Taboo Girl – Catching Mommy Masturbate

You catch Mommy masturbating to porn, and you stop to watch. When I catch you watching me, I decide that you must be punished. I’ve been spying on you masturbating to porn too and this is my chance to blackmail you into cumming for me. First on your knees and watch me masturbate as I squirt all over your face as punishment. I finally let you cum too and then invite you to lick my pussy. What a good boy!

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Grace Squirts – Feed Mommy Your Sperm

I come home from a date with your dad and find you in your room. You were watching porn when you were supposed to be studying. I understand though, your school work is stressful. Let mommy help you release your stress so you can get good grades. You aren’t so sure, but I sweetly and slyly convince you that you want me. I strip, tease and dirty talk to you. You aren’t quite ready for full sex with mommy just yet even though you want it. I desperately want you to feed me your sperm, and you let me give you a blowjob. I make you feel so good as I lick and tease your cock, dirty talk and finally give you an amazing blowjob. You come into my mouth, I playfully show you and swallow your sperm.

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