Bettie Bondage – Moms Work Friend Watches You Fuck

You always like it when mom’s friend’s cum around. All those middle-aged women with their pent up sexual urges, they can practically smell your teenage hormones. And mom is all too happy to oblige! “How could I resist?” she coos to her new work friend over coffee, as she fishes into your pants, struggling to free your raging boner. “With a cock like his, I just have to stroke it!” Mom’s new friend watches as she strokes and sucks your cock before greedily sitting down and bouncing your dick deep into her pussy, all the while carrying on a conversation with her friend. Mom explains to her friend that it all started with your pesky and persistent boners. “I figured, I might as well deal with it myself, right?…well, it wasn’t long before he was coming to me for relief all the time. Even during book club! Of course, once the other ladies got a look at his cock, well, let’s just say our membership grew accordingly!”

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AprilSkyz – Naughty Auntie Roleplay

Your naughty step aunt comes over, she wants to get to know her nephew! And that means suck fuck and let you creampie her! I suck your cock POV and then let you titty fuck me, I lay back to feel your cock enter me then ride you till you cum inside me, showing off of my leaking creampie pussy after.

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommy Is Your Personal Maid And More

Taboo, Garter & Stockings, POV, MILF, Mommy Roleplay
Who is the dirty one? You? Mommy?…but this is your fantasy…It’s just another day at home when that hot older woman walks into your bedroom…the woman who raised you, who breast fed you. She hasn’t even dressed for the day yet, still in her robe, high heel bedroom shoes, bra, and garter belt. She picks up your dirty laundry, wipes the floor, and vacuums around you. From the minute she walked in, your eyes are glued to her…Your mind starts wandering to what is underneath that robe…she doesn’t know the effect she has on you…completely unaware!!! Or does she??? In your fantasy, your mom is unwrapping her robe, removing her bra and letting her hair down to jump on your hard cock!!! In reality, she’s still cleaning your room and asking you to get out of the way…Your mind drifts back and fourth…Mommy is cleaning and acting all innocent…all the while you imagine her in one position dirty talking to you ,moaning that she is going to cum all over your huge , hard cock!!! Finally you snap, fantasy and reality mingling, as you bend her over to take her in REAL LIFE!!!

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