Mama Fiona – Virgins 1st Ejaculation

Oh my Goodness little boy! It is your BIRTHDAY! And me, your super hott, very sexually experienced nanny, wants to give you and all your little friends a very important birthday gift. Very VERY important. I’m going to give you… you’re VERY FIRST ejaculations! Thats right! I’m going to make all of you cum for the very first time! Aren’t you a lucky group of boys? I’d say. I’m so good at what I do, I’m able to make ALL of you cum within 15 minutes! Isn’t that impeccable? And wow, all of you cum REALLY quick! I barely have to do anything before you’re filling up with cum and shooting it everywhere. It gets very cummy, I might even get some on my face! You all can’t believe your eyes as you watch each of your friends fall into ecstasy on this very special day. This is going to be your very best birthday yet!

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Goddess Fiona – Neighborhood MYLF is DTF

You are the younger neighborhood hottie! And I am a SERIOUS MYLF. I’ve had my eye on you… you sexy strong younger man. You are VERY easy on the eyes… and I think you’d be absolutely perfect to give this MYLF exactly what she wants. Surprise! Its YOU! I invite you in for a little test where I talk to you sensually and seductively, getting you all revved up to see if you’ll do for me. I give you JOI and ask you to come back later. Not like I had to twist your arm or anything! You come back later and Mømma REALLY lets loose – giving you the best blowjob and fuck of your life! I suck your dick POV sooo nice that its almost impossible for you to not erupt! You eat my phat wet pussy like you haven’t eaten in days… we fuck in doggy and I let you plow my mylf pussy in missionary…you can’t get enough of my gorgeous tits bouncing underneath you before you start pumping your hot younger cum into me. Such a sexy little encounter… I guess you’ll be back tomorrow to tend to momma’s garden… right?

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Goddess Fiona – Riding My Sons Incredible Cock

Wow hunnybunny your dick is HUGE! Momma can hardlyy take this huge cock! But either way I am so grateful for it bb! Momma really needed this. I am very sexily dirty talking you the entire time I try to take your dick…. I know how much you love me dirty talking you – talking about how taboo and naughty this is; a stepmom fucking her own stepson! so fucking HOTT though, isn’t it hunny? I ride you nice big dick as long as I can and get it up as far as I can… I love riding your cock! I want you to make your stepmommy CUM HARD, okay!?!?!? This is why I love fucking you so much sweetheart…you make me cum harder than ANYONE!

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Goddess Fiona – Handjob from Your Hot Mama

Oh hunny, you haven’t let me do this with you in a WHILE! But I have to say that I am always ecstatic to help my sweet stepson jerk his dick off. We’ve had this little routine for such a long time, you and I. But its been a few weeks now and your mom Is very VERY excited to help you out. I lay next to you and you can’t keep your eyes off of my beautiful face and sweet big natural titties as I grab the lube and start stroking your nice hard cock very sensually. I talk to you about how much I love doing this with you, and I tell you what I’m doing with your dick as I’m doing it, so that you can easily replicate your mommy’s sensual touch the next time your jerk off on your own. I let you cum all over me and kiss you goodnight. I love my sweet boy! You get me so excited hunny. I can’t wait to do this with you again!

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Goddess Fiona – Gym Mom Helps Out

I was just walking around looking for my weights when I happened to walk in on you JERKING OFF! OMG hunny I’m SO SORRY I SHOULD HAVE KNOCKED! But wait.. is that… is that MOM PORN!??!?! HUNNY! Omg! Wow like… did I have something to do with that? Haha okay… well… your dick is kinda getting way bigger now that I’m in here… do you want me to help out? I eagerly take your cock in my hand and my mouth and start stroking and sucking you. I can’t wait to make you cum!

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Goddess Fiona – Kinky Sexting with your Hot Stepmom

You are away at your dad’s house for the summer, and I’m texting with you telling you just how much I miss you! I miss havingg my big strong man around the house. I really do hunny! We chat a lot about the things going on with you and before too long, I’m asking you about your new girlfriend, what she looks like and all that. And THEn… well since I don’t have anyone around the house any longer, I wanted to get your opinion on some new swimsuits and lingerie I bought. I just joined a dating site and wanted to make sure that I don’t look absolutely ridiculous in my new sexy outfits for when I send hott pics to potential suitors! And who better to tell me their opinion than my pride and joy – YOU! My precious son. I know you will tell me exactly what you think… and before long the conversation starts to get a tad bit heated. Dare I even say that you’re starting to turn you m0ther on!??!?!?? Hunny! These secrets that you’re telling me are… SUPER hott. I really love hearing about how kinky you are. I guess… well I guess kinky kinda runs in the family. Now the convo gets too heated… should we stop? I don’t want to… do you?

