Gartersex – Mom is Your Prom Date Sucks and Fuks You

I feel so bad that your girlfriend broke up with you just before prom. I have a special dress on for you. I have it hidden under my fur coat…nervous to show you (It is my actual prom dress that is actually so small now my tits are literally falling out of it and not fitting in it properly but I do not even care) I am giddy like a school girl as I pull off my coat and show you my fancy dress and tell you …Mommy will be your prom date. You are so excited at the idea. Seeing me in that curve hugging dress and I am teasing you showing you the garters and stockings I am wearing under it gives you a hard on which I notice and suggest we take care of before we go. I suck you…you fuck me… tittyfuk me… spank me.. spank my tities and doggy style fuck me some more and then pound me so hard you cum deep in my pussy and I decide to put my dress back on again with no bra or panties so that I can smell you. Dancing the night away…no panties…my son’s cum dripping out of my cunt.

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Gartersex – Mommy Sauna Fuck Son Screaming Orgasm

Gartersex – Mommy Sauna Fuck Son Screaming Orgasm
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Laying down enjoying a sauna when I hear the door open. I think it is hubby and ask him for a fresh towel when I get no reply I look up to see….it is my son NOT my husband. Naughty boy knows we have some time alone and wants to spend time with mommy. I instantly start sucking his cock and he is so horny for my mouth he pushes my head down making me gag on it and I love it. Bend over for him to fuck me and then he climbs on top of me and pounds my pussy until I have a screaming, body shaking orgasm.

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Gartersex – Son brings home friends JOI gang bang fuck fest

Hanging in the recording studio I come in and discover that my son has not just brought the band home today… looks like he brought home half of the school… all guys that have heard about our taboo adventures. I told him that he could bring home his friends and that I would teach them all the proper way to masturbate… it is important when you are that young to masturbate often to get rid of all that pent up testosterone, so I wanted to teach them all the proper way to do so! I get so hot and horny telling them how I would touch them and know what they really want….They wanna watch my son fuck me. And I want my son to do so. Such a fuckslut for all this young attention. I decide to tell them how things started between me and my son and that I am the slut that set it all in motion. Then I tell them they all can join in and we decide to have a gang bang on the drum riser and I let one of the boy’s know how well I know his hot milf mother and what a filthy mouth she has.
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