Lady Fyre – Screwing My Girlfriend’s Mom

What are you doing here today? Oh, my daughter didn’t tell you she has practice tonight? Typical. She’s going to be late. You know, I’ve been thinking today about how much my daughter looks like me. We have the same body type, but she of course isn’t blessed with my fantastic butt. Mind if I sit here & wait with you? Have you had sex with my daughter yet? No? Well that’s good. But I bet a young man like you is just aching for some… attention. I’ve been feeling a little neglected lately… and I’d like some attention too. My daughter doesn’t have to know. Relationships at your age rarely last anyway. My daughter’s tits are big, but mine are bigger. I bet you want them in your mouth. You know I want in my mouth? Your young cock. It’s so big. My daughter didn’t tell me. Now I want to ride you so you can look at how much better my ass is. You should come over every time my daughter has practice after school. This doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. I want to make sure that you get your orgasm, but you can’t cum inside me. That would be taking it too far. Cum all over me. That’s it. Now clean yourself up. We wouldn’t want my daughter to find out that you’re not as dedicated as you claim to be.
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Alexis Fawx – Don’t waste time with her

I don’t know why a good-looking guy like you is wasting time trying to make my daughter your girlfriend. You know shes a lesbian right? Its such a shame to see you come over here so often and be such a charmer to her when ultimately it will get you nowhere near her panties. Now on the other hand, I have all the time in the world with her dad being out of town so much. I am definitely not a lesbian. I also definitely will let you get near and inside my panties.
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Lucy Gresty – Girlfriends hot mom

Your girlfriend’s mom has asked you to give her a lift home from the gym and you go to meet her in the changing room to see if she is ready. You have always had the hots for this sexy blonde milf so you were hoping to catch a sneak peek of her getting changed! The changing room is empty so you wait while Lucy is getting the rest of her things together, she has borrowed your girlfriend tennis skirt and she looks so much hotter in it. You can’t help but stare at her sexy ass when she bends over, you decide to tell her how sexy she looks in the small white skirt and to your surprise Lucy takes her panties off and starts telling you to wank your dick!
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Alexis Fawx – MILF with an attitude

MILF with an attitude part 1
I was setting up my lights to shoot this brand new, 18 year old, blonde when I got a knock at my door. Turns out it was the new girl’s mom, and she was NOT happy with me! I’m not gonna lie…this MILF was HOT! The fact that she was super pissed off just gave me a bigger hard on. Even though she insulted me, I just had to get my cock in her mouth…so I made her a little deal she couldn’t refuse!

MILF with an attitude part 2
The MILF is back! She’ll have to do more than suck cock to save her daughter this time!
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Kellie O’Brian – Your girlfriends mom lets you wank over her ass

You have come to pick your girlfriend up but she isnt ready yet so you wait in the living room with her mom Kellie, You can see where your girlfriend gets her looks from and you can’t help but glance at her ass when Kellie bends over to pick up a water bottle she has dropped. When she turns around and catches you looking up her skirt she tells you she cant let her daughter see you with a hard on in your trousers and you should probably get rid of it before she comes down!
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Holly Kiss – Make mom proud

Holly is your girlfriend’s mother who invites you over while your girlfriend isn’t home so she can check you out and make sure you are suitable for her daughter. She’s not interested in your job or how much money you earn. Holly wants to see your cock! She needs to make sure you’ve got everything it takes to satisfy a woman’s sexual requirements so she instructs you to take your dick out and wank while she spreads her mature cunt and talks dirty to you!
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