MoRina – Mature Woman Takes Your Virginity

Your mom asked you to bring a book to Miss MoRina, and when you arrive, she’s really interested in digging into your personal life. She heard you’re a virgin and when you confirm that you are, she starts her campaign to seduce you. She convinces you first that a blowjob isn’t really sex, so you’ll still be a virgin… and she’s been flashing that cleavage and her sexy garter and stockings so somehow your brain thinks it makes sense. Then somehow she convinces you to come into her bedroom where she continues the mind game to convince you that if the two of you aren’t in a relationship, this could just be considered “education.” And then she took off her dress to reveal her sexy lingerie and stockings… at that point you don’t really care what it’s called as she climbs on top of you!

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