Goddess Juls – The Only Pussy You Get Is Your Mommys

You grew up so much and turned into such a young man. I saw a cute little girlfriend you got yourself. She looks young and inexperienced. But i know that i am still number 1 woman in your life. There is no closer bond than me and you share. Honestly i am not ready to share my sweet boy. I do not approve of your girlfriend. The only pussy you are getting is mommy’s. You are not allowed to have sex with any other woman. Only MOMMY!!! Remember you got your first erection looking under mommy’s skirt? You used to climb underneath the table and look up at my pantyhose. All your first sexual experiences were with me. I made you a man. I know you still stroke to me when you are alone in your room….i know i still make your dick hard. I take off your pants and start stroking your cock (virtual POV). Oh you are so hard for me… You see, you don’t need your girlfriend. I tease you more with my big natural breasts, sexy lingerie and then get on the bed and start sucking your cock (virtual BJ pov). “Oh sweetie, fuck your mommy! I am going to show you what a real woman does!

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