jaybbgirl – Mommy Takes Care Of You

How are you feeling sweetie? I brought you some tea. Oh, I hate seeing you like this. It breaks Mommy’s heart. Here, let me lay with you, try and take your mind of your fever. Umm, I have a question. It’s only because I think it’s important and I love you. It’s a little awkward. Have you been properly relieving yourself? Have you been masturbating? I know you must have no energy. Mommy would love to help. Please let me help, just let me take care of you. Mommy will make you feel good. Let me jerk your cock a little bit. I just love you so much it’s the least I can do. You can also let Mommy fuck you. It’s easier for me to ride you, and I want you to feel as great as possible. Let Mommy take care of you with her pussy and make you cum. It’ll make you feel so much better I promise.

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MoRina – Moms Plan To Improve Your Grades

Your mom confronts you with an awkward conversation after she discovers mom porn on your computer… she tells you not to view anymore while you live under her roof. But after thinking about it a while, she comes up with a really great incentive for you to get straight As. You do, and she delivers on that promise. You are such a good boy and mom’s going to give you what you’ve been fantasizing about…. and it’s your first time ever, so having someone who loves you guide you through is the best!

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MoRina – Friends Mom Sleepover Fantasy

You’re at a sleepover at your best friend’s house. You have been fantasizing about his mom all night and you’ve slipped off from the group to jerk-off because you’ve gotten so worked up seeing her braless in pajamas all evening. She saw you walk off so she followed you… and catches you with your cock out. She offers to give you a hand and things get really hot from there. She loves that you are a dirty boy…

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MoRina – Mature Woman Takes Your Virginity

Your mom asked you to bring a book to Miss MoRina, and when you arrive, she’s really interested in digging into your personal life. She heard you’re a virgin and when you confirm that you are, she starts her campaign to seduce you. She convinces you first that a blowjob isn’t really sex, so you’ll still be a virgin… and she’s been flashing that cleavage and her sexy garter and stockings so somehow your brain thinks it makes sense. Then somehow she convinces you to come into her bedroom where she continues the mind game to convince you that if the two of you aren’t in a relationship, this could just be considered “education.” And then she took off her dress to reveal her sexy lingerie and stockings… at that point you don’t really care what it’s called as she climbs on top of you!

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Slutty_Spice – GFE Girlfriend Confesses Mommy Fetish

Your GF brings up that she loved when you shared your fetishes with her the last time you guys had sex, and now she says she has a secret fetish to share with you… but it’s a little odd and she’s apprehensive about telling you. Yo convince her to tell you about it and she confesses that she loves to be called “mommy” during sex. You tell her that you’re open to trying it and you call her mommy while she sucks and fucks you all the while her telling you what a good boy your are. Ends with a creampie!

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Kitty_LeRoux – Your Son Calls Me Mommy Too

Your mom hates your girlfriend. There’s a lot of jealousy there, but for some reason after dating for quite some time, your mother invites you and your girlfriend over for dinner. ‘Are you sure we have to go? Can’t you tell her I came down with rabies or something?’ You don’t really want to go either, and you’re surprised when your girlfriend’s tone changes. ‘Maybe this will fix the relationship or something.’ She mentions having an outfit she thinks your mother is going to love but it’s a surprise. Fast forward to the dinner and as soon as she sits down, your girlfriend unbuttons her jacket revealing her MASSIVE tits, hanging free in a crop top that says “Your Son Calls Me Mommy Too”. She winks at you and begins talking to your mother. Her hand slips its way to your pants and below the table, she starts giving you a handjob while telling your mother all about how appropriate her shirt is. She’s so hot taking control, secretly showing you her nipples and jerking you off, and telling your mom off in this sexy low-key kind of way. She starts seductively licking a strawberry and you think you’re going to lose it, until she says it….”He’s such a good boy for mommy.” You release ropes of cum at that and it ends up all over the strawberries. Your girlfriend picks one up and begins eating it, directly looking into your mother’s eyes. “They taste even better now.” You’re still hard and your girlfriend has a point to make about who your mommy really is, so she hops up on the counter. You fuck her until she can’t take it anymore and squirts, you bend her over the dinner table with her perfect ass in the air, she rides you with her massive fat mommy tits in your face. The whole time, your bitch mother is just taking embarrassing blow after embarrassing blow. Your girlfriend is doing such a good job owning you and taking care of your cock. Your “mommy” is showing her exactly who REALLY makes her son happy.

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