Penny Barber – Mile High Club with Mom

You’re pretty nervous about flying, aren’t you? I thought that this slutty flight attendant outfit would help to take your mind off of it, but apparently not. I suppose we’ll have to do…more. It’s a good think that our seats face each other. We have to be discreet so that no one sees us, but I start pulling my tits out of my top, hike up my skirt, and take your lovely cock out of your pants. Mom knows just how to get you to relax, don’t I? I start sucking your cock, which helps my ears pop, but I want you to pass out. There’s nothing like a powerful orgasm inside of Mom’s pussy to put you right out, hopefully for the whole flight!

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ImMeganLive – A Stepmoms Touch: The New Gloves

In this third episode, while I am taking the winter stuff out of my closet, I stumble upon pair of gloves. I know my son’s kink and that it’s his weakness, so I ask him to come in. Of course, I have to show him what I found. I just love to make him happy, and I really like playing with his penis! I tell him I would really like to try out the gloves on him. Of course he can’t resist, but he is hesitant to let me do it because it is embarrassing. I have to convince him by reminding how much fun it was last time, and how good I am at taking care of it. I have to have his cock, and I love making him cum all over my gloves. He doesn’t want to disappoint me, does he?

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Download ImMeganLive - A Stepmoms Touch The New Gloves.mp4
Download ImMeganLive - A Stepmoms Touch The New Gloves.mp4