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Goddess Fiona – Sensual Kinky Bonding JOI with Mommy

Hi Sweetheart. I really really love our time together recently. Our nightly bonding… nightly sexy little sessions between stepmom & stepson… its so wrong and naughty but I love watching my S o n stroke his hott cock. I never knew it would come to this point… but I have to say I’m so glad it did. I give you JOI as you stare at my MILFY bouncing titties, my nipples hard as rocks as I tell you how to stroke. You beg to go further but… I’m not ready yet sweetheart. I want to prolong this as much as I can… its so fucking naughty and sexy and I want to savor each and every sexy moment that we have together. I instruct you how to stroke… we flirt back and forth… and I bring you to the brink a few times while you’re begging me to go further… not yet baby… I want to soooo bad. I want to stroke you myself and make you cum and fuck you silly… TRUST ME… but lets take it slow my hott sexy s o n. Lets savor each sensual, sexy session before we go a tad bit further. … don’t worry hunny. Your hott sexy MOM isn’t going anywhere!

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Goddess Fiona – Mommas Valentine for Life

I’m your mommy/domme and I’m at home getting ready for our valentines day date, when you arrive quickly, wondering where I’m going. Hunny what are you talking about? We ALWAYS do valentines day together! You’re crazy. You explain to me that this year u actually have a girlfriend that you’re taking out but I ignore that and continue getting ready. You help me get my nylons on as you watch my sexy silk robe open up to reveal a perfectly toned body and a peek of my bald pussy. You are stunned by your mom as per usual, but are too focused on what’s going on with your girlfriend to notice your moms blatant arousal. I assure you that Valentines Day, is OUR day. And no girlfriend will ever change that. I have made sure of it. Valentines Day is our anniversary for many things hunny… you’re not going to bail on me, ever. We’re always going to be each other’s valentine. So… I took care of your gf. You don’t have one anymore. I’m your new girlfriend. Because you are a little bit pathetic and need to be owned by someone like me – your super hott mommydomme who you occasionally like to fuck as well. Baybee you’re going to be MINE forever, your momma is going to own you forever in all ways, so you’d just better get used to it! Eventually your boner starts to get the best of you and I take my shot… let me suck your cock baybee boy… I’m your mom, your #1 girl, and I will ALWAYS know you best. I just love our sexy little dominating relationship sweetheart. You are ALL MINE. Always and forever!Don’t ever even think about leaving me hunny. 1. You won’t make it. And 2. No girl alive will suck and fuck you the way your super hott mommee does! Happy valentines day, my son lover bawbee boy.

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Goddess Fiona – Giving Your Stepmom Your Virginity

You’re going to your prom and are having some anxiety about prom night. You MIGHT have sex with your girlfriend but you’re kind of scared because what if you suck at it and she dumps you!?!?!? That will be *sooooo* embarrassing. We chat for a good while about all of this before I have a great idea – I know I’m your “step”-mom, but look hunny I have caught a nice little glimpse of your cock here and there, and I am…. Actually pretty impressed. You think I’m really sexy anyway don’t you? I always see your hard dick on the way to the shower after passing by my bedroom. I know that its all from me! Anyway… why don’t you let your hot MYLF stepmom help you out? I can show you a few things… show you the ropes…and come prom night you will be blowing your girlfriend AWAY with how amazing you are in bed! You are eager to agree and well, before you or I know it I have my stepsons nice big girth cock in my mouth and then I’m riding you nice and hard before begging you to cum deep inside your stepmothers pussy. Do you even WANT to go to Prom now???? You can always stay at home with your dear sexy stepmom.

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Goddess Fiona – Let Momma Help You

You are my son and you had a bad day. Whats wrong hunny? It turns out that your girlfriend actually dumped you for cumming too quickly. Aweee! MY baybee boy??? Hunny I’m sorry! Thats really lame. She doesn’t deserve you! And as your stepmom, I’m desperate to help you feel better, any way I know how. And I think that, the best way… is if you get a little practice under your belt. Let momma help you by giving you a nice, very very sensual hand job and blow job, telling you I’m proud of you for lasting so long, and how as your m0m I am more than happy to help my baybee boy get better at lasting. Lets end the night with a very sensual, wet and oily titty fuck! I know how much you love your mommas titties. You are doing such a good job at lasting hunny… no girl will ever break up with you over this, ever again. And you will always have your hott and sexy momma to take care of your needs, of course.

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