GoddessWolfe – My Sons Cock Is As Big As My Feet Now

As you enter the room, your beautiful mother is engrossed in her workout, but upon hearing her son’s sobs, she turns and immediately asks you what’s wrong. You tell her about your girlfriend’s heartless breakup tactic, and as expected, your loving mother comes to your defense. It’s been so long since you’ve been this upset, which causes your mother to feel a bit out of her element. She recalls how when you were little and you would come to her room crying, it always made you feel better to look at your Mommy’s feet while she encouraged you to stroke your little peepee, and asks if you want to try that again. As the words escape her mouth, the memories come flooding back; all your young ejaculations to your mommy’s feet. You feel ashamed, but your cock betrays you and stands erect in your pants… so when your mother looks up at you and tells you to show it to her, you can’t possibly resist… But this time isn’t like all those times when you were little. As you take ahold of your dick and pull it out, your mother’s jaw drops. She can’t believe her son has finally grown to be as big as his father… as big as HER FEET! She just has to wrap her soles around that big, fat cock of yours and make you forget all about that slutty ex-girlfriend she always hated. Your mother moans with pleasure as you blow your load all over her feet… but next time she wants it inside of her… maybe while you suck her toes? You’ll have to wait and see.

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