Brandon Areana – Hidden Desires Pt2

While doing my make up I feel someone watching me and turn to see you, a bulge already in your pants, what are you doing here? I have been avoiding you since what happened last time even though I can’t stop thinking about it. It was wrong, I know it was wrong and you know it was wrong and it can Never, ever happen again. Please leave while I finish my make up and then I will drive you to practice, I turn to continue but when I turn again you are standing there with your hard dick out, I am flushed with desire and embarrassment. We can’t do this, it’s wrong. Please go….but it’s so hard, so very hard and when your look at your my MILF tits you lose control, I pick them up and drop them, I play with my large nipples and heavy tits until you can’t take it any longer, once pre-cum begins to drizzle I can’t hold out any longer and must stroke your cock STEP-Son. I have too! My tits bounce wildly as I stroke your cock and get you closer and closer to blowing your load. Step-Mommy’s beautiful face and bouncing tits are to much for you to handle and you blow your massive load all over her tits as she strokes your face and reminds you how much she loves her special boy.

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Brandon Areana – Hidden Desires Pt1

What a great workout, I am completely spent and feeling so good. I have really noticed the changes in my body and they are amazing. I strip my gym clothes off and gentle touch my body, my breast and my pussy lips. I begin to relax and enjoy myself when something catches my eye…YOU. Hiding in the curtains, watching me, I quickly cover up and confront you. What are you doing in here, watching your mom are your erect? OMG, this is so embarrassing. I insist you leave but you won’t you just keep looking at my big nipples and tan milf body and you can’t hide your boner. You have been hiding these desires for your MOTHER for so long and now the truth has come out. But what should I do? I don’t want to humiliate him but i know this is so wrong. He isn’t a bb anymore though, he is a young man now with a rock hard cock just for her. Maybe he can just watch her, maybe he can just touch himself, maybe they can orgasm together and then no one has to know and it never, ever has to happen again but she really likes it, she likes it a lot and is horny all over just thinking about him inside her. She asks you to lay with her after you both cum and as you gaze into her beautiful eyes you find all new ways to fall completely in love with her. They say your Mother is your first love and this has proven to be extremely true for you.

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Brandon Areana – MILF Fucked

When your papa is away, mummy sneaks off for a little alone time but naturally nosey you follows her, you watch as she slips her hand up her dress and begins touching herself, using a small toy to pleasure herself until she moans with desire and release…she quickly snaps her head up and finds you standing there, peeping at her from behind a curtain. She sensually encourages you to come and sit down, she explains she has needs and can’t help herself, she looks you up and down, you aren’t so small anymore, do you think you could pleasure your MILF? Can you make her cum as she rides your cock, tits bouncing in your face as she encourages you to blow inside her…don’t worry son its our little secret…

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Download Brandon Areana - MILF Fucked.mp4

Goddess Brandon – Your First Love pt4 – Naughty Tipsy Mom

Wow, talk about lucky both your father and mother are out tonight so you decide to take full advantage of having the house to yourself. You camp out in the master bedroom tonight playing video games and watching porn on the biggest TV in the house is going to be awesome. At some point you must have fallen resting and wake to the sound of something dropping onto the floor, high heels perhaps. Doors open and close and through your blurred vision you can see…Your mom stumbling into the room, dressed sexy as hell, disheveled she has clearly had a few tonight with her friends, it was ladies night after all and she can’t turn down buy 1 get 1 free Tito’s and Sparkling Water! She notices you, oh so you think….”Heyyyyy Babbbbbbby she slurs, I didn’t expectttttt youuuuu homeee tonnnight” Oh Fuck. She thinks you’re your dad!!! She squints and trips and slurs on her words and she tells you how horny she gets after a few drinks, she pulls out her big tits and shows you her bush covering her pretty pussy. You are instantly hard, you know you shouldn’t but she slides you right inside her and your mom begins to ride you. She remarks on how you are “harder” than usually, you feel better than normal, she notices you cum faster than usual too but she hardly cares as she eventually and peacefully slips into dreamy state for the night after you fucked her and made her cum….wow YOU VERY FIRST TIME! In the morning she begins to stir and you can see even as she lays there quietly why your father is so in love with her. She begins to rise and when she sees you in her bed she is horrified she tries to cover up and shove her tits and pussy back into her tiny dress. “How long have you been here? Watching me?” she demands and tells you to leave immediately but you explain that you’ve been here all night. All night with her. She is confused but quickly realizes what you’re implying. How could this happen? Omg? I took my sons virginity. You see the panic all over my face and I beg you to say nothing and you seem to figure out you have some kind of upper hand here, you coyly convince your mom to suck your cock and swallow your cum and you will keep it between you two….she slides your dick into her mouth and slurps, sucks and swallows every inch of your cock like you could have never imagined possible.

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Goddess Brandon – Your First Love pt3 – Day At The Pool With Mom

It’s going to be a fantastic day at the pool with Mom, you are to anxious to wait any longer and make your way into her master bedroom and see her changing in her bathroom. You creep closer and watch as she bends over the sink, washes her hands and adjust her suit. She turns to find you and ask you just as before what you are doing here!? Watching her? She asks if you like her new suit? She is worried it is to revealing for the country club pool? She bends over and shows you the top and the bottom. Are my tits out to much, can you see my whole ass? She notices immediately that you are really hard, oh no, we can’t she proclaims but her face says otherwise as she bites her lip and gazes at your hard cock, you pull down your swim trunks and she pulls her bathing suit to the side to your shock and excitement, show lowers her MILF body onto your cock and begins to ride. Screaming in delight as she demands with lust you cum inside Mommy! She rides you harder and faster until she gets her fill…and then yours. She collects herself and quickly tries to leave but Horny Mum is never satisfied and begs you to fill her holes just one more time.

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Brandon Areana – Hidden Desire Lessons With Step Mommy

When Step-Mommy Brandon catches you smoking she commands you to her room for a face to face discussion about this. You know how your STEP-father feels about me smoking how do you think he will feel knowing his first born STEP-son is smoking now too….I can tell by the taste you stole it from me and my secret stash. Tisk, Tisk young man. The Devils Lettuce isn’t for youngins. When I was young my STEP-cousin was caught smoking cigarettes and my STEP-aunt decided that the proper punishment was to sit and smoke the WHOLE pack right then and there. She never ever touched a cigarette again. So I want you to sit down and smoke with me, hold it and follow my instructions. It’s this or I tell your STEP-Father of course. We begin smoking and talking and you do as your told. As you get more and more stoned you can’t fight back your hard-on and Step-Mom Brandon notices right away, she teases you with her ample cleavage and eventually takes out her big, all natural tits! She tells you this is your little secret as she starts to stroke your cock too. You smoke and watch her huge tits as she jerks you off and encourages you to cum on her boobs. Very Good. Ssshhhhhhhh This MUST REMAIN our Secret!

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Goddess Brandon – Momma Will Teach you All about Sex

Sitting on the couch, tight jeans, pink and white ankle socks, a tight fitting T-Shirt, and Naughty but Nice eye-glasses…Your momma is soooo Beautiful and hot…You really are turned on by her…but she just loves her perfectly little angel…when you come home from playing one afternoon you have some questions…and you want answers…Momma is SURPRISED her little Prince is already curious about sex…
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