because I am going to teach you everything you need to know about pleasing a woman. You’re in good hands with me.

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jasjaede – MILF Pussy

Custom: You are my mums friend, you are between jobs so you have been doing some cleaning to pay the bills. You would be wearing a nice summer dress with white thong preferably plz. Starts off with you saying dont mind me I’m just going to be cleaning while you’re parents are out… cuts to you bent over cleaning floor – ass in the air clearly showing off – hiking skirt to reveal more, saying how it’s getting in the way – if it could be like face down ass up at points with legs together. This portion could last about 5 mins or so – it would include suggestive conversation about sex etc, do you have a girlfriend and oh I’m sure you dont find you’re mums old freind attractive etc. And would get quite flirty towards the end. Some points would just be facing away ‘cleaning’ showing off the goods. When he confirms his interest u act all flatterd (still with ass in air – he has been stood behind you as you have the conversation while you kinda carry on with cleaning looking back to talk) then you let him know that you like to be used – A Free Use Slut – you basically explain that you dont mind if he fucks you whenever he feels the need as you like men to take there primal urges out on you… Then proceeds to a small BJ portion with tits out to get him ready (2 mins). Then you bend over hike up skirt with thong to the side and let him pound you from behind doggystyle (can be on bed if easier). Would love lots of dirty talk about how he should use you and how it makes it so much better that you’re husband will never know – I’ll leave it up to you as you are a natural at it. But camera angled down plz – ass in the air and legs together at points. Some slow bits and some ‘pounding’. You could include things like below: Oh dont worry about a condom I dont mind. Do what you want to me. That’s it take it all out on this milf pussy. It would end with a virtual creampie from behind, and then a pull out with ass in air to see it dribble out a bit if possible – and for the closer if you could stay in position and talk about how great it was to be used / look what you did to this milf pussy and it was all behind your husbands back (30 seconds or so). And then “I’d better get back to cleaning”

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Kitty – Jerk Off At The Command Of A MILF

You, the best friend of my son jerked off on my underwear, you rubbed your penis on it… I bet you even wore it and my son your friend has no idea… but I admit I get turned on by young cocks, so fresh… so rub your stiff penis on my skirt… Now let’s see if you are real man… I take off my dress and more… I know how to tease you… now rub your penis on my sheer pantyhose… from now on no touching anymore, just jerk your cock at the sight of a mature woman, who could be your mother! Seeing my bare breasts make your cock ooze… now its time to empty your balls… at the command of an older but a woman who is hungry for young cocks! Jerk hard for me as I count you down, to cum at zero, with a huge load of cum!

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Sarah Calanthe – Titty Fucking Your Best Friends Mom

I know you were supposed to hang out with my son today, but he just texted me to say he’s stuck in traffic and will be running late. But please, come in! I’ll get you a glass of water while we wait. Oh, hold on… You’re looking at my cleavage? That’s really inappropriate, but it’s not the first time I’ve caught you staring at my boobs. Anyway, I’ll be right back, I just have to go check something…. What?! You took out your cock whilst I was gone?! Oh my god… It is huge! I know this is wrong, but I really want you to fuck my boobs and cum… We have to hurry though, we don’t have a lot of time. I let you fuck my soft, big tits and cover them with a big load of cum. Damn! Next time you come over, make sure my son isn’t home, and perhaps we can have a little more fun…

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Download Sarah Calanthe - Titty Fucking Your Best Friends Mum.mp4

Emmas Secret Life – Milf Seduces Her Sons Friends

Oh hello boys. (perky and sexy) My son’s not here right now I just sent him on some errands. Do you want to wait for him? (your robe keeps opening up) he’ll probably be a while though. You’ll have to excuse the state I’m in I was just going to take a hot bath. (You start to get seductive, remember that these are boys who get excited in a strong breeze lol) You show them into the family room. Make yourselves comfortable. Is there anything that I can do for you while you are waiting or anything that you want? (that dam robe keeps opening up ) Oh my! I’m so sorry boys I think that I’ve accidentally made you all aroused, me in just my robe. Little old me in just my robe and absolutely nothing underneath. Tell me boys have any of you been with a woman yet? A woman who can educate you about sex? Be honest now it’s OK I’m here to help you. Come over here boys take those cocks out and don’t be shy. Let me see them. Oh my what wonderful cocks they are. I forgot just how very hard young cock was. You see I was actually a good girl back then.. ) You suck each of them. Mmmm you’re all so hard. Then you walk towards the sofa, turning around you drop the robe, sit back and opening up your legs saying, do you like what you see? Don’t you think I’m just yummy? Ok who’s going to be first? Oh and don’t be shy or afraid to to cum inside. I’m on the pill and I haven’t had young cum in a long time. They each take turns ending in a creampie. You encourage them to not be shy. They’re all so enthusiastic but you do your best to make sure that they don’t cum too quickly. Afterwards you exclaim how you’ve forgotten just how much cum a young cock has. Well boys I hope that you all have enjoyed the experience and if you keep this our secret I’ll be happy to continue these little adventures, singley or all together again. ?Remember that this is our secret and if you keep it a secret there’s plenty of fun to be had for all of you.

