Alexandra Snow – Mommie’s Breasts

Alright, young man. I’m going out tonight on a hot date and I’m leaving you here. We have a little problem, however. Last time I left you for the evening, you ordered a dozen pornographic movies on TV! I simply can’t have that kind of nonsense so you need to take that dick out now and stroke it for me. Your balls need to be empty so you aren’t tempted. I noticed that all those movies were about tits– were you fantasizing about Mommie’s big, natural breasts?

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Alexandra Snow – Mommies Panty Stealer

Now honey, I know puberty can be a very confusing and intense time for a young man such as yourself. I understand. I was young too once. But that is no excuse for stealing my underwear. I found several pairs under your mattress. What were you doing with them? Smelling them? As your mother I have to tell you that this behavior is inappropriate. Not the smelling, but the stealing. I know you’re a growing young man and you have a lot to learn about how women’s bodies work. Who better to teach you than your mother? I’ll show you exactly what all of that wetness is and what a fresh pussy smells like, instead of those old panties. C’mon, it’s okay to masturbate.

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Mommy’s Guilt

Oh sweetie, I know I’m late tonight.. I had to work so much and time just got away from me. Yes, yes, I’m listening.. Come over here and tell me about your day. Uh huh.. Are you staring at my breasts?! Oh my. Yes.. I suppose that I haven’t been around much and I haven’t been giving you enough attention. You’re developing into a young man and I’m not around to help you. I suppose I’d better address that.. starting with that raging erection.

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Alexandra Snow – Mommie’s Cure for Bad Dreams

Oh my dear, what are you doing up so late? You had a bad dream? It was just a dream, go back to bed. Now, now, you heard me. You miss cuddling with your Mommie? Oh.. Well. I guess I can let you stay for a bit until you’re tired again. Only it appears that you’re not tired at all and I’m going to have to do something about your very “awake” hormonal body. Mommie will teach you about how good masturbation is to help you to drift on into peaceful dreams.
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Alexandra Snow – Mommie Helps with Your Homework

Look, honey, I know that you’re struggling with math but you and I both know that you have to pass if you want to go to college. You don’t want to be stuck here forever! So sit down and let’s work on your homework. Ugh, what has you so distracted? My cleavage again?
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Alexandra Snow – Movie Night with Mommie

Isn’t this nice, getting to watch a movie in bed with Mommie? You’ve been so good lately, I thought you needed a reward. Oh.. Don’t watch this part, it’s scary! I’ll cover your eyes! Awww.. It’s OK, you can snuggle into me if you’re scared. Don’t you love my silk nightie? Let me take off my bra, it’s so uncomfortable and the nightie feels much better.…Umm.. Are you watching the movie?
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Alexandra Snow – Surprising Mommie in the Kitchen

It’s a lovely Sunday morning and you wake up bright and early, but when you go into the kitchen you find Mommie is starting breakfast in nothing more than her apron and a thong! You stand there with your cock growing harder as she gets ready to cook, but you startle her when she turns around and sees you. She tells you to go upstairs and shower while she makes breakfast, but your raging erection won’t let you move. You stand there, looking at her beautiful breasts until she sighs and tells you to “get rid of it” so she can cook.
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Alexandra Snow – Mommies Lesson in Erections

I’ve been noticing that you’re going through some changes lately, dear. It looks like your hormones are really throwing you for a loop, aren’t they? I can see that you are worked up just talking to Mommie, pitching a tent in your shorts like that! Apparently I need to teach you how to control those urges with some manual stimulation. Now, drop your trousers and show Mommie how you’ve been developing. Oh my! You’re going to need some spit to lube that thing up or you’ll chafe in no time.
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