Shannon Heels – Marigold Mommy

I’m just washing up, wearing my yellow marigold gloves, when you sneak up on me. Naughty step-son. step-mommy is busy cleaning. Do you need your cock cleaned again? We shouldn’t really be doing this, what would your step-father say, hmm? Have you been sticking your willy in those dirty girls arseholes again? Haven’t I told you to stay away from them. You need to find a girl like step-mummy, don’t you? I give your big thick cock and gloved handjob, and spitting all over my gloves and your dick. I push my pretty mouth around your bellend, sucking and gagging on you. You love it when you help step-mummy clean, don’t you? Why don’t you give my high heels a clean with your tongue? And then I’ll let you suck on my nipples like you used to. Good boy. Do you want a release? Go on I’ll let you cum all over my big boobies. I need you inside me boy, Let me take my nylons down and you can fuck the hole you came from. Gooooood boy!! Now you better go finish tidying your room while I clean this up.

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ImMeganLive – A Stepmom’s Touch: Birthday Gift

Tomorrow, it’s his birthday. It’s late tonight, but I couldn’t wait to give him my special gift, so I entered his bedroom and made sure we were alone to give him ahead of time! I was so excited to get him a new pair of gloves! When he took them out of the gift bag I couldn’t resist but to try them on his dick right away! I love to be sneaky with him. I jerked him off, let him play with my tits and hold my hand until I made him cum all over them like a good girl that I am.

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ImMeganLive – A Stepmom’s Touch: Exposing Son’s Kink

I just came back from doing some errands and I noticed that my son was looking at the flyers…again. We started a conversation where I was trying to understand what he keeps looking for by always going through them. He was really embarrassed about the situation, but it lead to exposing something I wasn’t expecting! He was getting gloves… Ok, but it wasn’t even winter! That was strange, he was hiding something from me. Then, I learnt that it was women’s gloves! Discovered his secret, he has a knit gloves fetish! I asked him if he ever experienced anything about his fetish before. He knows I’m very open minded mother, I wanted to make him feel what a woman’s touch feels like through the gloves, so I dropped his pants! Started to stroke his cock, my little sweetheart, he loved it! Even helped me a little more to get rid of any possible awkwardness that could be from having his mom jerking him off. I pulled out my big titties and made them bounce while stroking his hard penis. Mommy made him a very happy boy in the end, he got to let it go, all of it!

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ImMeganLive – A Stepmoms Touch: Craving For More

In this fifth edition of “A Stepmom’s Touch”, well it’s been a while since I played with my son’s cock, especially with my special gloves, the type he loves and for which I use his weakness on for my pleasure! I’m craving for more so bad! So while he’s chilling on the living room’s couch, like a sneaky mother that I am, I come to him with my gloves showing lots of cleavage. He also loves my big tits. I start to tease him with lots of mommy dirty talk and my special woman’s touch. He quickly submit to his mom and he immediately gets real hard. I pull out his cock from his underwear and start playing with it. Jerking it with one hand, both hands and switching. Massaging his balls and teasing the head of his cock with my thumb inside of these gloves. Of course my boobs will come out pretty soon so he can see me perform all of this while they bounce to every movement I make on his cock. He can’t resist mommy and he will eventually give me what I want even more, all of his cum all over my gloves.

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ImMeganLive – A Stepmoms Touch: School Pickup

Today I decided to pick up my son at school instead of having him take the bus. I missed him too much. In the morning, when I made his lunch, I left a little surprise in his lunchbox. I’ve put his favorite gloves of mine in there, I’m sure he got a boner while eating at the cafeteria ahahah. While we were driving back home, he told me all about that. It got it hard again, I couldn’t wait until we got home to play with my son’s penis once again. I parked the car somewhere more quiet, we switched places and went on the back seats to be more comfortable. I pulled out my tits and started to jerk him off with these gloves. Lots of dirty talk, I know how to seduce my son and I know all about his weakness. I am so proud of him, he emptied his balls everywhere on my gloves while giving him a mommy handjob.

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ImMeganLive – A Stepmoms Touch Next to Dad

We were all watching a movie together in the living when my husband fell in the arms of Morpheus. I really loved how sneaky it was last time in the bathroom with my stepson, so I wanted to do something similar, but even riskier! So I started to grab my stepson’s cock and made him hard. We both got super excited, but we had to be quiet! I was cheating right beside him! I had a surprise, I went and grab a brand new pair of knit gloves I got and started to tease and stroke his cock with them. Pulled out my boobs, grabbed his hand and put it on them to squeeze and play with them while I was jerking him off. We’re so lucky my husband was snoring, we knew he was still out, but we were scared the whole time that he’d caught us! It ended with a fireworks of cum, a memorable movie night!

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Kelly Payne – Time for your Milking Sweet Boy Latex

Mommy comes into your room and see’s your ready for your nightly bedtime ritual, where mommy puts on her latex gloves, grabs some lube and milks her sweet good boy. Mommy loves milking her sweet boy, and knows how much you love how her latex gloved hands feel wrapped around your hard cock, stroking you, encouraging you to enjoy and cum for mommy, covering mommys latex gloved hand in all your sticky cum.

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Penny Barber – Slutty Mom Shows Off Her Tits As A New Years Treat

I want to make sure my special boy starts his new year off with a bang so sit back and enjoy the sight of your mom naked except for my red evening gloves. I know you love to stare at my bare breasts anytime you can but I think they look sexiest when they are covered in your hot cum. Luckily I have some special lube to make it look like my soft tits are already covered in your sticky load. I also brought baby oil and body glitter so you can decide which way you like your mom’s big, beautiful breasts the most- sparkly, shiny, or plastered with cum. Either way, I will be expecting many loads of the real thing all over my perfect mom tits this year!

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Kinky Kristi – Mommys Gloved Handjob For Needy Son

Honey, are you still awake? Oh good, I was hoping to catch you before you went to bed. I just wanted to see if you needed anything… I know it must be so hard to have both your arms in casts! Don’t fret sweetie, it’s only for 6 more weeks then you get to take them off. Until then, you are just going to have to hang out in bed and let mommy take care of you. Speaking of that… sweetie, has mommy done a good job taking care of you? Really? I know you think so but honestly, I feel like I have let you down. I know not being able to use your arms is so hard… especially for a boy. Boys have urges… needs… and they just can’t be fulfilled if you can’t use your hands. I’ve been watching you. I can tell you are frustrated… sexually… and I just can’t bear to watch you not be able to do anything about it for the next 6 weeks. So I’ve been thinking that mommy needs to help you “take care of yourself”. I know it sounds weird but you have too! This is for your well being, after all. Mommy even brought her latex gloves to help out. It will be less awkward for you that way sweetie. See, mommy can just slip her gloves on and it’s almost like I’m not even touching “it”! I won’t take no for an answer, this is something mommy feels must be done and you are going to lie back and let me help you. Trust me, it will feel good and you will feel so much better when we are done!

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Download Kinky Kristi - Mommys Gloved Handjob For Needy Son.mp4