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Download Emmas Secret Life - Milf Seduces Her Sons Friends.mp4

Viera May – Fucking My Sons Best Friend

My son’s best friend manages to sneak up on me while I’m topless and thought I had the house to myself. I’m surprised and a little bit angry at first but I can see how turned on he is so I decide to help him out a little bit!! We have rough sex in a few different positions before I lay down and demand he pump all of his cum inside of me!!

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Download Viera May - Fucking My Sons Best Friend.mp4

Mommys Bukkake

The things my son can find on the internet these days… I should have known what he and his two friends were up to in the bedroom, hunched over his laptop for hours on end. Nothing good can come from young, horny boys with a world of pornography at their fingertips… And nothing could have prepared me for the moment my son discovered that his own mother was a pornstar. I’m sure no boy wants to think of his mother that way, but I was such a lustful little thing back then. I needed to have sex with men on camera, to take their loads all over my face, to play out fantasies on film… even taboo ones. But that life was long gone, and such a past needed to remain a secret. I plead with my son and his friends to never tell a soul… they all smiled knowingly. Their lips would be sealed, my son said, on one condition. That his mother gets on her knees and lets each one of them cum on her face. I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my boy’s mouth! Were they even old enough to masturbate?! I had no other option but to except my son’s terms. I slipped my clothes off and knelt down. When I looked up, all three of them had already taken their cocks out and were stroking! This was their ultimate fantasy… my son’s ultimate fantasy. Those explicit, arousing images of his mother would forever build a longing inside of him… he needed release. And Mommy would give it to him.

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Download Mommys Bukkake.mp4

Big Dick For The Milf Next Door

How sweet of you to spend your Saturday helping me out around the house. I know that I’m an old friend of your mom’s but you really went above and beyond. You mowed my lawn and cleaned my gutters in the hot sun for hours. Here, have some ice water. You must be totally parched. Take a load off. You know, I’ve been flirting with you all day, trying to catch your eye. And you’re so oblivious to my advances! I decided to take matters into my own hands. That glass of water you just drank was infused with a super viagra substitute from China. Isn’t it amazing what you can buy on the internet? The bottle says that the effects kick in very quickly. So we should see a result any time now . . . WOW, you’ve been holding out on me! Look at the size of that bulge in your pants! Don’t be shy. It’s not my first time seeing an erection, you know. Whip it out and let me take a better look. Oh my god, it’s still getting bigger. Maybe I shouldn’t have overdosed you with that super viagra. The bottle said the dose was 2 drops. And I gave you over 50. How much bigger is your cock going to get? You’re getting thicker and longer by the second! The directions say that the effect will wear off naturally after orgasm. Well, there’s only one way to make your cock go back to normal. Good thing I’m such a size queen!

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Download Big Dick For The Milf Next Door.mp4

Bettie Bondage – Filling the Hole in MILFs Yoga Pants

Your best friend’s mom is a real hard ass…with a real nice ass. Of course, you’d never tell him this, but his mom is smoking hot…and sort of a flirt. She’s always smiling at you, winking, bending over straight at the waist to get things out of the cupboards when she’s making dinner. You think she must just be one of those bored housewives. Until today. You’re watching a movie on the couch when she barges in, ready for yoga, and turns the TV off, scolding her son for having friends over when his room is a mess. He groans, annoyed, but she insists that if he wants to have you over, he has to go clean his room, pronto. Begrudingly, he goes upstairs, leaving you sitting on the couch. She tells you she’s sorry to be such a strict mother about this, but she can’t have him breaking the rules and, oh, so long as you’re here, could you tell her if her yoga pants go see-through when she bends over? Uh…what? Ok, I guess I could do that, you say. Before you can even finish agreeing, she is bent over, aiming her ass at your face. This lady is crazy horny, you can tell…and…well, they aren’t see through but…there’s a huge hole. And the more she bends over, the more evident it becomes. “Nope, all set,” you tell her, staring straight at the hole. “Are you sure?” she asks, reaching behind and fingering the spandex, pulling at the hole, “are you sure there isn’t anything wrong here?” she says, pulling at the fabric, tearing it open. “I’d hate to embarass myself!” she says, her charade evident as she spreads her legs, pulls your cock from your pants, pulling the hole wide so she can fit you insider her, no panties, her pussy wet for you already. You slide inside her, watching her ride you until she cums, hard, pulling off your cock and squirting hard all over your cock before riding you again, desperate to have her hole plugged!

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