Ariel Anderssen – Auntie Spots Your Hard On

Taboo, Older Woman / Younger Man, MILF, POV Blowjob, Gloves

I’m just rushing out for a meeting with the bank manager, darling. I’m dressed up because I need him to give me what I want! But goodness, sweetie, you look as though you need me to give you what you NEED! I know you find me irresistible in my mack, short skirt, tan stockings and fuck-me shoes, but I wasn’t expecting you to react quite so, umm, visibly! Well, I can’t leave you with that erection, can I darling? It’d be an awful waste, and I can’t imagine it’d be good for you either. So why don’t you lie down on the bed and I’ll take care of it for you. You know how much I enjoy giving you blow jobs, and today I can’t wait to get my mouth all over your hard cock – it’s simply too exciting! I’m going to make sure you get a wonderful view of my feet in my fuck-me shoes while I work on your cock – I know that drives you craziest of all! And how would you like it if I was to finish you off with my leather gloves? I just KNOW that’s gonna push you over the edge!

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Ariel Anderssen – Auntys BJ In Sexy Shoes Leather Gloves

Leather, Gloves, High Heels, Taboo, MILF

Darling, it’s been lovely to show you off to my friends at this afternoon’s party – I was so proud of you and I could tell that they fancied you too. If only they knew all the naughty things we get up to when they’re not around! Like now, for example. I could tell from across the room that you were turned on by my high heels and hold up stockings, and every time I uncrossed my legs and crossed them again, I know exactly what you were thinking about. So why don’t we go upstairs? I’ve put my favourite fuck me shoes out so I can change into them. and I’ve put out my long leather gloves too. Cos I know how you love the feeling of leather on your cock when I touch it with my gloved hands, and I can’t wait to give you another blowjob. How would it be if we combined two of our favourite activities, while I’m also displaying my high heel clad feet and long, stocking clad legs for you!

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Shannon Heels – Marigold Mommy

I’m just washing up, wearing my yellow marigold gloves, when you sneak up on me. Naughty step-son. step-mommy is busy cleaning. Do you need your cock cleaned again? We shouldn’t really be doing this, what would your step-father say, hmm? Have you been sticking your willy in those dirty girls arseholes again? Haven’t I told you to stay away from them. You need to find a girl like step-mummy, don’t you? I give your big thick cock and gloved handjob, and spitting all over my gloves and your dick. I push my pretty mouth around your bellend, sucking and gagging on you. You love it when you help step-mummy clean, don’t you? Why don’t you give my high heels a clean with your tongue? And then I’ll let you suck on my nipples like you used to. Good boy. Do you want a release? Go on I’ll let you cum all over my big boobies. I need you inside me boy, Let me take my nylons down and you can fuck the hole you came from. Gooooood boy!! Now you better go finish tidying your room while I clean this up.

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Penny Barber – Mile High Club with Mom

You’re pretty nervous about flying, aren’t you? I thought that this slutty flight attendant outfit would help to take your mind off of it, but apparently not. I suppose we’ll have to do…more. It’s a good think that our seats face each other. We have to be discreet so that no one sees us, but I start pulling my tits out of my top, hike up my skirt, and take your lovely cock out of your pants. Mom knows just how to get you to relax, don’t I? I start sucking your cock, which helps my ears pop, but I want you to pass out. There’s nothing like a powerful orgasm inside of Mom’s pussy to put you right out, hopefully for the whole flight!

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ImMeganLive – A Stepmoms Touch: The New Gloves

In this third episode, while I am taking the winter stuff out of my closet, I stumble upon pair of gloves. I know my son’s kink and that it’s his weakness, so I ask him to come in. Of course, I have to show him what I found. I just love to make him happy, and I really like playing with his penis! I tell him I would really like to try out the gloves on him. Of course he can’t resist, but he is hesitant to let me do it because it is embarrassing. I have to convince him by reminding how much fun it was last time, and how good I am at taking care of it. I have to have his cock, and I love making him cum all over my gloves. He doesn’t want to disappoint me, does he?

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Download ImMeganLive - A Stepmoms Touch The New Gloves.mp4