Goddess Gwen – Mom Tease And Deny

You’re home from practice early, what’s the matter son? not feeling well? Not doing so well in your classes? I know how hard it is being young, I’m sure you’re very distracted by all the pretty girls in school. but no.. it’s not that. You don’t pine after boppers, you pine after me! You long to feel my tits, you fantasize about me, your own mother, all the time. It’s why you can’t rest at night. You’d give anything suck my nipples, to run your tongue from my ample cleavage to my wet pussy…

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Goddess Gwen – Worship Mommies Titties

You’re a naughty son, I see you and your lil friends always staring at my round tits all the time, Do you jerk to your mom’s tits at night in your bed? in the morning in the shower? I know you do, you filthy perv! Well you’re going to worship mommie’s titties in real life now!

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Goddess Gwen – Daydreaming About Mommy

Oh my sweet son, you are so sick with a high fever! No school for you today. I will make you some soup and take care of you..are you ok? You seem to be spacing out…(POV mom in bra and panties teasing and taunting) *transition* hello darling are you still with me? You keep going in and out, your yes glaze over, what’s going on in that feverish mind? (POV mom in bra and panties sexy and teasing) DO I need to take you to the doctor??

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Goddess Gwen – Mommy In Bikini Jerks You Off

You are a hot mom wearing the sexy pink triangle bikini that you wore in your “bikini boob bender” vid and a sexy robe over it. “Son, did you finish jerking off in the shower like I told you to? You got that bulge in your pants after watching me change bra and panty sets. I know it can be unhealthy not to get a release when you get excited. Let mommy see. Oh, I see you still have a boner and I must say it is rather large!” The camera view shows a dildo standing upright on the bed representing his boner. You smile at your son and say, “I think I have a solution.” You slowly strip off your robe, revealing your sexy hot body in the sexy pink bikini. “You think your mom is hot and sexy, don’t you?” you say with a sexy, knowing smile as you bounce your boobs up and down. You dance around a little, letting him see you from all sides in your bikini. You then sit on the bed and say, “Just let me take care of this” as you start slowly stroking the dildo and making sexy faces. “Do you want to see mommy’s boobs again?” and strip off your bikini top, barely covering your nipples with your hand.

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Goddess Gwen – Fantasizing About Mom

It’s just another typical morning, your mother is cleaning the kitchen and chatting at you like she always does, but your pervy mind is just fantasizing about her! Before you know it she’s not wearing that motherly dress anymore, now she’s wearing sexy lingerie and teasing and taunting you! You try to focus on what she is really saying but your mind just keeps imagining what you want her to say! You want her to tell you to squeeze her tits, take her from behind, its driving you wild and she has no idea where your dirty mind is!

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Goddess Gwen – Cum For Mommy’s Tits

Hey you, were you staring at mommy? spying on your mom while she’s getting dressed huh? You trying to get a glimpse of these tits? Look at your shame rising in your pants. Well what are you waiting for son? drop your pants! Don’t be shy, I know what you look like. You’d be jerking off into a sock right now otherwise wouldn’t you? Jerking off to your mom is what you often do isn’t it? Well now do it in front of her! Come on and stroke it to mommy’s big tits, you want a glimpse of them totally naked? is that what you were hoping for? To see the round pink firm nipples of your mother? I will tease you, but no son, you will not see them. Just stroke faster for mommy’s titties, and cum when she tells you to.

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Goddess Gwen – Home Sick Mom Fantasy

The setting is a suburban home with a June Cleaver housewife type mother tending to her sick son. Her son is sick due to an accident while He was playing with his chemistry set, the accident produced an explosion of sorts, and the gas that was emitted has caused his brain to fantasize about his mother in sexual ways his mother tends to him, checking his temperature and making sure he eats well, but all he can do is day dream about her large round breasts and full hips teasing him to the brink of insanity.

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