Ellie Rowyn – Mommy Drains Your Cum

I have something really important I need to talk to you about. I’ve noticed for the last year or so that you’ve been watching me shower, putting clothes on, maybe even caught me doing private things like masturbating. It’s totally normal to be curious and to get hard for step-mommy. So I’m sure you’re also getting very curious about sex and what it’s like. As your step-mother, I can’t help but feel protective of you. I don’t want you to get your heartbroken and I know you have a date later tonight. But there are some things other women besides me don’t deserve. I’m the only one who truly deserves your orgasms, your cum. I’m the only one who can really take care of you. So I thought, maybe I could help you out before your date. I start to strip out of my clothes for you, making your cock nice and hard. Once I’m completely naked, I grab your cock and start to stroke it. Do you like how your cock feels in mommy’s hands? I love the way your thick, beautiful cock feels in my hands. I put your cock between my tits. I want you to really fuck them. Finally, I take your cock in my mouth and drain you of cum. Didn’t that feel amazing? I want to make sure you’re completely drained though. Lay back so mommy can slide your cock inside of her pussy. I climb on top and begin to ride you. No one can fuck you like I can. You feel so amazing inside me. I ride you harder and harder before telling you to cum inside me. Empty your balls completely for mommy.

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Tigger Rosey – Son Caught By Taboo Mommy

Scene starts with you coming up to my room to tell me to get started on my homework. You catch me watching porn and decide that it might be time to have “the talk”. You discover I’ve been looking at special porn and you get very nervous/excited. You go to check that the door is locked and that dad can’t hear us. You admit you’re into that too, and have even done it for real from time to time. You also admit that you’re into fucking ur son porn, and that you’ve never told dad any of this because he’s so vanilla. We both confess that we’re into each other, even though its wrong, especially cause I’m still a virgin. You mischievously ask if I want to fool around behind dads back, which of course I do. I’ll let you handle the details here, but we end up fucking all over the house. We have to be sneaky because dad is home, and he almost catches us a few times! At the end you ask me to cum inside you, as you like the naughty risk of getting knocked up by your boy.

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Delphoxi – Horny Mom Seduces You

Mom just got back from the gym and she’s so horny, she keeps touching herself in front of you and bragging about how her gym instructor fucked her and came in her but she’s still horny! she takes off her leggings and shoes you her pussy, a creampie rolls out of her pussy hole and she starts touching herself and encouraging you to jerk off to her! She then starts sucking your cock and asks if you’d like to fuck your mommy’s hairy used pussy! You agree and start fucking the cum deeper into your mommy as she moans for you!

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Delphoxi – Used by Mommy

You come home and ur pornstar mommy is so horny!! She’s out of control! You try to get away but mommy is all on u!! Telling u how cute u are! Mommy is a lustful horny mess! You can’t keep her away! She starts french kissing u and grabbing ur cck! U push her away but it’s no use! Mommy is hungry for ur cock and u can’t stop her! She grabs u and u get hard!!! U body is saying yes even though u are resisting mommy! She sits on ur face and makes u eat her holes! Ur terrified but do as mommy says! You have never seen her this horny and crazy! She’s taking whatever she wants! Once ur fully hard, mommy hops on!!! You tell her no but she just pushes herself onto ur hard cock and uses u unil she cums!!!

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Delphoxi – Knocking Up Ur Mommy

Mommy has found out about you fucking auntie so she questions you about it. Mommy knows your the father of your auntie’s bby daddy but you quickly explain to your mommy that the only reason you’ve been fucking auntie is because she is mommy’s twin sister, you really wanted your mommy but had settled for auntie because you didn’t think you’d have a chance with mommy. Mommy blushes but tells you how wrong that would be, but you offer to eat mommy’s pussy to show her what you’ve learned, mommy agrees and lets you eat her out. She tells you this is so very wrong but your tongue fills so good on her pussy! Mommy cant resist anymore! She wants your load if cum inside her! She tells you to knock her up just like you did auntie!

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IvyStarshyne – Impregnating Mother

Your mom recognizes that you’ve been busting nuts around here and there. She doesn’t like it. She’s talked to dad and they both agreed your sperm is meant for greater things. This family doesn’t believe in spunk not having a purpose. So, since they want another baby and dad doesn’t have the goods anymore, it’s up to you to impregnate your own mother.

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Cutejayne – Mommy Welcomes You Home Frm Bootcamp JOI

You’ve been away and your mommy is so glad to have you home. She is impressed with how big and strong you got at bootcamp and she knows you must be really horny. She asks to hear all about it as she slowly and knowingly spreads her legs. You see more and more of her black lace panties. She knows you are getting hard. She pops out for a second and comes back without her panties. You are shocked at first, but she does look amazing with her cleavage spilling out of her top and her legs spread right in front of you. She tells you its ok, go ahead and pull it out. Stroke for your mommy. She encourages you as she plays with her pretty pussy. Cum with your mommmy. Mmm it’s so good to have you home.

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IvyStarshyne – Super Slut Mom

Your mom is having trouble with finances, which she admits is because she enjoys going out with her friends. Usually when she’s out she can get some rich guy to pay up on a fun night with her, but not tonight – and she’s sulking. You remind her that you’ve just got a job and would be happy to help! But she refuses to take it… unless she can give you something in return, of course.

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MoRina – You Catch Mom Webcamming

You walk in on your mom webcamming, and needless to say, she is pretty embarassed. She makes excuses for her behavior but she’s even more shocked when you tell her you’re one of her followers. Now is the time to get things in the open, right? You had wanted to pay her for a private webcam session, but now you are about to get a JOI and one-on-one mutual masturbation session!

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