Delphoxi – POV Fucking Ur Mom

You’re having fantasies about your mom! You’ve been watching your dad fuck your mom for the last few nights through the crack in the door but this time your mom spots you just as your dad is cumming inside of her! the next day your mom has a talk with you and you confess that you are having some issues and the only way to fix the gross mommy fantasies your having is to fuck mommy right in front of dad! Your mom is shocked and so is your father but they want whats best for you! They want you to get better and stop fantasizing about your mom so they agree to let you fuck your mommy while dad watches you have your way with her!

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Delphoxi – Fucking Ur Bully’s Mom

There’s a bully that has been making your life miserable ! You hear he may be getting a scholarship so it’s a good time for you to pull out so blackmail. You head to your bully’s home with a video of him roughing you up! You show the video to his very hot and caring mother while he isn’t there and she is simply shocked that her sweet boy has been doing this to you! he apologizes and urges you not to go to the principal because this video of the bullying would definitely ruin his chances of accepting that scholarship. The bully’s mom urges you to settle this privately and you agree to keep things quiet as long as your bully’s mom give you some of her sweet MILF hairy pussy in return! She loves her son and doesn’t want him in trouble so ur bully’s mom gets to work sucking you off before climbing on to your cock and riding you!

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Ellie Rowyn – Catching Mommy Cumming

You somehow sneak in without me noticing and watch while I use my favorite vibrator. After a couple minutes, I orgasm intensely and then notice that you’re just sitting there watching me. What the fuck!? Did I wake you up? I’m so sorry, I had a couple needs to take care of. Do you have a boner right now?! Oh my god. That’s fine. Probably just a normal reaction to seeing a woman cum. Your dad and I just…haven’t had sex in a while. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a real dick inside of me. What if…you took your boxers off for me and…Fuck your dick looks so good. I bet it would feel amazing. I don’t think I’ve had a cock that big before…We can’t though. If your dad comes home and catches us fucking…we just can’t. As you start to walk away, I stop you. Maybe we can if we’re quick about it. Do you want to fuck me? Maybe you’ve been thinking about fucking me a bit more than you’re letting on? I tease you for a bit, going back and forth about fucking you or not. Finally I give in. I can’t wait anymore, tell you to put a condom on, and pull my lingerie to the side so you can slide your thick dick into me. You feel so good. Half way through, I stop you and tell you to take your condom off. I want to really feel you inside of me. I moan and tell you that I want you to cum inside of me. We cum at the same time. We can’t ever do this again. I can’t believe I had you take the condom off. I have no idea what I was thinking. Your dad can never know!

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Mommy Shows Me How To Fuck – Helena Price

What are you doing in my room? Are you touching your penis? It’s so hard. You missed me? You wanted to smell me while you touched yourself? You are such a naughty boy. Have you ever been with a girl before? No, alright then, come lay down on my bed and step mommy will show you. Go ahead and touch my pussy, see how wet and soft she is? Now take the head of your dick and slowly stick it in, not too deep, just the head. Girls love to be teased. Mmmm that feels good, doesn’t it baby? Mommy is going to cum all over your dick, but you cannot cum until I tell you to.

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Mindi Mink – Naughty Aunty Initiates Nephew

Do you have a hot Aunt that you’ve always had naughty thoughts about? Well, Aunty thinks your a stud and today is the time to finally get to know her in a special way. You are in trouble at school and only Aunty can help you from your parents not finding out. But in return you have to do Aunty some favors…

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Cutejayne – Mommy Catches Ryan Jerking Off

Ryan is jerking off in his room again when his mommy catches him, At first she is surprised and appalled, but then she sees how big his cock is and she can’t help but get turned on…she offers to help him out. She starts by stroking him and sucking him. Then she climbs on top and you get a great pov view of her riding him and of him fucking her. Finally, she begs for his cum and he fills her pretty hairy pussy. Ryan is a very bad boy, but mommy likes it…

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