Emmas Secret Life – Mom Help Me And My Friends With Our Big Cocks

Custom: The idea is you’re a chemist, working on experimental viagra, you have some at home in the fridge because of reasons you don’t have to go into details with, but maybe you planned to do some off the books experiments with your husband. Either way my friends and I find it and sip it thinking it’s kool-aid or something, but with developing/still growing boys has some unexpected side effects. It makes our cocks/balls larger, don’t have to show that transformation or anything, just we turn up to you for help and you see our bulges – and it also makes us aggressive. So commentary from you would be how we’re young, your sons friends, too big , worried about your job/pregnancy Would actually like just my friends to come in first and start, and I come in after they’ve used you a bit. I lingered because I ended up sipping more before we all realized what it was and my cock/balls/everything is bigger than them. Would like a bit more of a freak out about me joining as I’m your son and could impregnate you, stuff like that.

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